Power Struggle - By Eagle

Aritri and Mohua were Mom and daughter .Both were sexy, buxom and feisty women. They were members of a women’s group where Aritri was the coordinator and Arpita was her assistant. Arpita was an ambitious and aggressive woman and Joni was her daughter.Both Aritri and Arpita were rivals and always tried to outdo each other. Their rivalry extended to their daughters also. Aritri was 54 year old 5'2" fair woman with a buxom built top heavy built Her boobs were huge and firm at 40" and with an ass which was about 36". She was well built with good strong arms and nice plump sexy thighs and legs. She never wears a bra, Is quite youthful to look at and could pass off as a 40/45 year old. Her daughter Mohua was 33 year old darker woman at 5'4" with 38" boobs and a 38’ ass, she was also well built and ready for scrap always. Arpita was a Fair 56 year old 5'4" bottom heavy woman with a 38" size boob and a massive 42" ass. Her daughter Joni was 33 year old 5'3" woman with 36" bust and a 38" ass.
As with beautiful women they vied with each other to outdo the other. Not just that Arpita always tried to undermine her younger rival and publicly humiliate her. In fact she always referred to Aritri as Boobs ,(as she was in the habit of never wearing a bra )and Mohua as mIlch buffalo because of her dark looks. Aritri on the other hand always made Arpita do all the dirty and difficult works of the group and made sure she sabotaged them and made her look like a fool. She referred to Arpita and Joni as the 2 bitches. The other women and notably Anima the chairman of the club never interfered and let the rivalry simmer as they were all waiting for a no holds barred catfight between these incredibly sexy and beautiful Mom and Daughter duo. The other women in fact went on carrying tales to other side .Although it did not need much fueling as both Mom and daughters hated their rivals and would love to humiliate them.

The group was meeting to review the progress of a new Project .As usual the Buxom Aritri had left the dirty work to her older rival .Arpita had actually done the job but Aritri managed to find faults and was making Arpita look like a fool. Aritri said “So as usual my foolish assistant has managed to botch up and now I have to correct the situation ”.Hearing this Arpita said “ Shut up you lying cow ,you are the one who is foolish ,you can’t see beyond your oversized mammaries “ Aritri face became red with anger she said” you big bummed whore I will stuff you and exhibit you on the wall ” Joni who was sitting next to Aritri said “hold your tongue Aritri ,you guttersnipe” hearing this Aritri became livid and slapped Joni “saying you ill-mannered brat ,both you and your Mom need a good old fashioned spanking ”,and she gave her another slap .Arpita seeing this ran towards Aritri and came to grips with her .Now both Mom and daughter started thrashing Aritri .Seeing this Mohua ran forward.

The other ladies looked on gleefully at last the much awaited catfight had started. Anima said “come on ladies stop this for a moment and make some space in the centre and let’s get them down to bra and panties”. Both Aritri and Arpita were pulled apart ,both mouthing filthy obscenities to each other as were Joni and Mohua .All four were taken to the centre of the carpeted room .Anima instructed the other women to disrobe them . They removed Aritri’s top and Lo behold her size 40 boobs spilled out as she was not wearing a bra .The ladies whistled in glee .Arpita was wearing bra and panties .Mohua like her mother was braless and the ladies gasped when they hear huge dark firm mammaries on display .They knew that they were in for a treat of a catfight.Joni wearing a bra and a thong which had almost gone into her massive ass

