Smriti vs Praggy (Part 2) - By Black Kat, Praggy and XS

After the last humiliating defeat by Smriti, Praggy had decided to move on and hence she also shifted into a different apartment. However Praggy desperately craved for her revenge. Since the last brawl, both had been having a lot of cyberfights on chat. They were also quite active on a catfight forum and had also posted a poll to see what do people think about who wins. The poll was closed with a very thin margin and that's when both decided to settle it out in real. They decided that this time it will be a no-holds-barred bikini brawl.

It was a Monday afternoon when Smriti reached Praggy’s place.When Praggy answered the door bell, she saw Smriti dressed in blue denims and a white shirt. Smriti was hidding her sexy my black bikinis within. Praggy was in her yellow sleeveless gunjee and shorts and was wearing a lacy white two piece bikini inside.

"Hey you have come, I thought you would ditch due to fear", said Praggy.

"Haan.. aagyi teri maarne.. andar nahi bulayegi???" Smriti replied with a cocky smile.

"Come in. I would love to invite you to kick your ass" replied Praggy.

"kick what??? tu sapne jyada dekhti he..." replied Smriti while coming in... "i can’t wait to kick at that smelly cunt...". Without wasting any time Smriti started removing her shirt

Praggy calmly replied "well boys drool over my so called smelly cunt sweetheart… shirt utar le tu, pitne mein maja ayegi.."

Smriti replied while removing her shirt saying, "ohhh... matlab me sahi bolti thi.. tu usi red light area ki hi he.. isi liye ladke... haha.. maza to ayega.. lekin tujhe pitne me.. match me if u dare.."

Praggy took off her gunjee revealing her white lacey bra and replied "randi hogi tu. Par customer bhi nahi milta. Itni bakwas hain tu."

"oye chup kar... dikh raha he kiski kya aukat he..."saying this Smriti came and stood a feet away from Praggy... hands on my hips. chest thrust out in her black bikini...

Praggy also got in front, stood face to face, bust to bust and taunted.. "Sali kutiya, aaj bahut pitegi tu… well we shall see who gets her naked ass beat."

"gaand toh teri aaj mein marungi kaminee..." proclaimed Smriti while pressing her boobs on Praggy’s while Praggy put her hand backwards and pushed on Smriti’s breast with hers as hard as she could.

"umff...", Smriti stumble back a few steps... but then slammed her tits on Praggy’s with a bang. "tere in baloons me itna dum nahi he sali.." Their nipples were pricking each other's soft tit flesh. Praggy pushed harder. "Teri ballon toh aaj main phodungi. I'll milk you like a stupid cow" she said

"umhh... we will see bitch..." saying this, Smriti reached behing for Praggy’s hair and started pulling them backwards.. pushing u with my tits at the same time.."aaj ka din tu kabhi nahi bhulegi sali rand"…

"rand hogi tuh sali. Always interested in others boyfriend.. bitch", replied Praggy and slap Smriti very hard.

"ahhh...." Smriti left her and moved a couple of steps back... "sali teri himmat kese hui??" She returned the favour with a slap.

"himmat meri tuh dekhi kaha kutti." Praggy grabed Smriti’s hair and started pulling it like wild.
"aahhh.. ahh... sali haramzadi... chhod.. ahhh... " Smriti desparately grabbed Praggy’s hair with her left hand while squeezing her left tit with right.. digging her nails thru Praggy’s white bra. In desperation Praggy smacked Smriti on her tits very hard… thrice 1..2..3 SMACK SMACK…

"aahh... aahh... ouch... u BITCH..". Smriti dug all 10 nails in her opponent’s tits... "aaj in ko mein ukhad dalungi kuttiya.. ahhh..."

"naaah my tit's are you gonna rip them off you mad whore." Saying this Praggy pinched both nipples of Smriti very hard.

"aaawweeeee......" unable to resist the pain, Smriti back off... but pulled Praggy’s bra off with her. "ye jo baigan jese tits he na? ek tere gand me ghusaungi aur dusri tere chut me," replied Smriti with a smile for what she had just done.

