Arranged Marriage Catfight - By Catfight Lover

Amy was boiling over with anger as she paced around the living room of her detached house in Hounslow. Than the doorbell rang, she went to open it and saw her rival Sundip outside. Amy motioned her in to the house and shut the door behind her.The problem was that Amy had just got engaged to her boyfriend Jaswant when she found out that his family had arranged a match for him with an Indian woman ie Sundip.

That had been 2 weeks ago and Jaswant had been trying to break off his match with Sundip without wanting to alienate his family. He'd had no success and was now away attending a business conference in Glasgow where he would be staying a week. He had promised Amy that he would sort out the mess when he got back but she had got impatient and had phoned Sundip in an attempt to persuade her to back off. Insults had been exhanged and Amy had challenged Sundip to a fight for Jaswant. If Amy won Sundip would break the arranged match herself thus ensuring there would be no friction between Jaswant and his family. However if Sundip won Amy would have to leave Jaswants life forever.

Both women walked into the main living room of the house. Amy had closed the curtains and cleared the debris from the room. There was one sofa left in the room and the rest was 16ft by 16ft wall to wall plush carpet. Each woman stopped and stared at her enemy. Amy was 5"6 medium build and large breasts. She had brown hair that fell midway down her back and wore a white shirt and a knee length navy blue skirt. Sundip was also 5"6 she had a slim build and medium sized breasts and her black hair was bound in a braid that fell down her back. She wore green silk trousers and a green top with which was also made of silk. Both protagonists were barefoot.

They stared daggers at each other than Amy broke the silence "Since I've got my hair unbound why don't you undo your braid. But of course you can't cause you're a chicken shit bitch who needs to cheat to have a chance at winning." Sundips beautiful brown face mottled with rage and as she furiously undid her braid releasing her luxurious black hair she angrily replied "At least I'm not a white slut who goes about shoving her pussy in any mans face. Why don't you fuck off and leave the indian men to the indian women you bitch." Amy answered "The reason I won't you fucked up indian-paki bitch is because that big brown cock of Jaswants is too good for an indian bitch like you. You should fuck off back to where you came from as your indian pussy is so rank you're never gonna get a fuck from Jas as long as he has some nice white pussy to use." Sundip responded "Bitch I came to fight not talk so lets go for it!" and rushed at Amy with her arms outstreched.

Amy grabbed her arms and both girls began trying to force each other to the floor. Neither had ever fought before and they were screaming and shouting at each as they struggled for supremacy. Sundip reached for Amys brown locks and tugged hard with both hands trying to rip some hair out. Amy in response began trying to tear off some of Sundips raven black hair. The beautiful faces of the women were both filled with hatred. Than Sundip spat directly in Amys face and as her enemy was surprised she slapped her hard in the face and unleashed a heavy punch to the gut causing Amy to double up in pain.

Amy wildly flailed about with her fists and gave a glancing blow to Sundip's face that caused blood to start flowing from her nose. Both fighters backed away from each other momentarily as Amy wiped the spittle from her face and Sundip wiped her nose with the sleeve of her top. They both circled each other warily fists raised in a fighting stance than Amy struck suddenly turning and giving a sidekick to Sundips chest. The asian woman clutched her chest but the kick was followed by an elbow smash to her head that knocked Sundip down onto a sitting position on the sofa. Amy than took hold of her green top and began pulling at it saying "Come on you bitch lets see those brown pimples you call tits." Sundip tried to keep herself covered but the fabric ripped revealing the white bra that held her brown bosom in check. Amy fell on her ass with the remnants of Sundips top in her hands and the asian babe fuelled with anger at being uncovered lept on top of her and dropped both her knees on her stomach causing the breath to fly out of her.

Amy was unable to resist as Sundip immediatley went for her shirt and her skirt with fury and soon those garments were in shreds and Amy was clad in just her black bra and panties. This attempt at stripping revived Amy and she went for Sundips breasts and began squeezing them. Sundip squeeled in pain but grabbed Amy's tits in response and soon the two women were sitting side by side on the floor crushing each others breasts through their bras and eliciting cries of pain from each other.

