Smriti vs Praggy - By Black Kat

Smriti and Praggy shared a nice two bedroom apartment. They were roommates out of necessity. Though they shared the apartment you wouldn’t really call them friends though they often did often go out clubbing together on weekends. Both girls were in their mid-twenties

The two women went out one Friday night and were quickly engaged in a lively conversation with a very good looking man. After more than an hour spent together, it was becoming apparent to Smriti that the man was actually more interested in Praggy. Smriti was not very happy about the situation that was developing. She became more flirty with the man, and as she played with the buttons of her already low cut loose blouse she opened it even further. Several times she caught the man sneaking a peek at her cleavage. She even began to lean farther forward giving him more opportunities to stare at her impressive chest. But his attention always seemed to go back to Praggy and now Smriti was just becoming pissed. A few negative comments directed at Praggy about her past relationships seemed to sour the man’s attention and he excused himself. Fifteen minutes passed and the two women still had not spoken to each other. Praggy realized Smriti had caused the man to leave. Most of the time, Praggy being the good girl she was, would have let it pass. Not tonight though, she let Smriti know how unhappy she was with her and then she got up to leave. Smriti had to follow her as they had ridden together.

Once they got into the car a heated argument took place. Back and forth the two women went with their verbal barbs. As they got out of the car and into the elevator on the way up to their apartment, Smriti’s temper began to flare even more. Praggy turned away from her and Smriti grabbed her shoulder and turned her around. “Take your hands off me bitch!”

“Who are you calling a bitch?” Smriti delivered a hard slap across Praggy’s face just as the elevator doors opened. Praggy slipped in the elevator and fell into the corner. Smriti stepped out and walked to their apartment door, opened it and quickly slammed it behind her. Praggy crawled to stop the elevator door from closing, stood up and walked to the apartment door. Smriti had locked it behind her so Praggy had to dig in her purse for her key. Finally she found the key and opened the door and stormed inside. Smriti had hidden behind the door knowing Praggy was coming after her for the slap. Smriti had a broom in her hand and whacked Praggy in the back of the head with the thick wooden handle. Praggy dropped to the carpeted floor just inside the door. Smriti slammed the door shut and locked it quickly. Praggy was on her hands and knees and Smriti drew back with the broom again and lashed down with it across Praggy’s back with a loud crack. The thick wooden handle snapped in half and Smriti tossed the broken stick to the side.

Praggy was flat on her stomach now, her hand reaching behind her to her hurt back. Smriti jumped on top of her and grabbed the hand and pushed it high up into the center of Praggy’s back causing intense pain in her shoulder. “OOOOOOOOOOOO GET OFF ME BITCH!”

“Fuck you Praggy! Your little sweet innocent ass is going to pay for trying to steal that man away from me.”

“Steal…..steal…..he wasn’t interested in you dumbass! Even when you tried to show off your cow tits he didn’t want you.”

Smriti pushed up on the arm even further using her knee for extra leverage. Praggy was kicking her feet into the carpet, the pain was so intense. Praggy was rocking from side to side trying to buck Smriti off of her but she didn’t move. Smriti kept her hold on the arm but lifted her lower body off the floor and slammed back down into Praggy with her knee into the small of Praggy’s back. “OOOOOOOOO SHITTTTTTTTTTT! GET OFF ME DAMN IT!”

Smriti let go of Praggy’s arm and stood up. “Get up bitch! Get up and fight!” As Praggy got to her knees, Smriti charged at her and delivered a hard kick that caught Praggy in the chin snapping her head up. Praggy was knocked over and again Smriti pounced on top of her. Smriti jumped up and dropped her knees down into Praggy’s soft stomach knocking the wind from her. Praggy was dazed and Smriti took advantage to rip Praggy’s blouse open. Smriti grabbed the front of Praggy’s bra and lifted her off the floor with it and let her slam back into the carpet. Smriti stood over Praggy slapping her head from left to right. She put her finger in Praggy’s face as she began yelling at her. Out of desperation, Praggy kicked up with her foot. The point of her high heel shoe caught Smriti flush on the pubic bone. A loud yell came out of Smriti’s mouth and her hands quickly went to her crotch as she fell to the side. Both women were lying on the carpet in pain.

Praggy sat up and pulled off her ripped blouse. She wrapped it around Smriti’s throat and began choking her with it. Smriti’s hands went to her neck as she tried to pull the torn blouse from her throat. Praggy began kicking Smriti in the back while they struggled. Smriti managed to get to her feet for a brief second but quickly fell back down to her knees. Her body started to go limp a minute later and she slumped to the floor. Praggy let go and took a seat on their sofa. She could see Smriti’s breathing was very labored as Smriti began coughing. Praggy kicked off her high heel shoes and stood back up. She unzipped her skirt and pulled it off and tossed it into the corner of the room knowing the two weren’t done fighting yet.