"SHIT you stripped me bitch…tits main teri phodungi. Aise bhi mere samne koi kam ki nahi tere wali. But you scratched my soft tit flesh RAAND. You will pay for this." Replied Praggy.

"abey ja ja... bahot dekhi tere jesi... boli thi naa?? nangi kar ke maarungi." Smriti spat on Praggy’s bra…"haa thhuuu"… and threw it on her face. Praggy just pushed forward and grabbed Smriti’s bra slip and pull hard. "Yeh le kali kutiya, main nanga karti hu tujhen aa." She tore off Smriti’s bra and with that deeply scratching her tits.

"aaahh..." Smriti steped back covering my bare tits, but then leaped on Praggy, grabbing her bare tits and squeezing them hard. "saali haramzadi"

"aaaaaah my tits, chod tu sali."Praggy also gets a grip on her opponents tits and start maulling them with all her strength while proclaiming "I'm gonna burst your milk sacks today and make you admit that my milkshakes are much better."

"ahh.. sali kaminee.." Smriti closed my eyes in pain, locking her right leg behind Praggy’s left, tryin to trap her…"tu zinda bachegi tab naa sali bhadvi... aah.."

Praggy somehow slip out the leg scissors and jumped on Smriti and at the same time grabbing her tits making it a nipple twister, "how does THIS feel you BITCH?"

"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........." Smriti screamed in pain, but not willing to give up. She then left Praggy’s tits and grabbed her throat with her left hand and slipped her right under Praggy’s panty tugging her bush. "tu bol sali.. how does this feel??"

"aah aah aah you are tearing my bush down there but urgh i won't give up." Praggy started punching Smriti’s tits making them go flat against her chest bones. " Leave my pussy you dirty whore or I'll bust your ballon for sure"

"aahh.. unhh.. tu aise nahi manegi kuttiya" saying this, Smriti gave a final tug to Praggy’s bush and ripped a few strands. Then pushed her down on to the floor... "now kiss my ass BITCH.." ordered Smriti showing Praggy her ass.

"no noooo way I'm gonna kiss your dirty ass. NO WAY. My pussy hurts. SHIT...."

"so u need more.. huh?? as u wish…" Smriti came closer and kicked Smriri’s hips. Praggy moved a little taking less of an impact. She moved towards Smriti to push her legs hard and Smriti lost her balance and fell on her ass a couple of feet away from Praggy. Both were now tired and panting.

"come on slut.. lets finish it up..." yelled Smriti. Praggy jump on her and somehow scramble on top and pushed Smriti’s shoulder down. Smriti’s your naked tits were in front of her eyes. She immediately stooped down and bit Smriti’s right nipple hard.

"aaaahhhhhhhhhhh....... " with tears in her eyes, Smriti whispered "so u wanna go this way haan?? ahhh...." and rolled Praggy down to get on top. Legs locked together, Smriti leaned further and bit Praggy’s lower lip.

Praggy tried to grab her pussy hair. "If only i get it teri pussy ki bal khich lungi you whore".

Smriti saw that coming, and pressed her pussy hard on Praggy’s so that she won’t get a chance to slip her hand under Smriti’s panty. Praggy was frantically trying to do something. She put her hands on Smriti’s breast and start squeezing hard yelling "Your melons are mine black whore"

"aaaaahhhhhhhhhh.......... shut up u whore" Smriti grabbed her throat with both hands and started chocking her.

"ah ah can't breathe" Praggy’s pussy was hurting too and eyes start watering. She still tied to squeeze Smriti’s breasts but felt that her hand was going weak. Tears were running down her cheek.

"say u loose BITCH..." Ordered Smriti while increasing her grip.

"i lose i lose i give up.. Please.. Let me breathe Smriti"

Smriti left her throat and spat on her face while slowly getting up. Praggy lied there slightly sobbing partly due to the beating and partly because she couldn't take revenge and humiliate Smriti.

Smriti got up and stomped her on her left tit as her final move.. "aa gayi na sali aukat pe apni?? agli baar tayari kar ke aana... "

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