Radhika vs Ragini in saree - By 123cat

Siddharth 26 years was an IT professional working 4 a leading company in Mumbai 4 the past 1 yr. When he joined the company he was given a proj work 4 which he had to team up with 5 mem ,of which one was, Ragini about 23 years age. She was extremely fair, perfectly shaped body she had a 38d cup breast with her black hair slightly beyond the neckline. Siddharth was fair and handsome and above all well built. Siddharth was 6’ and Ragini 5’6”.

Teaming up 4 six months was enough 4 both of them to fell in love. Siddharth was north Indian and so was Ragini.

The twist in the story came when Sid’rth was transferred to the company’s branch in Chennai and was given another project. Ragini had to stay back in Mumbai. They both missed each other vry much.. 1 day Ragini called to tel hm tat she had 2 got 2 the office in London to complt som wrk. She so would nt b here 4 two months. It was very hard 4 both of thm.. As he was sitting in his cabin he saw a girl in salwar kameez standing outside. She hd her back 2 him. He had no dbt it was Ragini and he ran 2 her. But on seeing her he realized his mistake. It was nt Ragini it was Radhika, fresher who has jst joined the company aftr training. Sid’rth’s boss asked him 2 help Radhika in her work as she was a fresher and she is now part of his team. To his surprise Radhika was vry much lik Ragini. she 2 was fair had a gorgeous body abt 5’7”tall and probably a 36 the cup breast. Radhika was south Indian. Slowly he fell in love with Radhika and he didn’t tell her about Rakini...

Now,it happened. Sid’rth got a call from Ragini that she is returning to India nxt week 2 his surprise 2 Chennai. Sid’rth’s nightmare hd finally com true. Radhika and Ragini in the same office wit him!!! Radhika arrivd and Chennai and joined the off the nxt day. At off Radhika found out tat ther was something bothering sid’rth. She asked him abt it. But he said notng. Sid’rth finally took the tough decision 2 introduce radhika 2 ragini. He thought it would be bettr if the 2 girls settled the things out. During lunch he introduced thm 2 both. Radhika and ragini exchanged greetings formally but informally eyed each other 4 about 1 min from head to toe. There was already an invisible battl going on betw’n thm. From the moment ragini arrivd at the office she was hearing stories about Sid’rth and radhika. She didn’t believe it but soon realized that radhika hd something about Sid’rth. She decided nt to ask Sid’rth abt it but radhika. Nxt day ragini came wel prepared and asked radhika about it during the free time. To Raginis horror radhika admitted tat they were having an affair and on hearing this ragini gav radhika an envelop and asked her to clearly read what is written inside and ragini left.

Radhika had a lot of work to do and she could only open the envelope back in her room by night. She was shocked to se the photos of ragini with Sid’rth and there was a letter by ragini abt their affair at Mumbai and that Sid’rth s still in love with her. Since both of them love Sid’rth,Ragini asked radhika to settle this matter woman to woman rather than dragging Sid’rth into it. Ragini asked radhika to back out else she would have to prove that she is bettr than her. If radhika is nt ready to back down then ragini asked her to tell her 2morrow so that they can arrange a place where they can settl the matter.

Nxt day during break radhika met rakini and informed tat Sid’rth is hers and she will fight 4 him. Ragini asked radhika 2 get the room key of Sid’rth. she suggested that it would be bettr if the fight took place in his room. They both agreed nt to tell Sid’rth about it at any cost. Radhika asked Sid’rth key to move hr some excess luggage in her room as it was vry congested. Sid’rth would nt be going 2 his room tat night as he hd 2 cover up some pending works. Both ladies agreed 2 fight in their traditional dress, saree. So the time is fixed at 6 in the evening at Sid’rth’s room.

By six ragini arrived at Sid’rth room and saw radhika waiting by the bed side 4 her. Ragini was in a red saree wit a matching blouse. She hd tucked hr hair 2 reveal her sexy back. It was a deep u neck blouse as Sid’th was very fond of it. She wore sari so that the navel s clearly visible she didn’t left hr pallu al over hr right hand in order to make hr navel visible more distinctly. Radhika was in a green saree and matching blouse. she also hd a deep u neck blouse and hr navel 2 was clearly visible. She also wore hr saree in the same way and tucked hr hair 2 reveal hr back.

They decided the fight 2 take place in the Sid’rth’s bedroom.bed was in the center of the room. They decided the fight should start on the floor not on the bed. For that they moved the bed to a corner so that they have some space to fight out. They both removed their ear rings and approached each other. There was perfect silence.

