The Brat and the Star (Part 1) - By Eagle

Ragini and her friends Seema and Rani had come to the Sea side resort to relax and have some fun. The resort they were staying was an exclusive resort patronized by the rich and famous and had more women than men as visitors. The resort had exclusive rights to a portion of the beech.

Ragini was 32 year old woman .She was about 5ft 3inches in height weighing about 60 kgs . She was buxom in fact top heavy with a 40inch bust which was firm, round and thrust out, and looked like it was carved out from stone .She just loved to flaunt them .Her nipples were dark and big. Her butt was round and shapely at 35inches , and she had a slightly protruding belly . She had shoulder length hair and a lovely face ,with a look of a spilt brat who was indulged in every way, in short she behaved like spoilt bitch,who always wanted her way and she was also very horny. Her friends referred to her as milky , because of her huge jugs . She was an aggressive , fun loving bitch with an attitude and never backed away from catfight . She ran her own business. Rani and Seema were her friend and partner’s. Both men and women lusted after her.

They came and found out that Asha the great Bollywood star had also come with her friend’s. In fact she was regular at this resort and always came with her set of friends

Asha was a great star with many hits. She was an exuberant woman famed for her huge and shapely derriere .Just a wriggle of that famed derriere was enough to set the screen on fire .It was BIG and juicy and perhaps would outclass many a famous behind of today and all time. Everything about Asha was big ,her boobs too were big but her arse overshadowed them and she looked bottom heavy with a wide , huge bum at the time of this story she was around 55 years ,but looked fit and well preserved and as big in the nether regions as ever ,in fact she was a magnificent woman .She was around 5ft 4inches in height, and well endowed in every respect although her boobs were slightly smaller than Ragini’s and definitely not as firm .Her arse was a different story ,it was huge and intimadatory ,a nightmare for anybody on the receiving end of a face sit after a long sweaty catfight . The best and toughest of women went out crying after being subjected to the suffocation and the smells.

Her sexual preferences were not known but there were speculations that she was bisexual .

The owner of the bar was a lady called Bindu .She was a buxom 45 year old .Nothing small about her either. She ran her business well and did everything to keep up her unique position as the owner of a resort where it was fun to be in and exciting things happened . In fact she also encouraged rivalries between women to escalate to catfights which she did nothing to stop until there was clear winner . She just ensured that there was no serious damage to the fighting women ,she loved the old fashioned hair pulling ,catfights where women wrestled each other ,divested each other of their clothes , abused and humiliated each other . Bindu and Asha were occasional partners in bed also.

She quite liked Ragini also and had her in her in mind as a potential bed mate .She liked her brazen devil may care attitude and looked forward to the day when she would get into a catfight in her resort .She always thought that she would be a good match for the older Asha .Both were very similar in attitude and not averse to fighting other bitches . The match up with Asha was encouraged and to an extent engineered by her .She thought that the young filly and the matured mare would pair up very well.

In fact she looked forward to Ragini in bed with her legs spread out ,pussy throbbing ,and she and Asha playing with those firm boobs of hers ,and sucking out those dark ,nipples .The very though nearly gave her an orgasm.

To get back to the story . Ragini,Rani and Seema checked into the resort and went to the beach. All three were wearing bikinis ,with Ragini wearing the flimsiest of them which barely managed to cover her beautiful melons.

All three flounced into the beach and started playing among themselves with a ball . Ragini was with her back to Asha ,she bumped into her butt twice and moved away without even saying a sorry .Asha just glared and her friend Aruna , and said “ just look at that kid with the ball , looks like a over grown bimbo ,and has no manners “.Aruna , Asha’s companion and a fellow actress ,said “yea looks bratty to me ,saali ka boobs to dekho ,ekdam pahar ki tarah nikla hua hai “( Look at the bitches boobs ,they are sticking out like mountains).Both laughed ,but Asha’s laugh was a bit forced . Asha and Aruna , both wearing shorts and tight tops went on with their walking . Asha was having an ice-cream , when she spotted something on the beach and she bent down to pick it up . Just then crash ! Once more Ragini crashed into Asha, this time on the famed derriere ! Off went ice cream and Asha fell headlong onto the sand . Ragini the first to recover said, “Come on woman can’t you see where you are going ?”. She then recognized her as the famous movie star Asha ,and said “ oh God ,its Asha the Big bummed bimbo , I can now see how your gaand ( Bum in Hindi) got so big ,too many ice creams !” She laughed and sprinted away . Other Women who were nearby laughed. Bindu who was nearby came and helped Asha up. Asha furious asked Bindu , who this spoilt little brat was. Bindu laughed and said ,”not so little Asha ,she is Ragini a regular in my resort ,she is a business woman . Just look at her boobs they look like carved out of stone” . Asha said “ I will make it my business to inculcate some manners in this Miss Business and also milk those boobs “. “She is all yours Asha, if you can handle her; she looks like she can take care of herself”. Bindu stoked the spark to make into a fire. She could see that Asha was waiting to have a go.

Later on in the evening everyone went back to the lounge .Ragini went up to bindu and said “I did not know that Asha the BGW ( Badi gaand wali ) is a visitor here” .Bindu laughed said “yea she is baby ,what did you do to her ,she was complaining about your behavior ,you better watch out Ragini , she is very upset with you.” Ragini said “she is upset with me ?,I am upset with her ,she was always in the way with her massive bums ,I just feel like tanning those bums” . Be careful said Bindu ,”Asha is tough girl , she has handled many a girl in bollywood and left them whimpering “. Bindu was holding the red rag to a willing bull .Ragini said “ I will strip and tan the over developed bitch “ .Just then in walked Asha , and she heard the last part of the comment .Asha had changed into a pair of tight jeans and a loose top and was obviously braless ,her boobs were just flowing out . Asha stood in front of Ragini and said ,”you manner less impolite bitch ,brat ,I will strip you and stuff you as my trophy “. Ragini laughed and said “just try it aunty, I always wanted to get my palms on that arse” . Hearing this Asha jumped forward and slapped Ragini hard on both cheeks ,and said “dont call me aunty you overdeveloped brat ,you are not even fit to clean my arse “. Ragini got taken a back ,when suddenly Asha gripped her boobs and squashed hard ,in the process removing her bikini top. Lo behold ! Ragini was topless .The crowd consisting of mostly women erupted in cheers .This was fight they were going to enjoy .Bets were being placed ,one of Bindu’s girls went around taking the bets . The few men who were there with their wife or girl friends were mesmerized and speechless.

Continued as The Brat and the Star (Part 2)...

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