Now able to move more freely in only her bra and panties, Praggy went back on the attack before Smriti could recover. She grabbed Smriti by the ankles and turned her over. Then she split Smriti’s legs apart and dropped a knee down into Smriti’s pussy. Smriti sat up at impact, her hands again clutching her crotch. Praggy tossed her legs to the side and grabbed a handful of Smriti’s long brown hair and pulled her to her feet. She slammed Smriti down into their large solid wood coffee table face first. Smriti was groaning as she rolled over. Praggy reached down and ripped Smriti’s blouse open next. Smriti had a black front clasp bra on and Praggy unhooked it and peeled the cups off Smriti’s D breasts. Praggy ran and picked up one of her shoes and came back to Smriti and drove the spiked heel into Smriti’s left breast. Smriti’s body sprang back to life kicking and bucking wildly as her tit was under attack. Her right hand slapped up at Praggy and her fingernail scraped Praggy across her eye. Praggy dropped the shoe instantly and her hands went to her injured eye as she spun away from Smriti.

Smriti sat up on the table and looked at the large mark on her breast left by the heel of Praggy’s shoe. Her large dark areola had a deep scratch in it and her nipple was swollen. She became enraged even more that her magnificent breast was now marked. Praggy was walking almost blindly through the apartment as she held her hands over her eye. Smriti got up from the table and followed her into the small kitchen. She reached out grabbing the back of Praggy’s bra. The clasp popped open as she pulled Praggy back towards her. Praggy was facing her with her hands still over her eye. Smriti drove her right fist deep into Praggy’s soft stomach dropping her to her knees. Praggy was next to the counter and Smriti reached over and grabbed a drawer handle. She pulled a drawer out hard and drove it hard Praggy’ face right next to the scraped eye. Forks, spoons and knives popped out of the drawer all over the floor. Praggy was now lying on the floor at Smriti’s feet. Smriti picked up one of the forks from the floor and sat down on Praggy’s stomach. She jabbed the fork into Praggy’s right breast and raked it across her nipple. “OOOOOOOOO SHIT! GET AWAY FROM ME YOU FREAK!” Praggy’s chest was on fire now as the tips of the fork ripped across her flesh leaving small streaks of blood on her breast.

Smriti stood up and tossed the fork away. She reached down and pulled Praggy to her feet and walked her back into the open den area and threw her flat on her back across the coffee table. Praggy just lay there moaning as Smriti hooked her fingers inside Praggy’s panties and slipped them off. “Oh Praggy……looks like we need to do a little weeding in the garden baby!” Smriti pinched a patch of the blonde pubic hair and snatched it from Praggy’s body. “OOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOU FUCKING BITCH!”

Smriti tossed the hairs into the air and ripped away again. Praggy sat up grasping Smriti’s wrist to stop her from ripping a third time. Smriti used her free hand to throw a hard fist at Praggy’s already swelling face. Her eye was so swollen she did not see the fist coming at her and when it landed, Praggy was knocked back down onto the table. Smriti stood up and dropped back down with her elbow into Praggy’s breast that had been ripped by the fork. The coffee table collapsed and slammed to the floor. The legs had broken off and splintered. Smriti stood up and grabbed one of the broken table legs and jammed it into Praggy’s other breast. She began twisting and pushing it into the underside of the breast. Praggy was wearing down and had little energy left to fend off the attack but still she screamed loudly as the splintered wood tore into her tit flesh.

Smriti pulled off several minutes later. Praggy was sprawled across the remnants of the coffee table moaning, both breasts severely scratched with small trails of blood on them. Smriti walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator and grabbed herself a cold bottle of water and took several gulps. She came back into the den looking at her roommate still lying in the wreck of their table.

Smriti picked up the broken broom stick and smacked it against Praggy’s pubic bone. Over and over she smashed the thick wooden handle into Praggy. Praggy’s cries filled the room as she begged her roommate to stop. Smriti was insane as she attacked Praggy with the thick broken handle. She drew back and delivered a hard shot to Praggy’s head. Praggy was motionless for over a minute and Smriti tossed the handle away.

Smriti picked up a lighter on the end table and started lighting candles around the room. Once she had them all lit, she went back to the longest candle in the room and kneeled down over Praggy. Praggy was so out of it she didn’t realize Smriti had come back to her side. Smriti lowered the candle just above Praggy’s scratched breasts and tilted it, dripping the hot wax into the scrapes and small cuts. Praggy moaned as the hot wax covered her breasts. Smriti stopped when both breasts were coated in the vanilla colored wax.

Smriti stood back up and slipped off her panties and tossed them onto the couch. She dragged Praggy out of the destroyed pieces of their table and then told her. “I need to cum bitch! Beating your ass has me all hot! Lick my pussy!”

