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The incident took place three years back in Pune.I was there pursuing my MBA and residing as a paying guest which was situated in a colony.I was very fortunate to have two beautiful ladies as neighbour. There were not much houses in the colony and only three houses were there in my row in one of them lived a muslim couple who got married 2 years ago whereas in the adjoining house lived a hindu couple got married 2 years ago. There was only a single 5 feet wall separating the two houses.

In both the houses lived two beautiful and attractive females. I have seen them many a times whenever i take a walk. Zeenat  who was muslim was 5'6",weighed 72 kg she has got shiny black hairs which remains open and touch her shoulders.Her complexion was ok.she has got shiny skin.She has got giant boobs which were perfectly in shape and were tight as she always wears salwar suite from which her awsome boobs bulges out and her thighs were also quite muscular whenever she wears a leggie she looks very hot. I just had a wish if i can ever get a chance on her.

On the other hand pallavi had fair complexion, her hairs were little brownie and mostly tighed in a bun which gives a chance to have a look at her back whenever she comes out of her house or goes to terrace. she was also very beautiful.she was 5'5",weighed 65 kgs her skin was very good.she also had nice boobs but not big and firm as zeenat. her boobs would be lesser than 36" and were D cup as zeenat boobs were definitely 36".she always wears a saree with a translucent tight blouse.both the ladies have nice hips.No one had a kid.

One day i was having a walk in the evening ,pallavi was spreading washed clothes on the wall saperating the two house,till the time i passed pallavi's house and reached outside zeenat's ,zeenat came out of the house and started shouting "aap roj kapde yaha sukhate ho,kitni baar keh diya samajh nhi aata kya" "ye tere baap ki deewar hai kya??" their arguement compelled me to stop there as both were looking very hot zeenat was in pink salwaar suite wheres pallavi was in white blue combination saree and tight blue blouse.zeenat biceps were broader than pallavi but pallavi had ok biceps in totality both of them looks strong.

Both of them dont have servants so works a lot at home this has kept both of them fit."ae baap tak mat jaana samajh gyi na tera baap kya hai sabko pata hai" "kya hai mera baap zara batana fir mai batati hu tujhe!!"-zeenat     "chal chal mujhe batani vali vo haal karungi ki khud ka pati tyjhe nhi pehchaan payega"-pallavi listening this zeenat got furious "abhi batati hu tujhe and she jumbed into the pallavi's house seeing her charging pallavi fixed her pallu inside the stomach and as soon as zeenat landed in pallavi's house she caught Zeenat with her hairs  and started giving slaps on Zeenat's face. I was stunned as first time i was witnessing an errotic catfight i was unmoved.the sound of ouchhh eeehhh aaahhhhhhhh leee   lee   was clearly audible .the series of slaps by pallavi were quite powerful as from one hand she has held zeenat and from the othe she was slaping her cheeks brutally. She was compelling zeenat to move here and there  by snatching and pulling here hair.

however zeenet managed to get hold of the fast moving slapping hand now  she banged pallavi with whole power and banged her on the wall.aahhhhhhhhhh pallavi cried in pain. then zeenat give a hit with her knees to the mid section of pallavi , my god it was very painful aaauuuuuu mamma uttered pallavi. mujhe batayegi tu screamed Zeenat. then she held Zeenat from the neck and started slapping her breasts.she broke the hooks of the blouse her boobs was now had support of the bra only.the beautiful big tits of pallavi were now almost visible. her bun was destroyed and her hairs were open now.I thought this is the end of pallavi but it wasn't over pallavi somehow got hold of the kameez of zeenat and torn the kameez from middle now the tits under black bra of zeenat were visible.then she hit zeenat's face with her elbow and it was very nice hit that showed stars to zeenat as her nose was hurt she kept both the hands on the nose and screamed now pallavi had a chance she caught zeenat with hairs and pushed her towards 5 feet wall she locked both her hands at the back and pressed her into the wall in a way to damage her breast it was awsome move as she kept applying force to press zeenat into the walls edge and her breast were getting pressed by the edges of the wall.Zeenat screamed in pain her big ,firm breasts were getting the treament.aahhhhhhhhh chhod kutiya...........

Then pallavi took zeenat to the opposite walls and slapped the giant boobs of zeenat in the struggle both the females had their boobs set free. both of them were sweating and no one was ready to give up.Pallavi was striking the boobs of zeenat through her boobs proving her to be more powerful. Zeenat now was in pain and wanted to finish of things she suddenly kicked pallavi on her breast and pallavi was on the ground the kick was very powerfull and took pallavi by suprise ,there was no energy left with Pallavi now and she was lying on the ground exhausted, then zeenat sat on pallavi's stomach holding her single breast and gave a painfull bite on her nipple. Pallavi now had the most painfull moment of the fight "leave me i said.........." "zeenat tightly held both her boobs aj chhod rhi hu samjhi agli baar inko(breasts) apne saath le jaungi nikal k samhji and squeezed both the boobs simultaneously" with the last loud scream of pallavi zeenat turn out to be winner and i was watching all this from a place from where none could see me and there was no one nearby so fight was to the finish.It really was the best catfight i would have ever seen.

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