It was quite a sight Aritri and Mohua both topless with their massive boobs clamoring for attention and Joni and Arpita in their bra panties .One of the women said the booby girls vs. the arse girls and let them loose. Aritri swiftly charged into her older and taller rival .Arpita seeing Aritri’s luscious Boobs charged on with the intent to grab them ,but Aritri was swifter she lunged aside and came to a bear hug with her rival and swiftly removed her
bra. Now the moms were on boob vs. boob match. Both women were face to face , one set of boobs crushing the other .Aritri’s bigger and firmer boobs were getting the better of her rival .Arpita ,a veteran of many a catfight lifted her thigh and got it up hard between Aritri’s thighs .Aritri gasped and was forced to give up her grip .Arpita followed it up by grabbing Aritri’s massive boobs and crushing them .Aritri howled in pain ,as she felt her boob flesh getting squashed by the relentless pressure of Arpita’s hands . She was getting breathless and felt like she was going to pass out. Arpita went on like a maniac as she now caught the nipples and started pinching them. Aritri in desperation, bent down and managed to insert her hands into the panties of her older rival, and got at her pussy and the pubic hair and started pulling with all her might. Now it was Arpita’s turn to scream as Aritri latched on started pulling hair .Arpita managed to land one huge haymaker of a punch with her right hand into the side of Aritri’s head .Aritri gasped and loosened her grip. Arpita stepped back screaming ,she pulled down her panties and was examining her pussy .Aritri recovered ,and saw her opportunity she kicked Arpita on the butt and pushed face her down on the ground ,and in the process removed her panty ,and out came the 40inch derriere .There was a audible gasp around , Aritri sat on her back and said just look at this arse ,its so vulgar and so oversized , I will put it up for display in this year’s vegetable show alongside the pumpkins . Arpita struggled, as Aritri went on kneading her bum. Arpita managed to push her arms up and raise herself and dislodged Aritri. Now both the women wrestled .Arpita was no slouch, she was strong, experienced and vindictive. Aritri the sexier of the two had the mentality of a street fighter, she fought rough .Both the women were breathing heavily and sweating.They stood up and came to grips, trying to over power the other .Suddenly Aritri came down on one knee and in the process disbalanced Arpita and sat on her in a classic school girl pin with her knees immobilizing Arpitas hands .Now she extracted her revenge by really mauling Arpitas boobs.

On the other side Joni and Mohua were in hair yanking brawl when suddenly Joni lunged and grabbed a handful of Mahua’s boobs .Mohua screamed but Joni was relentless she just went on crushing .Mohua managed to unhook Jon’s bra and take it off and she pinched hard .Joni let out a gasp and let Mohua run . Mohua massaged her own boobs which were red with mauling they had received .Joni recovered and ran forward to grab Mohua by the hair and she just took off her panty’s exposing her beautiful bums .Mohua in the meanwhile managed to divest Joni off her thong.Now both the daughters were nude and the fight was on .Joni Tripped Mohua down and sat on her stomach schoolgirl fashion and started mauling her boobs saying I will tear these off. Mohua squealed and cried for her mom saying “mom help she is killing me”.

On the other side the battle between Aritri and Arpita was in full swing. Aritri was gradually getting the better of Arpita .Both were nude .Arpita was sitting on the carpet and Aritri had her by the hair and was kicking her butt. She made her lie down on her boobs and started attacking her bum .She sat on her back and smiled and said “let me have some bum ”and she let go thwack, thwack ,it sounded nice, a good solid palm meeting a nice firm bum .She kneaded ,she pinched while Arpita just squealed. She then turned around and sat on her boobs and mauled her pussy tearing of some pubic hair, saying “these are souvenirs”. That’s when she heard Mahua’s cry for help. She quickly slapped Arpita to a daze and ran to where Joni was gleefully Mauling Mahua’s boobs .Aritri went and pulled Joni of her daughter and came to grips with her. She managed to wrestle her down and slapped her and tied her hands with her bra. She then attended to Mohua and said “come on baby learn to fight, lets see what you can do with the arsy bitch ,go run girl get her”.Mohua ran to Arpita ,who had recovered ,she came to grips with Mohua .Both wrestled the older woman and the younger woman ,while Aritri watched .Arpita managed to wrestle Mohua down saying I will kill you bitch ,and I will parade your whore of a mother .Hearing this Aritri Came charging and she over powered Arpita and slapped her boobs and bums ,Arpita moved away and got into a boxing stance ,Aritri the street fighter that she was also took up a boxing stance and darted forward and jabbed Arpita on her boobs ,and then again got down to one knee a put shoulder to Arpita’s waist and lifted her over her shoulder all the time slapping her butt .Aritri tried to free herself ,but failed to do so. Aritri dropped Arpita on the carpet and sat on her face .Arpita had the sweaty ,smelly bum of Aritri on her face .Aritri said you may have a big vulgar ass ,but mine are better weapons of destruction .She grounded her arse on Arpita’s face . Arpita was breath less and said please let me go, I surrender .Aritri laughed and said, not so soon my beauty...Aritri then finger fucked her and took her on her knees and spanked her bums red and showed her finger marks... Mohua in the mean while released Joni’s hands and slapped her into submission ,secure in the confidence that mom would rescue her .Aritri and Mohua then did a with victory pose by putting their feet over the supine and defeated Mom and Daughter pair of Arpita and Joni . After this Arpita and Joni were circulated around the other women who all fucked them and had goodtime.

Here's a detailed story of how Arpita got her revenge...

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