The Brat and the Star (Part 2) - By Eagle

Continued from The Brat and the Star (Part 1)...

Asha had Ragini’s boobs in her palms and she went on squeezing .Ragini screamed in pain saying leave me bitch . Asha was relentless ,Ragini’s Eyes opened wide she was breathing hard .The crowd loved .Ragini pleaded with Asha saying” please let me go ”,Asha smiled and said “all bravado gone haramzadi ”( Hindi abuse ) .,and she loosened her grip a little and started pinching her big dark nipples .All the onlookers watched mesmerized and had their eyes riveted on Raginis,boobs . Ragini looked like she had given up ,”she said please forgive me ”.Seeing this Asha relaxed and let go ,standing hands on hips, looking at the hapless girl before her .
Ragini the foxy bitch that she was took this opportunity to get her breath back and massaged her boobs. Suddenly she lunged out and tripped Asha down and tore off Asha’s top. Asha fell on the ground ,Ragini jumped on her like a wild cat and clawed at Asha’s defense less boobs . Asha tried to struggle but the younger woman sat on her stomach and went on clawing at Asha’s big boobs .Asha tried to hold her hands to stop this attack .Strip her Ragini shouted a woman show us the priceless bum. Ragini Trapped Asha’s hands below her knees and unbuttoned Asha’s jeans and jumped and stood up and took her pants off . Asha was wearing a panty which was removed by Ragini and Asha was totally nude .Ragini pulled her up by her hair and stood her up and held her hands from behind ,saying show us what you have .Asha squirmed and struggled ,Ragini then held her head down over a table ,showing her bums .She then shouted out ” see this overfed vulgar arse ,Saali Kitna bada gaand hai ( Bitch What a big bum )” .Asha lay face down on the table ,while everyone saw the view they all wanted to see. The Magnificent arse ,the most famous arse of the screen in flesh and blood .It was an erotic sight ,Ragini slapped the arse hard making it jiggle .Everyone laughed ,Ragini looked around and saw Seema and Rani Shouting “come on Ragini finger her” . Ragini inserted her finger inside Asha’s bum,twisting and turning her finger ! Asha squirmed and said “let go bitch” ,hearing this Ragini got wild and she again smacked Asha’s bum turning it red .,and actaully pinched it black and blue . Then Ragini Did a new turn, she Laid Asha Face up with her hands stretched back ,and Ragini stood on Asha’s palm,immobilising her and lunged forward and pulled Asha up by the ankles ,thus exposing the bums for all to see. Everybody cheered and said “good show kid” ,Ragini smiled and said “,see ,and fill your eyes, for you will never this elephantine arse again. ,Badi gaand baadi ched ( big arse big hole )”

