Saira and Jigna's vacation - By Catfight Master

Arif, Sanjay and Jigna have been friends since college days. Sanjay and Jigna got married and Arif got married to Saira. Since marriage Saira and Jigna have been in a state of cold war. Both women have now turned 40 but the cold war has not ended.

Arif and Sanjay are working in same company and one day they have to travel to Goa for work . Jigna and Saira also come along. As the season is busy they do not get a hotel and have to rent a 1 bedroom living room shack.

Saira is 5'5" with 40D boobs while Jigna is 5'7" with 36C boobs. Both women were very attractive. Jigna was a Gujrati while Saira was from MP. They never missed a chance to show each other down but were always surrounded with people so always restrained. But this was a different scenario. With limited space all four slept in same bedroom as the three were very close except for Saira.

Jigna was very bold and Saira a bit reserved. Jigna had thought that she will give a difficult time to Saira during this vacation.

The firts night Jigna went in to change in washroom and came out wearing hot shots and a tank top revealing her belly and bit of cleavage. Saira was a bit surprised seeing her in this attire and her expression revealed it. Jigna was happy as she wanted this reaction. Arif commented 'Jigna tu abhi bhi bahut sexy hai' (Jigna you still look sexy), Jigna and Sanjay laughed but Saira was quite. Saira went in washroom next and came out wearing Pyjama and t shirt. Arif got up and Jigna commented "Arif mujhe malum hai tujhe aur Sanjay ko underwear mein sone ki adat hai" (I know you and Sanjay have habit of sleeping wearing underwear's) "phir bahar ja kar change karne ka matlab, mujhe koi problem nahin, be comfortable we are friends and on vacation". Arif and Sanjay took off their clothes and were now in underwear's. Jigna looked at Saira and smiled seeing her uncomfort. Saira understood what she was up to.

Jigna was enjoying Saira's embarassment and her domination so she decided to continue. Jigna said "Chalo game khelte gain" all agreed.
Jigna - Main question poochti hoon jiska jawab wrong hogaus ko jo main boloon karna padega" Jigna asked the first question to Arif and he gave a wrong answer. Jigna said " Arif as a punishment tujhe apna underwear utarna padega" everyone was shocked. Saira was listening with eyes wide. Arif stood up and said"Jigna tu mazaak mar rahi hai?'' Jigna in a flash pulled Arif's underwear. Saira turned red , Jigna said "Tera abhi bhi bahut handsome hai" Sanjay n Jigna laughed, she took his underwear and threw it in one corner " ab nanga bethja". She then asked Sanjay and he was wrong " Ab tumhara underwear husband" Sanjay was standing naked , Jigana looked at Saira and Saira did not know where to look. Jigna was thrilled. She then said " Game change , sab apni eyes band karenge and  feel karke batana padega ke woh kya hai". Everyone closed their eyes and stood up. Jigna caught Sanjay's penis and put it in Saira's hands. She asked but Saira shook her head, everyone opened their eyes and Saira was shocked to see she was holding Sanjay's penis. Jigna and Arif laughed and Saira just left it and stepped back. "Okay games over guys" said Jigna.

"Ek game mera bhi" said Saira. Everyone was quite. Jigna smiled"Tu kya khelna chati hai Saira". Saira smiled " Mera aur tera wrestling match-Kushti" as she said seconds later both men's penis got erected. Girls looked at their erected penis and then at each other. Saira asked men to leave while they decided to get ready. Men left the room.

"Kushti game nahin hai" said Jigna. "Jannti hoon, lekin phir hum dono ko yeh chance nahin milega" said Saira "Miss karna chati is chance to". For a moment Jigna was quite then said " Nahin, aaj mauka achcha hai, ho jaane de"

Both men with erected penis walked in , Saira and Jigna tied their hands "yeh is liye ke tum dojo hume disturb nahin karo aur beech mein nahin aao" sure the hands were tied well with their dupattas both women took position.

They looked at each other. Jigna took her tank top off and Arif was excited to see her boobs in blue bra. She then took her shots off to show her orange panties. She smiled as she looked at the men and then at Saira knowing she would not do the same.

Saira smiled and pulled her t shirt off revealing her huge boobs in yellow bra. Jigna was surprised and for the first time felt inferior. Sanjay's penis was shaking by itself. Jigna saw this and did not know how to react. Saira then took pyjamas off showing her red thongs.

Saira said " tujhe laga sirf tere ko nanga hona aata hai" Saira and Jigna charged at each other they both locked fingers Jigna pushed her three steps back and said "saali madarchod kushti ladegi mere saath" but then Saira pushed her back with all her strength " Saali nangi raand, apne pati ka lund degi mujhe tu" Saira then kicked Jigna and she went to hit the wall. Saira charged and punched her belly repeatedly. Saira used her energy to punch and Jigna was feeling the pain. She managed to get hold of Saira's bra strap and pulled with full strength, bra was torn into half and her boobs were naked. Jigna stopped to look at unbelievable 40D naked , Saira was surprised and was looking at her own naked boobs. Jigna looked at her husband Sanjay who already had cum dripping from his penis. Arif had his penis erected with excitement. Both girls regained after this momentary break and this time Jigna caught both of Saira's boobs and squeezed with full strength " Aaj tere boobs ko chota karti noon" said Jigna , Saira was in pain "chod madarchod" said Saira. Jigna laughed " Kushti ka dum khatam hogaya  
 saali nangi" Saira put her hand in Jigna's underwear and scratched her pussy hard. Jigna left her boobs. Right away Saira grabbed Jigna's bra and pulled it down with full strength making her boobs hang naked " Kutiya tere boobs latak chuke hai" said Saira, she looked at Arif who was now beginning to cum. Jigna looked at her boobs and then at Saira's boobs , angrily she pulled her own panty down and threw it at Saira " Saali aurat hai to nangi lad mare saath" said Jigna. Saira without hesitation pulled her thong down and threw it on Jigna. They again charged at each other. Jigna slapped Saira repeatedly holding her hair . Saira got close to Jigna and grabbed her , both girls going in a bear hug. They fell and rolled over the floor. Jigna dug her nails in Saira's boobs making them bleed. Saira held one of Jigna's right boob and twisted it with full strength. Jigna screamed and now Saira caught Jigna's left boob and twisted again.

Jigna was in great pain. She dug in to Jigna's boobs till they bleeded. She then punched Jigna's pussy and dug her nails " Chod de please " cried jigna " Abhi nahin raand" said Saira. She turned Jigna body and scratched her bum with full strength. Jigna cried. Saira was tired. She then held Jigna by her hair and dragged to where Arif was. She lifted Jigna up by her hair and put Arif's penis in her mouth and made her suck till  Arif came in. She then dragged her to Sanjay and put his penis in her mouth and Sanjay came too.

She then put her face on her pussy "Lick kar mujhe, yeh game main meet gayi"

That night they all slept naked. In the morning as they woke up Jigna and Sanjay saw Arif fucking Saira and while doing Saira looked at Jigna and laughed " Saali tu nangi bhi rahegi to kafi din tak bra aur panty bhi nahin pahen sakti" That morning Arif and Sanjay decided they will go back same day.

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