Sarika vs Neetu - By Catfight Fan

I am 22 year old lad living in the south of India. I live with my parents and go to college and do everything the average Indian youngster does. However I do have a certain fantasy hidden within me which I find hard to disclose to anyone fearing that they might find it awkward as the Indian society though gradually westernizing find some ideas vulgar and inappropriate. Hence the state where I have to keep it a secret and make it increasingly difficult to experience my fantasy first hand. Well for a long time since I was 13 I was subject to a massive arousal when I saw a woman in combat with another. The mere sight of one woman’s body rubbing against another and their moaning as they struggled for physical dominance was enough to inspire me into arousal. I need not go into further details I guess. Well it so happened that even though I was catfight crazy I was yet to see a live and real catfight. Although I need fantasize about it, it never happened until that day……….

I lived in an apartment in a very central area of the city of Chennai. There were four houses in every floor of the seven storey building. It so happened that there were a couple of nice and sexy ladies on my floor. Although they  were very much older than me I found them very attractive ( When did age matter,right guys?) . Well coming back to the ladies. One of them was from Kerela called Neetu. She was married to some geek and I would say she was around 30 or maybe even more.  The other was originally from Bangalore. She goes by the name Sarika was a divorced single and lived with her old mother.

Both of them worked out regularly at the apartment gym and had nice fit bodies for their age. I found both of them sexy for different reasons. Neetu,it seemed was a athlete during her school days and she looks really sexy and toned in the track pants and sports bra she has on when she works out. Sarika on the other hand is busty and has the look of a powerful lady.Being a catfight enthusiast her powerful look tended to turn me on. Anyway both are women worth fantasizing about and on more than one occasion I might have done the same.

On the fateful day, I made a rare appearance to the gym to get some fat reduced. I saw the two of them there. Both of them in sports bra and tracks and sweaty! WOW! I was trying hard to suppress and erection and concentrated on my weights. While I was busy counting my repetitions I had a cry from the back of the gym “Stupid bitch. This is not your own gym and you should let others use the treadmill too.So get your fat ass off the treadmill and let me have my turn.” I turned around and there it was happening. My dream come true! Neetu was shouting at Sarika to get off the treadmill. To my surprise Sarika hardly even gave so much as a response to her and she calmly stopped   the treadmill and went to Neetu and faced her. Their sweaty breasts were touching each other and both of them were string into the other lady’s eye and their hands on their hips. I could see it coming. The fight I always wanted to happen. “Whore! Why are u shouting? Didn’t your fucking family teach you no manners?” Sarika was really imposing herself. Neetu who hadn’t expected Sarika to confront her was nevertheless not taken back “ Shut the fuck up! Don’t call me a whore. You are the slut,bitch.Everyone knows that is why your husband left you.” This was getting real personal and I could see a massive catfight around the corner. I was searching for my phone to catch it on video. Just then… “ Ladies! Ladies! Please calm down and back up.Please!” Damn! It was fucking Maya Aunty. The fat lady who spent half her lifetime unsuccessfully trying to get in shape.Screw the bitch.She spoiled the whole affair.She managed to get between them and split them up. So much for my fantasy. They went opposite sides and continued working out. And I went home disappointed.

About an hour later I went out to grab some dinner. My parents were out of town and since I sucked at cooking I went out. While I was back I decided to take the steps just for heck of it. Just when I was nearing my floor I had some loud shouting. It was Neetu and Sarika!

Neetu: Bitch! I would have smashed you in the gym itself. If only Maya had not come in between.
Sarika: In your dreams I would have humiliated you and made you run away from the apartment.
Neetu: In your dreams you slut. You are half the woman that I am.
Sarika: You want to see who’s better ? You want to fight?
Neetu: Fine lets settle this right here and now!

SLAP! It had started! I ran all the way through the remaining steps desperate to make sure I dint miss it. When I reached there I saw them rolling around the floor pulling each other’s hair and clawing themselves. I reached down and with a lot of effort managed to split them up. “ Why are you fighting like this? What if someone sees you like this? You will both be thrown out!” They looked at me and thought and realized I made sense. Sarika said, “ You have a better idea?” I looked at her with a sly smile. “ Actually I do. Well I can offer you ladies to fight on the condition that I am allowed to watch and refree the match. Is that okay? “ They both agreed. “Fine. It will be a rules catfight. So that no one gets seriously hurt.You can wear whatever you like. Please be at my place in 15 minutes and we can start.”  They both agreed and went into their respective houses to get ready. I would have called them immediately but I had something to get ready for the fight. I selected my bedroom for where the fight would be held. There was harldy any furniture in it and so would be easier to have a fight area. I carried all the mattresses from the other rooms and placed them in the available floor area. I was satisfied with the amount of fight area. Then to the important part. I got my camcorder and placed it in a closet such that it would cover the whole fight area call me a pervert if you want to but would you miss the opportunity of not catching your favorite fantasy women in a catfight?
15 minutes later…..

The bell rang. I was surprised that both of them were there ready. Both of them wore robes to cover their fight attire. I understood that both Neetu’s husband and Sarika’s  mother were sleeping and done for the night so they had no problem slipping out. I invited them in and asked them to make themselves comfortable and let me know when they were ready. Neetu’s response” Let’s get down with it. I cant wait to humiliate the bitch in front of you” Sarika didn’t reply and signaled that she was ready too. I led them to my bedroom. They too were satisfied with the arrangements. I had a chair in the far corner and a king’s view of the proceedings. I explained the rules to them “ No kicking,gouging,clawing. Breast attacks are allowed. You want to have any stipulations?” Sarika was the one who suggested “ The loser will have to be the winner’s domestic help for a period of one month. Is that okay, bitch?” Neetu was okay with that. I explained further” The fight will be over when one of you can’t fight anymore and completely gives up.The number of falls don’t matter but upon incapacity to continue.. you will be declared the loser..Agreed?” once these were all laid out it was finally fight time.