Ragini went on attacking Asha’s bums ,she then pushed her on the floor and made her kneel with her arse held high .It was an awesome and erotic sight ,those massive bums resting on massive thighs .Ragini went on palming both the cheeks ,and she parted the crack and said what big hole ,many cocks and dildos must gone in here, smiling all the while ,and in the process making every one in the room feel horny .She then kicked Asha hard on the bum and ,Asha lay on her back . Ragini jumped and sat on Asha ,and said ,what a push over ,I thought a bummy whore like you would put up a better fight .Asha ,was near to tears ,but held them back ,she had never been humiliated like this before .Ragini ,then proceeded to slap Asha with her huge firm boobs . she first slapped Asha’s boobs with her own ,thwack ,boob met boob , Ragini’s bigger and harder boobs were just destroying Asha’s big but softer boobs . Asha ,whimpered ,and Ragini then proceeded to slap Asha’s face with her boobs . Each time she slapped Asha with her hard boobs , Asha shrieked in pain .She then slapped Asha on her face with her boobs ,and , Asha’s cheeks became red . Ragini the horny little bitch that she was enjoying herself and she relaxed a bit. Asha the veteran of many a battle sensed her opportunity ,she suddenly lunged forward and bit Asha’s nipple . Ragini screamed in agony and fell away from Asha ,who continued to bite at the boobs . Asha ,then wrestled her down , Aruna, Asha’s companion shouted ‘’Asha take her panties off ‘’.Asha did just that ,and caught Ragini by the hair and made her stand up .Ragini tried bent down to hide her pussy ,Asha ,very angry fought like a tigress and said ‘“what are you hiding little girl “,and smacked her hard on the bum ,and inserted her finger into the hole .Ragini gasped ,her eyes turned over and she tried to but could not even make a sound ,Asha said a nice tight arse ,I will shove a big dildo into this. Ragini mumbled no please no ,and squirmed and wriggled and managed to free herself . She fought back ,and bear hugged Asha and said ,”my boobs will crush your boobs” .Both the women hugged ,but Asha’s stronger arms were getting the better of Ragini .Asha suddenly kissed Ragini and overpowered her . Ragini struggled and got out of the bear hug and bent down and bit Asha’s pussy .Asha taken a back screamed “aaiee ,and said let go you brat” .Ragini wrestled her down and got into a advantageous position ,with her knees on Asha’s arms ,immobilizing her “saying bloody fat arsed bitch now I have you” . She sank into Asha’s pussy and started licking it saying “nice and juicy ,but slightly pissy,could do with some licking ,actually its salty ,but tasty I like it “ .Asha squirmed in embarrassment ,she thought “ oh I am getting raped by a young girl “ and was also getting aroused by the soft circulations of Ragini’s tongue .The young vixen was really licking for all she was worth. She was licking Asha’s pussy like she was licking a tasty ice-cream .Asha tried to resist and made a supreme effort and managed to dislodge her younger rival ,she then squared up to Ragini again. Ragini smiled and said come on aunty let’s see what you have ,I will make you my sex slave ,I have tasted your pussy ,now I will have your bum .Asha realized that she had a battle in her hands .She had defeated many a young brat in the past but this one seemed to be a handfull,at the same time she felt a surge of lust overtaking her .Her pussy was in state of arousal after the fantastic licking of the vixen ,and she wanted more of it ,and that lent an edge to her fighting .she just had to posses this sexy bitch.Her tongue was amazing .Both the women were nude .Asha ,the fairer woman, long hair in a mess ,sweating ,droplets of sweat showing in her cleavage ,boobs looking red after the mauling they received ,bums jiggling and also red with slap marks ,and with a angry look .She looked glorious ,as only a well preserved middle-aged woman in fine condition can look. Ragini ,the darker younger woman ,shoulder length hair completely in disarray ,Big Firm dark boobs with black nipples sweating ,had a typically , petulant expression ,she was slightly afraid as she realized that the woman in front of her was no pushover ,she had already experienced the strength she had . Both the women assumed a wrestling posture .Both circled each other ,suddenly Ragini lunged forward and both came to grips with each other. Asha ,held on deliberately as she crushed Raginis hands with her grips ,wolfishly smiling and saying ,”come on little girl ,show me what you have ,you want me as your sex slave Is it ?Then come and conquer me , Tonight you will be in my bed at my beck and call and dont call me aunty you fucking bitch ”.She pushed Ragini back ,Ragini suddenly came down on one knee and misbalanced her older rival and bit Asha on her thigh !” ooooh ! screamed Asha, you little cat ,stop biting ,Ragini ,now pinched her thighs and attacked the bushy cunt ,Asha screamed you low class dirty little whore ,you fight like a whore , only whores bite and pinch “.Asha also bent down on and tripped Ragini down and sat on her stomach, with her knees on younger rivals arms ,immobilizing her ,in old fashioned school girl pin . Asha looked around to see that everyone around was enjoying the spectacle ,she at last felt that she had brat under her control .She moved forward and sat on Raginis boobs .Ragini gasped ,as the massive ass came in contact with the big firm boobs.”So baby proud of your vulgar over sized melons are you ? ,see how I crush them with my bum , you are fit to be in a Milk farm” laughed Asha .For the onlookers it was mouthwatering sight . Ragini felt breathless,but kept on struggling ,and trying to pinch Asha on her thighs .She managed to slightly free one of her hands and pinched Asha on her stomach ,again Asha screamed and said” you pinching cat” .Ragini ,managed to dislodge Asha ,from her boobs .Asha found herself on her back with Ragini lying on top of her on her back, with Asha’s legs encircling Ragini’s legs .Asha who looked to have recovered her composure completely , employed a move which she had learnt while making one of her movies in which she had a catfight with a much younger actress whose backside she had tanned . She employed a Full Nelson on Ragini, She had her hands extended upwards under Raginis armpits, holding the neck with a palm-to-palm grip ,with interlaced fingers. She cranked her hands forward, and applied pressure on Ragini’s neck ,and the same time scissored her legs with her own . Ragini was totally trapped ,and Asha ,managed to get on top , with Ragini on the floor .Asha then hauled Ragini up by her ear and she repeated the half nelson this time standing . She put her thighs between Ragini's thighs and put her right foot on a small stool .Ragini was trapped and helpless and on full view. Her shaved arm pits ,her bushy pussy were all on view . The crowd loved it ,come on Asha show her around .Asha laughed and shook her thighs ,making Ragini jiggle all over .”What boobs” said Mrs. Chopra ,a Middle-aged large woman ,”give her to me let me enjoy her for the night” she told Bindu .Bindu nodded and said “right now she belongs to Asha and the fight is not yet over ,you don’t know this little wild cat ,she is a handfull”.Ragini shook ,struggled ,and wriggled ,and went on abusing Ragini, you bloody lesbo bitch ,let me go ,or I will kill you ,I will tear off those bums and put it on display .Asha said you can’t do anything now ,you have become my bitch,you little biting kitten .Both women were sweating and because of this Asha lost her grip and Ragini could make herself free and she ran towards Asha and came to grips .Due to the sweat it became like Oil wrestling ,none could grip the other .Asha was gradually getting the upper hand ,although she was older ,she seemed stronger and fitter. She was wearing Ragini down. Both came to a bear hug ,and this time Asha got a good grip on Ragini and managed to overpower her .Ragini began to realize that Asha was stronger .She again managed nip Asha with her teeth and free herself and tried to runaway .Asha chased her ,and caught her from behind ,and wrestled her down , and then sat on her face and said come on whore worship my bum . Ragini could not speak ,she was overwhelmed by the huuge butt and go completely snuffed out by the sweaty ,stinky bum .The smell was overpowering ,it had pungent strong smell . Asha rubbed her bum all her face . She just moved a bit and asked” how does it feel baby ?” Ragini still feisty said .”What a smelly ,dirty ass , go away from me “ ,You bet I will ,smiled Asha and sat again “.Uuumm “said Ragini , “please let me go “ ,” Please what” ,said Asha” call me Madame “.Ragini still in spirits said “ let me go you fat arsed bitch “.

