Priyanka vs Vertika (Part 2) - By Jagriti Gautam

As known in the first part of their rivalry how Priyanka demolished Vertika. Next day after the humiliation, Vertika was standing in the balcony. Soon Priyanka came from behind and puts her hand inside the Vertika's jeans.

Vertika-"what r u doing bitch?"
Priyanka soothing Vertika's long & silky hair replied-"calm down bitch otherwise i'll fuck u the way i did yesterday"
Vertika-what u think of yourself?
Priyanka-better than u bitch
on this Vertika give a hard slap,because of this Priyanka's hand gets out of her jeans.soon Vertika caught Priyanka in her bearhug.Priyanka was in huge pain.she challenged Vertika for a rematch only if she leave her.getting this as an opportunity Vertika accepted Priyanka challenge.
next day,they both in sexy jeans & top met at an agreed place.Vertika in blue outfits was determined to take her revenge.Priyanka was in black outfits.both beauties were flaunting their long and silky hairs.
Priyanka-my dear sis,how can u forget the beating u have received on that day.
Vertika-that's why i m here bitch,so that i can kick your fatty ass.
Priyanka-by the way i love to fight u because it give immense pleasure 2 me,when we two sexy girls go out at hell of each other.
Vertika-then lets have it,saying this Vertika pounced on Priyanka and they both started to pull each others long hair.soon Priyanka makes Vertika fell on bed & gets on top of her.
Priyanka-how it will feel 2 u,losing again 2 me?
Vertika-the same feel,which u will get today,soon Vertika rolled and gets on top of Priyanka.their boobs were crushing at each other as Priyanka's boobs was dominating Vertika's.
Vertika-aaaaaaaaawwwwwwww,get off from myself bitch.soon Priyanka punched Vertika on her tummy.
after that they started rolling,due to which their legs got entangled and Vertika gets on top of Priyanka.she caught Priyanka by her hair from one hand and started slapping her from other.Priyanka was looking to give up,but she soon kicked Vertika on pussy.getting this as an opportunities,Priyanka gets up and takes out her jeans.
soon Vertika replied by slapping Priyanka and taking out her jeans and top revealing her black panty & bra.
Vertika & Priyanka started punching each other,Priyanka proved to b the better striker as she also takes out Vertika top revealing her blue bra and both the beauties were in their bra and panty & their red hot boobs were raring to go at each other.soon both boobs collided and below both beauties pussies were banging at full force.
Vertika was getting weaker and Priyanka was completely dominating her.
Priyanka-bitch,i m going to humiliate u much this time and started sexfight with the course of this sexfight both the beauties remove their undergarments & was completely nude
Vertika-common bitch,make me cum if u can,saying this both crush their boob at each other and started rubbing each others cunt with their was a fierce sexfight between the two rivals.
Priyanka-cumm u whore
Vertika-no way bitch,u cum first
now both started grinding their pussies,as pussy of both the girls were familiar with each other,above they were rubbing each others silky hair.

...and finally Vertika cums. Both were exhausted but Priyanka had got more energy left, at end Priyanka was above Vertika,with her thighs,boobs,pussies everything was above Vertika. Both were unconscious,it looks as they both enjoyed a hard lesbo sex but Priyanka beat Vertika in the end. It was another humiliation for Vertika from the hands of Priyanka.

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