Mature vixens in sarees - By Kavita and XS

Hi, I am Kavitha. I am a 42 years old housewife and have two children, one is 25 years old and other one is 22 years old. I have always been interested in catfights from my college days. Way back then Mumtaz and me were good friends. We used to stay together at the college hostel. Mumtaz and I were of the same age and used to be similar to me in built. She was too interested in catfights and we used to have many friendly fights at that time in the hostel room. Later we both got married and she moved to some other town with her husband. Initially we were in touch but eventually we lost touch as our individual lives progressed with our husbands and kids.

One fine day I received a call from an unknown number. To my surprise it was Mumtaz calling from her new number that she had just subscribed. She excitedly told me that she, along with her husband has came to stay in my town because of her job. We had not met in the last 15 years and I was very excited to catch-up with her. I went to meet her at her place and we spent hours chatting and laughing while we remembered our good old college days. We used to be quite hot looking and good matched bodies for a catfight back then. Luckily that had not changes much. Even after so many years both of us carried quite well maintained figured and were still ready for a sexy catfight brawl. We decided that we should definitely give it a try once more after all these years and for that I invited Mumtaz at my place.

Mumtaz was wearing a red saree red low neck blouse with back hooks. After all these years, the stunning beauty from college had matured into a sexy vixen. I was wearing a blue saree and blue low neck blouse with back hooks. We exchanged a warm hug, but it sent out some chills through our bodies, bringing back memories of our hostel fights. Without wasting any time, we moved all the furniture in the living area aside and got ready for the fight.

We started with a test of strength. Mumtaz started pushing me towards the wall. I too pushed her with all my strength. Somehow I managed to push her near the wall. We both continued the test of strength for about 5 minutes and were back in the middle of the room. We both were already getting excited by the body contact and struggle. The test of strength continued with our fingers being locked and hands raised. It’s always an awesome excitement when your opponent is almost of the same size - weight and height wise. Our claws were locked and we were standing still while pushing each other backward with all our strength. None of us could take an advantage in this power struggle. Pushing each other with our claws and circling each other, we continued pushing for about 10 mins without any clear winner.

Our test of strength match had made both of us tired and while pushing each other, we didn't realise that we were now closer to the bed. Suddenly, we both lost balance and fell on the bed while clutching each others arms. We started rolling all over over the bed, while bear hugging each other. Though, our sarees were still on, bear hugging got both of us quite excited. Also, while rolling, by now our sarees almost rolled-up exposing our fair thighs.

In all the excitement, I pulled-out Mumtaz’s pallu away revealing her sexy breast camouflaged in the red blouse. Mumtaz took the chance and did the same to me. Now we both were rolling over each other trying to get on top and gain advantage. In this fight, our sarees by now were in shambles and we were entwined in sarees and were unable to move.

We didn't realise, but we had been fighting this way for almost an hour now. We both stopped our long bed fight and separated to sort our messed-up sarees. Mumtaz and my saree was almost coming off so we decided to get rid of our sarees. We took a break and removed our sarees and now we were in blouse and petticoat only. Mutaz was in a dark red blouse and petticoat while I was in a blue blouse and petticoat. We could now clearly see each others well maintained white bellies. Our 37 D-cup tits in our blouses were raring to go at each other. Our bodies had turned red due to the heat of the bed fight excitement while our breasts heaved up and own gasping for breath. We faced each other, eye to eye with a mixture of competitive spirit and sexual excitement. Then we started circling each other again.

Mumtaz looked into my eyes and taunted me “Kya Kavitha saali kaise hai (Hey, Kavita, bitch how are you)”

I replied “Sali after 20 years dum hai dono me bararabar ka. Dekhenge sali…(Bitch after 20 years we both are still a great match. Lets see (who wins) bitch...)”

We again started to push each other with our claws and by this time we also started to scream a bit because of the force with which each one of us was pushing. Our arms and wrist began aching. Both of us now had our arms stretched fully outward sideways in a finger lock and that brought our faces and tits closer to each other. In the heat of the moment our tits touched each other and we both lost balanced and fell down on the floor.

We both started rolling for an advantage but none was willing to give in. We rolled on the ground for quite some time and this gave us the chance to use our feet. But since our petticoat was still on it was hard for both of us to move our legs freely. We rolled couple of times to gain the top position, but none could get the advantage.

I charged at Mumtaz, held her hair and started to shake her head from side to side. Mumtaz returned the favour and now both of us were ripping each others hair. We were now tangled on the floor and rolled around still grabbing hair. Mumtaz slowly sat up and straddled me. She left my hair and grabbed my boobs and started pulling out my blouse which eventually got ripped off exposing my huge boobs barely held in my black silk bra. I was in no mood to be outdone and I too ripped Mumtaz's blouse exposing her tits in her blue lace bra.

I slid my claws under Mumtaz’s bra and started to torture her nipples. She too had her grip on my boobs. This was an exciting moment of battle of chest to chest, boob to boob, nipple to nipple. Our faces were very close to each other and we were breathing heavily. We both kept rolling on the floor, trying to dominating each other but were now getting tired of all this power struggle.

I don’t even remember when we started passionately kissing each other in midst of this struggle but I enjoyed having Mumtaz after all these years. I started exploring & caressing her and she was doing the same to me. We felt, explored and caressed each & every part of the opponent's body while continually exchanging deep wet kisses.

As both of us are bisexuals we didn't want to go any further, but for both of us that was one of the best sexual experience we have had in a long time.

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