Arpita gets her revenge - By Eagle

Arpita and Joni were both smarting after their humiliating defeat from their rivals Aritri and Mohua. Arpita remembered the humiliating bare handed spanking she received from Aritri after she was placed on her knee. And Joni recollected the face sitting she got from Mohua. The overpowering smell of Mahua’s butt till lingered. Both Mom and daughter resolved to give it back. They knew that Mohua would be easy to get as either of them could beat her. Aritri the Mom had to be taken care of .Arpita decided that she would plan for it and extract full revenge.

Both she and Joni increased their daily physical work outs. They also became friendlier with the members of their club and the process became quite popular with the ladies. Actually most of the members were looking forward to another fight between this pair of Mom and Daughter. The opportunity came soon. Both Arpita and Aritri had farm houses near each other where they went for an annual visit. Just the Mom and daughter went and had a good time and came back. This time Arpita and Joni went along with their retinue of 5 maids.

After about 3 days one of the maids came and reported that Aritri and Mohua had also come to their farm house. They had come without any maids. Arpita smiled and told Joni now we will get them.

Both Aritri and Mohua attired in their jogging shorts and singlet’s ,used to go for a long walk /jog in the morning , this took them past Arpita’s farm Aritri with her yellow striped shorts and miniscule singlet looked like tigress on the prowl . They jogged past a path which was inside Arpita’s farm, but slightly away from the house. At this point in their route Aritri and Mohua refreshed themselves and also pee’d. The area they chose to pee was a covered garden which belonged to Arpita. Aritri and Mohua knew this and that is why they chose the spot to pee.

Arpita and Joni used to come for their workouts to the garden house a little later in the morning .Naturally they could smell the pee. They asked their maids to find out who were the culprits. Next morning Arpita, Joni and the maids with binoculars started to keep a watch and lo behold they saw both Mom and Daughter take down their shorts and pee! It was a sight which made Joni and Arpita lick their lips in anticipation! Aritri with a fair smooth well-rounded ass peeing and the darker Mohua with her darker but well rounded arse peeing. Both were standing and peeing and having a good laugh. Seeing this Joni and the maids wanted to rush out and capture them, but the wily Arpita restrained them and said not now tomorrow morning we will trap them and hunt them down.

She contacted Anima the chief of the club and a few of the other women and invited them for a "hunting expedition the Next morning". Anima and the other women got really excited and said "yes plan a good chase, lets see you hunt the tigress and her cub". “I am a huntress I have hunted many tigresses’ and also lionesses’ before” replied Arpita.

The morning dawned and all the women had a suppressed excitement about them ,they really wanted to see this hunt of the 2 women by Arpita and Joni . They had 7 jeeps with them. Arpita and Joni were in one jeep. Arpita was driving. They had nets and lassoes with them. All the guests were in shorts and tops while Arpita and Joni wore Khaki shorts, Joni wore a singlet and Arpita wore a loose top which was unbuttoned which took off when she entered the jeep and was topless. The 5 maids were topless ,on foot and had spear shaped sticks in their hands Mom. The whole set up looked like a safari expedition.

As usual Aritri and Mohua slowly jogged on. Both took their shirts off to wring out the sweat ,exposing their sweat filled glistening boobs and then lowered their shorts to pee.Anima and some of the women let out a gas . Arpita who seemed to be in total control said now you women follow in the car while we hunt them ,this is between us and them .I will stuff them and keep them as my trophies. Come lets go and she hollered “Forward let’s get the animals!”.

Hearing the noise Aritri and Mohua looked up and saw Arpita’s jeep .They managed to pull up their shorts and barely wrapped around their shirts they started running towards an open field .The 5 maids all topless and wearing only shorts, with long sticks in their hands, started chasing them on foot. Arpita and Joni started chasing them on the Jeep . The other women just watching the proceedings, they shouted encouragement to Arpita and Joni, while some encouraged Aritri and Mohua to run fast. Both Aritri and Mohua ran ,boobs jiggling, with sweat drops forming on them. Arpita came behind them shouting come on bitches show us how fast you can run.

