Priyanka vs Vertika - By Jagriti Gautam

This was a story of a fierce battle between two cousins – Vertika and Priyanka. Both are 23 years old are about 5'7” in height. They both have wheatish complexion & have long and silky hair. In short, both are typical Indian sex bombs. Given their family backgrounds, both have always had an intense rivalry between them. Whether it’s their beauty, studies, sports etc, these two bombshells have been competing on every front. And luck would have it that they both fell in love with the same guy.

Though they both knew this, there was a cold war between them for a long time. One day Priyanka openly challenged Vertika "stay out of my way otherwise I’ll kick you ass"

Vertika replied, "Then why don’t we settle it girl to girl?".

Priyanka agreed to Vertika challenge.

The next day they both decided and met at an agreed place. Both were dressed in jeans & top and they decided to catfight one another with hair tied. Vertika was in a blue jeans & top whereas Priyanka in black outfit.

They both circle each other & started their fight with a finger lock. Circling with their fingers locked in an intense test of strength, their boobs come closer to one another & were raring to go at each other.

They left their finger lock grip and got back & they both fell down with Priyanka on top of Vertika. Priyanka’s tits were crushing at Vertika giving her a hard time. Suddenly Priyanka give a hard slap to Vertika. It seemed that Vertika will give up but she started rolling. This went on for about 5 min but somehow Priyanka managed again to be on top.

Priyanka seemed to be determined to win her boyfriend from Vertika. Now they both started soothing each other and Vertika started feeling a bit of unconsciousness because of this. “Give up bitch” yelled Priyanka taking out Vertika’s top. Vertika replied “No way slut!” Soon Vertika counter attacks Priyanka gets on her top & takes out her top too.

They both get up & start punching each other. Soon they both take their jeans out as it was too uncomfortable fighting with it. Now both these beauties were in bras & panties.

“Common bitch, let’s have this woman to woman” whispered Priyanka.

They rushed on each other and started a boob fight. Priyanka’s boobs almost crushed Vertika's boob. Vertika was clearly getting weaker.

Taking this chance, Priyanka got Vertika in her bearhug & soon remove her bra & panty.

Vertika slapped Priyanka thrice & got out of her bear hug. Priyanka was in shock because of the sudden slaps and Vertika removed Priyanka's bra & panty taking this chance.

They both were nude now and they decided to end this with an ultimate sexfight.

Both girls started banging their moist pussy at one another. Priyanka got on top & keept on grinding her pussy with Vertika's pussy. They both were in immense pain as they both started cumming. Vertika yelled and pled to stop, but Priyanka didn’t listen & continued her attack on Vertika. After a while seeing no reply from Vertika, Priyanka realised that she has defeated Vertika in a sexfight.

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