As they neared each other their breath became shorter anger filled in each others eyes. Radhika took the first step by pushing ragini backward with hr hand. Ragini retaliated by doing the same. Ragini slapped Radhika hard .radika slapped back.both lost their balance.After regaining balance the 2 voluptuous brunettes hurled towards each other with hands stretched out. Their claws locked and still standing pushed each other backward with all their might. None could take the adv. Pushing each other wit their claws they circled each other. They continued pushing 4 about 10 min wit no result and whn they were about to get off balance they separated .now they went 4 each others hair. Both of their tucked hairs fell loose and started pulling them. They groaned in pain. Now they again resumed pushing each other with claws locked and while doing so their hairs swung to and fro about their back. The arm wrestling had mad both of thm tired and they were now near the bed. Both lost their balance and fell on the bed still clutching each others arms. They both rolled over the bed bear hugging each other. Sarees rode up showing their fair thighs. Radhika pulled ragini’s pallu away revealing her sexy breast camouflaged in the red blouse. Ragini did the same to radhika and both rolled over the other trying to get on top and gain advantage. Both of their sarees are now in shambles and they were entwined in their saree unable to move.

Both stopped their hour long bed fight and separated. Both of their saree were nearly coming off. They removed their sarees and was now only in their blouse and petticoat. Ragini in red blouse and petticoat. Radhika in green blouse and petticoat. Both of them got on to the bed on their knees. They approached forward on their knees. They could do it only slowly because of the petticoat. They could now clearly see each others slim white belly and their 37 the cup tit in the blouse raring to go at each other. Their bodies hd turned red due to the heat of the battl. Their chest heaved up and down gasping 4 breath. They again started to push each other with claws. Both started to scream becoz of the force with which they are pushing. Their arms and wrist began aching. Their arms now are stretched fully outward. And the tits came close 2 each other. Their arms fully separated and tits touched.2 ladies felt a lightning excitement down the spine. Their lips were nearly touching each other and could smell their conflicting odour of their lipstick….after a 2 hr long battle radhika broke the silence

Radhika : "Sid’rth is mine and I will have him in this same bed"

Ragini: "I saw Sid’rth first and I will be his wife and u my servant"

Radhika: "u will see my tit crushing urs"

Rakini: "then prove it"

With this both the ladies moved power from arm to chest. They placed their hands on their hips. Their tits were pressed hard against one another. They groaned in pain and in excitement. Their white belly s touched and navels grinded against one another. They concentrated their attack on tits. They began squeezing and scratching others tits wit their claws. Soon both their blouses were torn apart revealing their bra. They tried to lock their legs against others waist but failed due to the petticoat. Radhika in a swift movement pulled red petticoat of ragini , revealing her white panties. Ragini returned the favour revealing Radhika’s cream panties.
Now both got out of bed still panting and gasping 4 breath. Radhika in blue bra and cream panties ragini in black bra and white panties. Both could barely stand from the heat of the battle. This was their final round of fight and this would decide the partner 4 Siddharth. they both were drenched in sweat which was actually dripping…..they both hurled at each other and a loud thud was heard due to the smashing of the white flesh. They pulled each others bra and it lay torn on the floor..revealing nicely shaped tits. And on seeing thm of the same size their anger grew they could see the erect nipples due 2 the excitement. They pushed the nipples against each other and started pressing forward with their chest. They both groaned and they attacked others back waist and tit with their claws. They groaned in pain and erotic pleasure. They banged their body against each other violently in desperation to find a winner. A loud thud was heard repeated one after the other as they banged their body. They could hardly go at each other when both fell to the ground. There they laid 4 few min be4 going 4 panties..they rolld ovr the floor. But none could get on the top of the other as their bodies slipped under sweat...

Now they went 4 the ultimate pussy fight. They pressed their red pussies really hard and tears came to their eyes. Their pussy hair entangled causing tremendous pain..groaning made way 4 loud cry...

Ragini 4 the first time asked radhika to stop but hr sound was 2 feeble to b herd. Radika continued her attack and on seeing no retaliation frm ragini crawled towards ragini to se hr blacked out. Radhika managed to get up. But she felt dizzy and collapsed next to ragini. Radhika thus won the battl. As the 2 sexy brunettes lay fainted close to each other they themselves don’t know if this is the end or the beginning. As we all know no battle has ever settled any dispute….IT HAS ONLY WORSENED…

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