She got her jeep near them and prodded them with a stick . Joni standing up cast her net and tried to trap Mohua. Mohua screamed and ran forward while Joni laughed and said run booby girl run . Aritri was running ahead she turned and told Mohua run in a zig zag fashion and go towards the bushes. Of the 5 maids 2 started chasing Mohua ,driving her towards Joni’s net .Joni took out her whip and started swinging it , the sharp end caught Mohua on the butt . Mohua screamed ,and fell down ,the maids came near .Fortunately the area was a grassy green land with lots of grass . Mohua rolled away and got up and continued to run .Joni was enjoying this ,she told the maids to let her run , I want to chase her . Mohua was whimpering her shirt had flown off and her shorts were just hanging on .One of the maids came near Mohua and started prodding her with the stick .Mohua screamed and caught the stick .Aritri turned back ,and slowed down ,she wrested the stick from the maid and attacked her and managed to hit her hard ,the maid backed off . Mohua was breathing hard but she continued to run hard ,Joni continued to wield the whip ,Arpita swung the jeep near Aritri and Joni whipped her hard on her butt and boobs ,forcing Aritri to turn and run .The 3 maids who were chasing came near and started prodding her with the sticks . In the mean while Mohua continued to run ,but was tiring fast ,her entire body was filled with sweat, grime and dirt .One of the maids manage to catch up with her and tugged at her shorts which already precariously hanging fell off .Mohua was nude ,and the onlookers broke out into cheers . Joni was still taking it easy , Arpita turned around and told her come on kiddo finish this ,you must learn to get your animal fast and she accelerated and came near Mohua .Jon swung her net ,and lo behold she had her animal .Mohua was trapped ,she let out a plaintive cry ,shouting Mom help ,they have trapped me .Joni let out a yell , she continued to let Mohua run as Arpita slowed down the vehicle and finally stopped the vehicle and Joni pulled up her net with the nude Mohua inside .Mohua tried to fight but Joni pulled her out of the net and slapped her and hard on the butt and face .She then took her inside and  put her behind in jeep naked and screaming .Joni gave another slap and said shut and keep quiet you milk sop. Now watch your mom getting hunted. Arpita said Joni you drive I want the older bitch. In the meanwhile Aritri continued to run ,her top had fallen away and her shorts were in a disarray and hanging by a thread ,they were only impeding her movements .She looked on with horror as she saw that ,beautiful ,cute Mohua was captured like a animal by the Mom and daughter duo .she wanted to run and get out of the farm and then plan her next move . .She was being chased on foot by the gleeful maids who were directing her towards Arpita’s jeep. The maids were shouting ,and screaming ,saying chal chori bhag ,aaj to tera shikar karegi Arpita Maalkin ( Run woman run ,today you will be hunted by Arpita Maam ) Arpita now deliberately chased her all the time saying ,”run bitch jiggle your boobs and run “.Aritri continued to run . .She looked like a wild woman from some medieval era . Her hair was loose and flying .Her beautiful ,buxom body was caked in grime ,she was sweating profusely and snarling and abusing the women who were chasing her .The maids told her your little girl is already in the jeep .

Aritri who was playing a cat and mouse game wanted Aritri to run as long as she could . She loved the thrill of the chase against this hated rival , who was her match in beauty ,in fact in every way ,she had not forgotten that spanking which she had received fro this bitch .Her guests were all enjoying this spectacle . Joni got the jeep near Aritri who was on her last legs now ,.Arpita cast her net and captured her .She asked Joni to stop while she dragged the hapless Aritri up .She took her out of the net .Aritri tried to jump on Arpita
who slapped her hard on the cheeks . Aritri was breathing heavily and sweating profusely Arpita looked her up and down and said “so now boss lady ,completely nude as a baby” .She then asked her maids to tie both
the captured women and put them on display behind the jeep .Mohua was whimpering but Aritri was still defiant and struggling . Arpita now drove them round her farm while the other women in the other jeeps cheered . Aritri understood that both she and her daughter were on display for her club members and she could nothing about it.

They all drove to the house and the naked mom and daughter were let in to a room. Joni who could not wait to humiliate Mohua said come on baby now sniff my bum. Mohua ,said in your dreams bitch and she jumped Joni .The other women surrounded them while the two younger girls wrestled .Mohua was naked ,she managed to tug off Joni’s shorts .Joni completely overpowered Mohua and put her in school girl pin and mauled her boobs and the she sat on Mahua’s face and made her smell her butt .Joni then forced Mohua to lick her pussy and give her orgasm then she spanked her. The other women were watching in delight . Aritri who was mother naked ,was watching Mohua getting beaten ,humiliated and spanked by Joni .Joni then handed her over to one of the maids who had chased her .This was her reward .The maid kissed and fondled her and entered every crevice of her body , she then carried her over her shoulders and jumped into the swimming pool .Mohua tried to wrestle her inside the water .but the maid got the better of her .Joni told the maid clean the whore up a bit she is stinking .The maid pulled her out of the pool . Mohua was trying to fight back, but the maid slapped her on her cheeks, drawing blood .Seeing this Mohua whimpered .The maid the then took her under the shower and cleaned her up. Arpita in the meanwhile ,looked Aritri up and down ,she looked dirty and unkempt ,but all the same Arpita felt a primeval sense of lust in her ,she had hunted this animal down and now she wanted to posses her whole body .But first things first .Arpita sat on a high stool and put Aritri over knees and spanked her ,thus avenging the defeat . All the other guests also had their fun ,they had their way with both mom and daughter . Aritri and Joni the swapped partners although Aritri was handful for Joni .She had one of the maids assist her when she had her fun with her .

The party was in full swing . Arpita  drew lots for both Aritri and Joni .The winners had their share of fun with both mom and daughter . As the night  went on ,Arpita declared that its over for today  and went towards Aritri and lifted her up and said now I claim my prize ,this is the tigress I have hunted .She then took her prize and went into her bedroom .Joni loked at Mohua and said now see how my mom has made your mom into her bitch and now you will be my bitch .Saying this she lifted her up and took her inside her room.
Both Aritri and Mohua were kept by Arpita and Joni as slaves and maids for the rest of the trip .. When they were not servicing the mistresses they were serving the maids.

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