Territorial Warfare - By Eagle and XS

Upasana  was smart lady  ,who enjoyed life .She  lived life to the full .She drank ,she smoked  ,she had boyfriends  and also girl friends  in fact she enjoyed having sex with women also . She was a 5ft 5inches  buxom well built  woman around  30 years of age  with big ,very firm 36 dd boobs  ,a slim waist and a magnificent arse which was also  36 inches . She had a great resemblance to Kajol .She was also quite abrasive, aggressive and free with gaalis and abuse. She was  a senior  Manager with a large Insurance Company .She had built up quite a reputation  and was regarded as star .She had a team of young girls in her team all of whom adored her . Upasana treated them well  and the girls just loved her and more often than not they  loved to have sex with her.

Ritu Shah was another Manager in the same company. Ritu was an extremely  fit  37 year  old 5ft 6inches buxom woman with  42ddd  boobs and  a  huge 38inch butt .Her boobs were mountainous but  slightly flabby . She had resemblance  to the vamp of  yester years  Bindu ,in fact she modeled her looks on her .She  also led a  devil may care  life style ,she  smoked cigars and was  a regular drinker . She also had her sales team, whom she encouraged to poach into other territories and sell .Since Upasana handled an adjoining region she encouraged her girls to poach quiet openly.

One  day one of her girls Padma  got caught by Upasana  who gave  her dressing down and sent her away. The girl complained to Ritu ,who told her “ chinta mat  karo mai  us Upasana ko handle kar lungi ,who to  bachha  hai usko to mai nangi nahaungi “. Padama laughed and said jis din who karenge hum ko bhi boliye saali ne bahut jhara humko”

The annual  conference was being held  in a resort  .The agents  were expected  to share a room .Upasana  came early and saw that she was paired with another lady .A wicked  thought  came to her mind .She had a quiet word with the Manager of the  Resort and  changed her partner to  Ritu  Shah .

Ritu came in late and handed over her bags to the bell boy who checked her in .Till then  Ritu did not know that   Upasana  was her roommate . Bindu was wearing a slit skirt and a miniscule blouse, exposing her huge midriff .The blouse she wore was miniscule exposing a huge cleavage which her bra was barely able to contain and was virtually backless .in short she looked sexy in a vulgar, Vampish sort of way. Upasana was wearing a body hugging trouser with a spaghetti top. Upasana  sat opposite  Ritu  and started observing her ,and thought to herself  “ My God kitna bada boobs hai ,aur gaand bhi kam nahi isko chodne mey maza aayega  ,saali ko sham ko nangi  karke  nacahunga .”

The conference went on with a huge amount of  acrimony due to  poaching .Ritu and Upasana  exchanged words .Ritu thought to herself  “ Saali bahut baat karti hai ,isko mai nangi karke  apni chuth  lick karaungi ,bahut  baat karti hai .”

The conference got over  almost everybody departed  ,except the outsiders who had rooms  allotted to the selves .Upasana went up to the room without letting  Ritu know that she was her roommate .After some time Ritu came up with her  key and entered the room .She saw  Upasana and said  “arrey tu idhar kya kar rahi hai ?”  This is my room said Upasana ,I have selected this room because this is in the farthest corner of the resort and no one will get disturbed .I have also ordered dinner so there is no one to disturb  us . I have also extended  our booking for the next two days so we can sort out our differences without interruption . You told me that your house is empty so obviously no one is waiting for you ,so you are all mine . For the first time Ritu felt a bit uneasy ,this girl had covered all points .But the she regained her confidence after all she was Ritu Shah and she could take care of herself .