The women removed their robes and what a sight awaited me! Sarika wore a blue bikini while neetu wore a pink and black sports bra and a black bikers shorts kind of tights. I was really impressed with Neetu s thighs and shapely ass. Sarika was not behind she had very nice and shapely breasts in display. And well my small friend inside my shorts were starting to grow already and the fight was not even on yet! “fight” I said and there it started.

The ladies had not talked to each other ever since they were in my house and the intensity showed. Neetu went straight for Sarika s hair while Sarika got her into a headlock. Once in the headlock Neetu knew she had to get out soon and so started pulling harder on Sarika s hair.Sarika was moaning softly due to Neetu s repeated tugs at her hair. With the other hand Neetu was pulling at Sarika s leg to get her down to the mattresses. This tug war went on for a few seconds until inevitably both of them fell to the floor.  Neetu managed to get on top and made Sarika release her headlock. Sarika was grunting and giving sexy moans as she tried to roll around from Neetu. But Neetu realized she was in a good position made sure to assert it. She slapped Sarika hard repeatedlt on the face and neck. The sharp shots made Sarika unbalanced. She fought back with a few slaps of her own however Neetu clearly had the advantage and she made sure she used it and continued slapping Sarika hard. Sarika was weakened by the strong attack. Her slaps were off target and weak. Neetu managed to turn Sarika around such that she was seated straight on her breasts. I saw the pain in Sarika s face as Neetu rained another tirade of slaps on her cheeks. Although I should have felt sorry it somehow managed to give me a massive turn on. Anyway Neetu was really beating up Sarika now as she started assaulting her shapely breasts now.She seated her sexy hard ass on them and crushed them beneath them causing Sarika to cry in pain. It was cry of anguish but the lady refused and I really admired her determination to not give up. Neetu was perplexed about what to do to make Sarika submit as she saw that although she was inflicting pain Sarika was not giving up. She did something I dint expect. She seated herself near the neck of Sarika , her pussy really close to her face and grabbed a fistful of hair and turned down pulling Sarika along with her and placed her head between her muscular thighs  into the perfect headscissors and started applying pressure. Sarika was whimpering now . The fact that she was so close to the pussy of her adversary and trapped between some very very strong legs would take out any woman and she was no exception. Just to get the point across, Neetu stated slapping Sarika straight in the face. Before long came the small whisper “ I give” Neetu held out on the head scissor for a little longer and give on final thrust before letting go. I handed out a couple of water bottles to each of them and gave them 3 minutes to relax before the next fall.  After the three minutes I enquired “ Sarika ?? Are you good  to go on??” Sarika nodded her approval.She was still red in the face and I could see she was really down. Neetu on the other hand was brimming with confidence and she had a sly grin on her face. “ Alright let the next fall start” I announced and went back to my seat.

The ladies circled around. Sarika was a little held back after the first fall while Neetu seemed ready to finish her off. Suddenly Neetu made the attack. Charging forward and getting her hands around Sarika s midriff took her down.Sarika was surprised and reacted a bit late. Sarika once on the ground found herself again beneath Neetu and she tried hard to escape and slapped hard at Neetu s back with her right hand and clutched her breast with her left hand. Neetu cried out in pain but wan not ready to squander her position and pushed Sarika to the edge of the fight area and pushed her against the wall. While Sarika held on to her breast Neetu managed to evade her slaps and pushed Sarika s face against the wall and thrusted her elbow straight into Sarika’s midriff taking her air out of them. Sarika let go of Neetu s breast and was totally in pain. Neetu planted one knee on Sarika’s thigh and with the other she struck between the legs of Sarika. OMG! She was one sadist when it came to giving pain. Sarika was really gone by now. Her stomach and crotch were in anguish and she did not have the strength to react. Neetu started grabbing Sarika ‘s breasts and pinched them inducing her to cry out in pain.Neetu not satisfied with this removed Sarika’s blue bikini and started pinching and torturing her raw breasts. Sarika could not fight back at all. She still had not recoverd from the knee to the crotch. Neetu asked” Give up yet??” ..” No” came the reply. Neetu was clearly angry about this and started pulling Sarika by the hair to her feet. Sarika could hardly stand straight. Neetu pulled her down by the hair to her knees and placed her head between her legs. To be more exact between her knees and started squeezing for all she was worth. Sarika was clearly not ready to fight back but she still did not give up and took the punishment. Neetu released her and turned her over on to her stomach and sat on her and showcased a perfect chinlock managing to twist Sarika s upper body to the maximum. Sarika tapped out. Neetu released her and stood over her for sometime and looked at me. “ Is she done?” It took me a couple of seconds to react  that she was talking to me. I was surprised and shocked at her display of dominance. I was still staring at her powerful and sexy body soaked in sweat when she asked again “ I ASKED IS SHE DONE?? “ I jumped “ Sorry. Let me ask.” I walked over to Sarika s lain body and went to her nearby and asked her “ Can u go on ?” She was drowsy from the pain and I bet she could hardly think straight. I shook her a little “ Sarika?Huh” . “ HUH?” She was hardly in the shape to continue but she surprised me saying “ I will continue. But give me 5 minutes to rest” I looked up at Neetu and asked her if that was ok . She  smiled “ She ‘s going to be cry when I am done with her. I can’t wait to see her clean my toilets. Let her have her five minutes.” When I got up she noticed the engorged shape in my shorts and she exclaimed “ Well.Well. Someone was enjoying this I think. Maybe I can give you something after the fight for giving me a chance to beat her.” I went red in the face and could hardly utter a word . I nodded quickly nervously and walked back to get the bottles.

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