Smriti lowered herself onto Praggy’s face. “Now……eat me bitch!” Smriti grabbed Praggy’s hair with both hands and pulled her face up into her pussy. “I SAID EAT ME!” Smriti began grinding on Praggy’s face but Praggy still held her mouth closed. Smriti picked up the broken broom handle again and drove the broken end into Praggy’s belly button. The jagged wood ripped away at Praggy’s soft mid-section. Smriti then raked the jagged edge across both of Praggy’s already tender breasts before finally pushing hard into both swollen nipples. “This is your last chance Praggy, lick my pussy or I will rip your pretty little tits off. Do you understand?”

Praggy’s tongue darted out and flicked across Smriti’s clit. “That’s a good girl…..I see you have learned your lesson…..ummmmmm yeah………that’s it baby…….yeah…..I knew you could eat pussy baby……..your little sweet and innocent act didn’t fool me.”
Smriti was grinding hard on Praggy’s face, squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples as Praggy’s tongue worked on her clit. Smriti experienced a very intense orgasm and then rolled off Praggy. Smriti relaxed for over a minute and then stood and left the room. First she went into her bedroom and found her video camera. She sat it up on a tripod and aimed it at the sofa. A couple of quick cables connected to the big screen television and powering up showed the empty sofa on the screen. Smriti left the room again, this time going into Praggy’s bedroom. A minute later Smriti returned to the den. Praggy was trying to get up when she looked up and saw Smriti with her long silver vibrator in her hand.

Smriti smiled at her. “You thought I didn’t know about your little friend didn’t you? Get your ass over on the couch!” Praggy weakly shook her head no. “Smriti….you win…..I give up……I can’t take anymore…..I’ll move out…..whatever it is you want…
…just please no more.”

“Oh baby…..I just want to have a little more fun with you.” Smriti grabbed her by the hair and dragged her over to the sofa. Praggy saw her figure appear on the big screen television. Smriti walked back over and hit the record button. “No Smriti….please don’t do this!”

“I’ve heard you late at night when I come in. I know how much you enjoy this. I want to see you cum now!” Smriti turned the vibrator on and sat down across Praggy’s chest. She pulled one leg high onto the back of the sofa and pushed the other off spreading Praggy’s legs wide open. She rubbed the now humming vibrator on Praggy’s pussy and shifted her ass slightly and leaned forward so that her pussy was now right above Praggy’s face.

Praggy was sobbing, begging Smriti to stop the humiliation not knowing what Smriti had in store for the video she was now making. Smriti finally dipped the tip of the vibrator inside Praggy’s pussy. Smriti could feel the heat coming from Praggy’s heavy breathing on her own pussy now and could sense Praggy’s body starting to give in to the pulsing vibrator now buried deep inside her. Smriti was spreading Praggy wide open with her fingers as she slowly worked the vibrator in and out. The speed of Praggy’s breathing was beginning to increase. “No…….no……please stop Smriti….
….no…..oh my god no……please…..please……oh…….oh…..oh….oh my god….yes…
…..oh my god…..yes……yes….yes……oh shit………Smriti……oh my god…..oh god..
…no……no……oh shit, I’m going to cum….please……oh please…….yes….yes…oh shit yes………OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….

Praggy’s hips were bucking wildly as the slender silver vibrator continued humming inside her. Smriti shoved it in deep and let go. She sat on top of Praggy staring at the large screen, watching as Praggy’s body shook uncontrollably and listening to the loud screams as the incredible orgasm rocked her roommate. Smriti stood up and grabbed Praggy’s hands pulling them above her head. The vibrator was still buried inside her. Smriti held Praggy in place until the batteries finally began to wear down. Praggy experienced multiple orgasms before Smriti finally released her. Her body was totally spent and beaten to several differing shades of black, blue, purple and red. Smriti walked to the recorder and popped out the small tape.

“I’ll hang on to this little video Praggy. You will be my slave now. If I need to cum, you will eat my pussy on demand. We will go out again…………together, and if I see men that need to be fucked……you will fuck them! If I see another woman that looks like she needs to have her pussy licked……you will lick it! If you ever disobey me, cross me or try to steal another man that I want, everyone you know will see this tape. Have I made myself perfectly clear?”

Praggy was beaten and accepted her new role. “Yes made yourself clear. I’ll do whatever I have to do to keep the tape secret, just please keep your word.”

Smriti smiled knowing Praggy was now her personal slave. Smriti went to her bedroom and changed clothes. As she was about to leave she turned looking at Praggy still nude lying on the sofa. “I’ll be back in about an hour. I need to put this tape in a safe place. When I return make sure you have showered and fixed yourself up and make sure you put some fresh batteries in your vibrator. It’s going to be a long night.”

There's one more of Smriti and Praggy's encounter...

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