Sundip ended this impasse by smashing Amy on the face with two devestating headbutts that brought a crimson stream from her nose. Taking advantage Sundip than spun Amy around wrapped her silk clad legs around her stomach leant back and began crushing opponent in a scissors hold. The breath was being forced out of Amy and she desperatley began clawing at Sundips silk trousers ripping them off to unveil her beautiful brown legs. Both combatants were now clad only in bra and panties. With the sweat flowing down her body and her breath coming in deep gasping sobs Amy began clawing and scratching red furrows all across Sundips smooth legs. Eventually Sundip released the hold and Amy seized that opurtunity to turn around and wrench off her bra. Sundip did the same and than both girls went for each others panties and soon had them ripped off completley. Now they were both totally naked!

They both went for each others hair again and pulled again. This time they both removed generous clumps of brown and black hair from each other before they separated and lay gasping for breath on the ground away from each other. Amy then rolled over to Sundip and began trying to straddle her. Sundip pushed her off and soon they were both rolling around on the floor screaming obscenities at each other and scratching and clawing furiously. Beautiful brown legs became entwined with beautiful white legs as the battle intensified. Amy and Sundip began crushing their bodies against each other in an attempt to beat their opponent. The hard pink nipples on top of Amy's large breasts began boring into their brown rivals on top of Sundips smaller globes causing gasps of pain to come from the Indian woman. In response Sundip began thrusting her pelvis against Amy's forcing her furry black haired pussy against her enemies brown haired pussy and began to elicit moans of agony from Amy. As she continued with this tactic Sundip felt Amy weakening and she managed to force her way atop her adversary. She then raked her red painted finger nails across Amy's face and scratched at her breasts and nipples. Amy tried to strangle Sundip by grabbing her neck in a two handed grip but Sundip responded by covering Amy's mouth and nose with her hands and proceeded to smother her. With Sundips weight on top of her Amy began to weaken and Sundip managed to untangle her legs from her opponents and proceeded to drive a dark skinned knee into Amy's pussy while maintaing the smotherhold on her opponent. This action was repeated twice more and with the third knee to her groin Amy's hands fell from around Sundips neck and her eyes began to blur as she felt the combination of pain and lack of oxygen forcing her into unconsciousness. Sundip grinned maliciously as she saw Amy's fluttering eyelids and said "So white slut it looks like you've bitten off more than you chew."

Just as Amy was about to pass out Sundip removed her hands from her face and stood up off her downed foe. Amy took deep shuddering breaths of air as Sundip paced slowly around her. "So this is the white bitch who was going to steal my husband. Hah!" Sundip then placed one sweaty brown foot over Amy's face and said "White whore come and lick this Indian foot clean. Show respect to your better." Amy stuck out her tongue and began licking the soles of Sundips feet but as Sundip grinned in pleasure in a last gasp attempt at defiance Amy opened her mouth wide and bit down hard on Sundips foot drawing blood before she released the bite. Sundip screamed in both pain and shock as she'd thought the fight was over but as she pulled away from Amy she overbalanced and fell smashing her head hard against the wooden arm of the sofa before collapsing semi-comatose to the floor.

Both women lay on the carpet in severe pain. Amy from the blows to her crotch and Sundip from the blow to her head. Amy recovered first and crawled over to Sundip who sat up to meet her foe as combat resumed. Amy targeted the black pubic hairs on Sundips brown pussy and began ripping them out with her right hand as well as doing damage to the pussy by scratching around its interior and exterior with the same hand. Sundip responded immediatley with an identical attack on Amy's brown haired white pussy and had her left hand grabbed by Amy's left as they tried to twist and break each others wrists. Gasps and moans of pain sounded out from both fighters as they struggled in the final stage of their epic battle.

Amy spat in Sundips face breaking off the resistance of her rival for one split second. She then bent down and bit down hard on Sundips left breast causing a cry of agony to ensue from her lips and she used her left hand to claw savagely at the nipple on Sundips right breast. Sundip removed her right hand (along with some of Amy's brown pubes) from Amy's pussy and frantically began scratching at clawing with both hands Amy's face to try and remove her breast. Scratch marks enveloped the whole of Amy's face but she stubbornly maintained the bite and blood began to flow as she chowed down. Sundip tried hard but the pain was too much and the gnashing teeth and scratching nails of Amy sent her into unconsciousness...

When she awoke she found that she had been hog tied with the remnants of her own clothing. Normally she would have been able to escape such flimsy bonds with ease but she was so battered and bruised that they were like steel handcuffs to her. Than Amy sat down on her and pressed her brown haired pussy into her face. The last words Sundip heard before passing out from having a sweaty pussy rubbed in her face were said in a triumphant tone as Amy jubilantly proclaimed "I am the better woman you Indian bitch and this is the last thing you'll ever get from me OR Jaswant."

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