Upasana  was sitting on a chair and smoking .She got up and  took of her top  and stood in her bra and trousers  saying let’s get comfortable .Ritu saw  that Upasana  had lovely boobs which were not as big as hers but very firm and looked like carved out of stone . Ritu who was also sweating said let’s do that and she turned to the bathroom .She splashed water and came out. Upasana   took of her bra  and became topless .Ritu could not take her eyes of Upasanas boobs and said good set ,not  bad but mine are much bigger and she took off her blouse and bra and lo behold out split her huge melon like boobs .Upasana gasped ,she had not expected such a huge set . Ritu said “kya chusegi kya”.”Sirf chusungi hi nahin main to teri gaand bhi maarunga” said Upasana . Ritu said  “shut up bitch ,main to tere ko nangi nacahunga”  .”Saali chor said Upasana and rushed  forward .Ritu also rushed forward and both the women met boob to boob . Upasana firmer boobs crashed on the bigger but softer boobs of Ritu with a “sphlat “ sound .Ritu gasped at the impact for it hurt , she also became very angry and enveloped Upasana in a bear hug ,by trapping her arms by her side and started squeezing  her with her boobs and arms .Upasana struggled  and abused saying “ saali  haramjadi Randi”  ,Ritu continued to  exert pressure ,and Upasana squealed  ,suddenly she stamped hard on ritu’s foot and lifted her thigh between Ritu’s crotch  and nipped at the boobs of Ritu .Ritu  gasped and said “uui  ma” and let go of her grip .now it was  Upasanas turn to grab Ritu’s boobs .She attacked them with a vengeance grabbing the massive mounds of flesh with her hands and squeezing  .Ritu screamed  and squealed ,but Upasana was relentless .Ritu gasped saying “chhor mere ko” ,”chup saali  Randi said Upasana main to tera yeh  tarbuz phar dungy “  .Ritu whimpered ,and  Upasana eased  the pressure a little .In desperation  Ritu bent down and grabbed at Upasanas  crotch and pulled at the hair .Upasana  screeched  “aaiyeeeee” and attacked Ritu’s hair and tugged .Ritu  continued to claw at Upasanas cunt  ,while Upasana  pulled at Ritu’s hair .As if in agreement both let go of each other .Ritu  ,hair in disarray ,boobs mauled red ,looked like a wild woman ,while Upasana , massaged her crotch .M\both were whimpering .It was a erotic sight ,suddenly  Upasana  jumped forward  a kicked Ritu on the crotch ,Ritu doubled over and Upasana wrestled her down . It was primitive wrestling, with two very angry women eager to inflict hurt on the other .Ritu lost her skirt in the melee, and she launched an attack and removed the trouser of Upasana. Both separated and circled each other .Ritu Shah, the taller heavier woman and the slightly shorter but well filled out Upasana Mukherjee. Ritu darted forward  and swiftly tripped  Upasana face down and with a yell saying saali kuttiya  sat on her thighs and pulled of her panties exposing a beautiful ,smooth  ,silky arse .Ritu who had now warmed up ,just inserted her finger inside  Upasanas arse hole and said ab chal laundiya , kaun tere ko bacahega dekhti hoon .She rotated her fingers inside the soft hole turning it around and laughing and saying so Ms Mukherjee tough girl ,tera gaand to mera ungli pe naach rahi hai and gave her finger  one more twirl ,aaj to main tere ko  tera team aur mera team ke saamne nangi nahunga .”uunh”  gasped  Upasana  .Upasana  bucked like a mare and managed  to dislodge Ritu .She then attacked  Ritu like a  little wild cat ,biting ,clawing  at her boobs stomach .She assumed a boxing stance ,all the time whimpering at the humiliation of having her bum invaded by this slut .Being more agile she darted in and out and punched at Ritu’s melons, and managed to hurt them . She then suddenly bent down and took of Ritu’s panties and lifted her over the shoulder and kept on smacking her massive arse and dropped her on face down on the bed and the she sat on her waist and inserted two of her fingers into Ritu’s butt .Ritu yelped in pain and humiliation .Upasana said” saali Badi gaand wali” and twirled her fingers inside the delicate hole .Suddenly Ritu let out a fart! And Upasana laughed and said “haramjadi gaandu, poore gas se bhari hai. “Chor mujhe” said Ritu .Upasana turned her over and sat on Ritu’s stomach and “bam” inserted her finger into Ritu’s Cunt saying “dekh Randi aab to mai tera gaand bi Mara hoon aur tera chuth bhi mar rahi hoon, tu to mera rakhel ho gayi hai”. Ritu struggled and managed to get out Upasanas grip. She tried to run. Upasana ran after her and caught her .Ritu bend down trying to hide her cunt and boobs. Upasana laughed and said don’t hide your equipment, now they are mine and smacked her thighs and bums. Ritu  realized that she had run out of stamina ,she said chor mere ko  aur kabhi main chori karungi .Itna jaldi bi kya hai ,aab to  tera  spanking baaki hai .Saying this she lifted Ritu up  to her knees and spanked her bum .With each slap her bum jiggled . “Chor mere ko “said Ritu ,”saali badtammiz  ,,tamiz se baat kar “ said Upasana  .Choriye mere ko ,said Ritu . Chal theek hai said Upasana and slapped her pussy and lo behold there was a sound of water coming out and Upasana saw   that Ritu had peed on the floor. Upasana said” little girl tu kya boli tu mere KO nangi nahalayga mere team ke saamne “. Chal abhi to party hogi .She then called her team and said come we will have a party .She took the numbers of Ritu’s girls also and made her call them. Upasanas  team of 4 girls came first .They saw Ritu naked  and well spanked .They  saluted their leader and all kissed her .Ritu stood naked in front of  them .Ritu’s team of 3 girls came in and were shocked to see  Upasana  wearing only trousers  sitting with her team . Upasana said girls Ritu and I have resolved our differences and now we are one. So we will have a party .She clapped her hands and in walked Ritu with a tray full of refreshments and lijiye memsaab main sab leke aayi hoon .Upasana smacked her bottom and said, I am forming a new company, you will work for me as my personal secretary and whore, and go and pick up orders by poaching into other companies.

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