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I am going to narrate a real incident which happened 5 years back when i was 16 year old.I really had a liking for female combat since childhood.I really get aroused whenever i witness a catfight in a movie or serial.I always dreamt of watching real fight between beautiful females that i see around.I especially get attracted towards the women who are well built in their physique.

It was afternoon time.I came home early as it was saturday.I was alone in the house as both my mother and father were working.I live in a flat in jaipur .There were three more flats on the same floor.In two of the flats lived two beautiful ladies Nisha aunty and Aarti aunty.I find both of them very attractive.

Nisha aunty's full name was Nisha Singh she was from bharatpur aged around 27.She had wheatish complexion ,5'6" heighted, 38 sized tight pointed boobs.she has got straight shining hairs touching upto her shoulders.she always wears synthetic saree and a translucent blouse through which her bra is visible.Her blouse fits her tight and nicely predicts her boobs.her skin was tight and she has got biceps of good width too.all this gives her strong attractive physique.she has got one son still she looks well maintained and had almost flat stomach,and nice hips curve visible in the saree too. she weighed around 68 kg.

On the other hand Aarti aunty was punjabi her full name was Aarti Kaur.She was a fair complexioned lady with 36 sized D cup breasts.She also wears saree.her boobs were not as firm as nisha aunty.she was 5'7" heighted slightly taller than nisha.She aged 28 year and had a daughter.Her face was chubby and glowing.she has got bigger biceps than nisha.she looks more busty than nisha.she has got wider shoulders and her blouse just covers her her shoulders which makes her shoulders more wider and beautifull.A Bulge at her back makes her look more sexy.Both of them were well educated and were well off.

There has been some tensions going between both the ladies. I have witnessed verbal fights many a times between them reason being the sound that comes from Aarti aunty's flat as aarti aunty was very much fond of music,parties ,friends and nisha aunty didnt like that at all.There has been roumers of  Aarty  aunty's affair with Nish aunty's husband as Aarty aunty's husband remains out of station most of the time due to work so Nisha had ferocious attitude towards  Aarti.

I had many a time fantasized a fight between two of them as i was very fond of fight between two beautiful aunties. There are great chances of my imagination coming true as both were very aggressive as one was Sardarni and the other was Rajput.

That day (saturday) i was alone at home and watching movie on television suddenly i heard sounds from outside i reduced the volume of tv  and i was delighted it was Aarty aunty vs Nisha Aunty once again.I quickly rushed to the wire guaged main door to witness the fight.

"tujhe hazaar baar keh diya hai ki dheere baat kiya karo samajh nhi aata kya??" as Aarti is in a habit of talking and gigling very loudly with her friends and many times nisha has warned her to stop this.

That day also there were female friends of her in her flat and they were talking and laughing very loudly.

As Nisha always looks a chance to charge on Aarti it was a good chance."Tameez se baat kar" Aarti roared.The voice of both were perfectly feminine and seducing. "ye baat tameez se bhi bol sakti hai tu"

"kitni baar bol diya tu layak hai kya tameez se baat karne k liye" nisha said

"Oye tameez se baat karni hai to kar nhi to chali ja yaha se"-Aaarti

"Nhi jaati hu mai ,or aise hi baat karungi kamini"-nisha

"Tere baap ka ghar nhi hai samjhi mera mann hoga vo karungi!! yaha se chali jaana warna itna pitungi k bachane wala koi nhi milega"

Both of them were having the arguement in the corridor outside the flats.

"arey mujhe peetney k sapne mat dekh samjhi tere jaisi bhot dekhi hai,chupchaap apni kamini sahelion ko bhaga de yaha se warna tera or teri chamchiyon ka thopda bigaad dungi aaj".-Nisha

Aarti's friends were mere spectator as no one was daring to mess with furious female nisha.

The fight was very errotic as Nisha  aunty was in creame saree and tight transluscent blouse whereas aarti aunty was in green sarre and green blouse. The blouse were tight on biceps Aarti's biceps were really looking fair and bigger than nisha  both have got attractive well shaped long nails fully painted (both of fingers and feet) nisha aunty had maroon nail paint whereas aarti aunty had red.

Nisha's hairs were open whereas Aarti has shining brown hairs tied in bun.

"Pata nhi konse khandaan se aayi hai dusro k pati pe dorey daalti hai"-Nisha

listenig this Aarti really gor aggravated and came very near with great anger both were now standig so near that their big breasts can just kiss each other "kya boli kutiya and aarti gave a strong push to Nisha. Nisha didnt expected this she lost the balance and fell on the ground,that moment i realised that the day has come for which i was waiting to witness a real Aunty fight.

Nisha quickly got up in anger and ran towards nisha both got their hands clutched and were proving their force. Aarti aunty as she looks more stronger banged nisha into wall.

She held the neck of Nisha with one hand and gave slaps with another and trust me those slaps were so strong that the voice of the slaps was heard loud by me even the slaps of that power would have shown me stars.aahhhhh ahhh ouchhhh aahhhhhh sound was created by both the of the aarties friend tried to intervene but she left nisha in pain due to slaps and locked all her friend in the flat from outside. i could see the anger in her eyes.Nisha also recovered from the pain and she got hold of the aarti's  hair. she distorted the beautiful  bun and with all her power banged aarti's head on to wall repeatedly.kutiya tune mujhe le then she slapped her beautiful chubby face her(nisha) saree pallu fell from the shoulders and her neckline of tight boobs were visible. there was sweat on the boobs as here entire blouse was  sweating..
she then picked up aarti from hairs "mera thopda bigadegi,mere pati pe dorey daalegi" she gave tight punch on the left  breast ye le. aahhhhh aarti aunty screame in pain her blouse hooks were detached here beatiful boobs were partially visible now. Nisha again punched on the right breast "aaaahhhhhhhhh" "kamini kya kr rhi hai" screamed aarti in pain.

now aarti was regaining some power there was no option but to fight. She somehow managed to get hold of nisha's hairs had started pulling  "baal chhod kutti" then she made  4-5 poweful punches on the beautiful back of nisha. now nisha was on the backfoot.the sexy bulge at the back of aarti aunty was visible as her back was facing me. now she lifted nisha and banged on the door "aahhhhhhhhhhh" aarti made the sound as lot of power was involved. then she  held nisha from the hooks of her blouse her fingers were under the hooks touching her breasts then she started slapping dragging her with the hooks,the hooks got detached and the nipples of nisha was also visible.Aarti also punched the boobs of nisha and slapped left and right.First time i  saw the boobs of nisha aunty that too being punished.

Now it seems like aarti was all over nisha as she had complete domination and nisha was exhausted.She was continously attacking nisha and was not in a mood to leave.she caught nisha with hairs and dragged her.Nisha aunty was in pain she had realised that she messed up with wrong female.Nisha pleaded for mercy then i intervened "ainda dhyan rakhe keh dena isey" said aarti and the fight ended with mrs Aarti Kaur as a winner till now also that incident is alive in my memory. now am 22 and just wish another catfight to be witnessed.

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