Asha said you whore ,and sat on her face ,and started grinding. She positioned her crack just above Ragini’s nose .

Ragini heard the noise of the crowd, the catcalls, and the comments in a haze. She felt like passing out , as she smelt the sweaty ass of her conqueror .The overwhelming pungent smell of the huge bum completely overpowered her .Going by the muffled comments she could hear ,the crowd were enjoying it .She heard a woman saying smother her ,the arrogant bitch shove a finger up her cunt ,give her to me I will fuck her arse ,
Someone said draw lots for her ,another said auction her for the night !

Ragini never thought that the older bitch Asha with the big fat arse and pissy cunt could humiliate her like this. Asha rubbed her bum over ragini’s face and said smell it baby, see how a real woman smells. She then got up. Ragaini saw her standing above and managed to breathe .She saw the huge thighs and arse of her conqueror loom over her and got a glimpse of the bushy and overpoweringly smelly cunt which had also smothered her. The deadly combination of the sweat and butt and cunt smells were over powering and she was felt she would suffocate. Her bountiful boobs and nipples ,were painful and also aroused due to the mauling which she had received ,and her cunt was also tingling and aroused due to the fingerfucking .Asha pulled Ragini up by the hair and dragged her across the room saying now spoilt brat you will get the treatment which you should have got many years back and sat on a chair and laid Ragini over her knees as she struggled and screamed and Thwack Asha’s palm found her target saying shut up you wild cat .The brown ass of Ragini jiggled as she screamed in pain, due to the stinging slaps.

Ragini turned around to see where her friends were , and she saw both Rani and Seema laughing screaming and enjoying the spectacle of her being mother naked and being spanked like a recalcitrant school girl .Seema said come on Asha humiliate her totally she is yours .We had told her to show some respect to you but she just did not listen.

Ragini now knew that she was defeated and she was owned by Asha. . She said Madame please let me go I promise I will never misbehave with you .Asha stood over her and put her foot over Ragini’s boobs and did a victory pose and said” now you are my bitch “ . Mrs. Chopra who was nearby told Bindu “,now please circulate her ,we can also have fun with this little bitch ,I want to suck these boobs and make her suck my cunt “. Hearing this Ragini got nightmares ,she looked at the large lady and saw her huge boobs ,which would be around 50inches ,saw her huge hands ,and imagined her huge pussy . Ragini said a loud plaintive” nooo ,please do not circulate me “.” You shut “up said Mrs. Chopra .Mrs. Chopra was big customer and she had helped Bindu in business also . Bindu said Mrs. Chopra Ragini now belongs to Asha , But I will circulate her to a few people around so can enjoy her . Bindu then Collected names and put in a hat and said the first three names will get to publicly enjoy her for 30minutes each . She made sure that Mrs. Chopra was the first name . Ragini cried out aloud , no please she will kill me . Mrs. Chopra who by then had undressed ,ran up to Ragini and scooped her in her arms . Ragini struggled a bit but Mrs. Chopra smothered her with her boobs and she hungily suckled Raginis boobs and twisted and mauled them like she was kneading dough . Then she spread her thighs and Ragini saw a Huge pussy with thich lips and a clitoris which was just huge .Ragini screamed please let me go .Mrs Chopra said chup chori chillana band kar nahi to mai tera chuth phar dunga ( Shut up girl ,stop screaming or I will tear off your cunt )Mrs Chopra Made Ragini lick her very hairy cunt , and then she virtually raped Ragini ,she in fact persuaded the other two winners to forgo their turns and had more fun with Ragini.

Ragini was carried up to Asha’s room by Rani and Seema .

Later on in the night : Ragini was in the bed ,with Asha who was making her lick her cunt with her tongue. A little knock and in walked Bindu . Asha smiled and said welcome dear , so you want to taste the new melons? And the fun began for Bindu .

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