Shilpa vs Sherry - By Eagle

Shilpa along with a group of friends go a new Restaurant in town. The owner of this Restaurant is a woman named Sherry .Sherry is buxom woman with Golden Colored waist length hair .She is around 36 yrs old 36dd 5” 8”.She is entrepreneur and this is her latest venture .The restaurant has already acquired a reputation ,of being happening ,a mixture of being classy ,and yet bawdy ,with a anything goes atmosphere .She is tough, shrewd and abrasive ,but projects a very affable front with her customers . She has appointed a young group of, stewardesses and waitress’s .She has created hype about her restaurant, by getting in the news for good food and a lively atmosphere. The rich and famous have already started coming on a regular basis.

Shilpa is a top heavy  woman with black colored shoulder length hair .She is around 34 yrs 5” 4”  a natural 40dd.She is a executive in a large firm .She is aggressive ,petulant ,spoilt ,bossy and arrogant who could be rude to lesser mortals ,and fawning to people from whom she wanted a favor .In short she was selfish bitch .She turned heads where ever she went ,and she used her good looks and sex appeal wherever she went .
She along with her  latest live in partner  Raj  and friends came to the restaurant. She was wearing a body hugging black dress, which displayed her lush figure to advantage .She had booked the table .Shilpa came and asked for the booking. The stewardess said, “Madame please wait; we are just organizing your table “.Now this was like a red rag to Shilpa .She turned around to the stewardess, looked her up and down and said ,”I had a booking here for people , why do I have to wait ?” “Sorry Maam we are just getting your table ready, actually you are 15 minutes early “” “Incompetent, slovenly people said Shilpa”, raising her voice.”Please Maam said the stewardess we will just take a moment ”.Hearing the raised voice Sherry came out ,and saw her young stewardess Jenny ,was flustered and sweating .Jenny was a young Anglo Indian Girl ,around 5’’6’’ in height with medium built ,who kept herself by regular workouts . Sherry was wearing a tight pair of white trousers with a formfitting top, which accentuated her curves .She was smoking a cigarette .Now this was another red rag to Shilpa .She just hated smoking. Sherry came and saw, a buxom woman wearing a tight dress, and showing lots of cleavage creating a shindy, and looking daggers at Jenny. She thought to herself Bloody overstuffed impolite bitch .I wish I could slap her and put her in her place ,first of all she has come early ,and now she is creating a scene here . Sherry , had her back to Shilpa ,she winked and told Jenny ,” I Will handle this ,you go and handle her table “ .She then turned towards Shilpa and drawled ,”Hello You are Shilpa Sen ,I had taken your booking ,Sorry about the delay ,but Madame you are a bit early ,but that is no excuse “ and she exhaled her cigarette smoke and Said “ a smoke for you Shilpa ?” .Shilpa hated smoking ,she turned around and said “ Are you the Manger here? ,and don’t smoke ,I can’t stand people who smoke “. Sherry, said” oh sorry Ms Sen, Yes I am the Manager , actually I own this place  “ , and stubbed her cigarette, and she thought to herself,’ slutty affected bitch, I wish I could just take her down and shove a cigar up her arse’.”Jenny came and said Maam your table is ready “ .Sherry watched her walk away and thought “ must keep a watch on this slut ,she has already got my staff worked up “”I hope it’s a good table “ “ ,said Shilpa and started walking towards the table .The table was in the corner ,but Shilpa the snooty bitch that she was said” this is not good ,it is in the corner “ .

Sherry had deputed Jenny to handle the table. Shilpa took some time to order and was very fussy about it .As the starters were being served one of the waitresses accidentally bumped into a gesticulating Shilpa and managed to overturn a glass filled with water on Shilpa .The waitress  managed to stave off a major disaster but a little bit of the water fell on Shilpa’s dress . Shilpa let out a shrill cry and said “what a bunch of clumsy clods, you bloody stupid village yokels” .Jenny said “ Maam it was an accident she bumped into your swinging your hands “ Shilpa said ,”just shut up you untrained fool “ Hearing the commotion Sherry came briskly and saw that just a few drops had fallen on Shilpa’s dress on her lap .She quickly took a napkin and dabbed it on Shilpa’s lap ,and deliberately patted the area over the pussy and said ‘sorry ‘Shilpa ‘, . Shilpa said “you must teach them etiquette and manners, I suggest that you put them under a scanner .If you can’t do it send them to me and I will straighten them out “.Sherry was seething inside, and she saw that the other tables were also noticing this. She then took a look at the other guests around Shilpa’s table; they were a group of 4 couples. She introduced herself to everyone and said relax ladies and gentlemen ,I am here to take care of you ,my staff are all handpicked and trained to please . Raj, Shilpa’s Companion said, yea please don’t worry, we are quite happy .he looked at Sherry and smiled .Sherry lightly rubbed Raj’s hand and said sorry for a difficult start your wife ...”oh don’t worry about Shilpa she is not my wife she is my companion we live together, you just give her some special treatment and she will be ok .Raj said this and lightly pressed Sherry’s hand. Sherry thought to herself “Now what is special treatment? “” She then told him “we have a special basement for some of our exclusive guest’s ,they can use it for special requirements’. She then came near Shilpa and said,”’ don’t worry Maam I will keep an eye on you”. She then went off and called Jenny .Jenny was red in the face and, fuming, said ‘Sherry, I can’t tolerate this bitch, she is creating problems from the moment she entered.” Sherry said ,”come on Jenny , let’s have some fun ,become friendly with the rest of that gang ,particularly Raj  ,I get a feeling that he is not averse to a bit of female fracas .May be we will need the basement “.Jenny looked up and said “Boss what do you have in mind ?” “Oh nothing serious just goes on being very nice to others on that table, and leave Shilpa to me”. “Just what do you have in mind” asked Jenny .Sherry smiled wolfishly and took the order from Jenny’s hand and changed Shilpa’s order and thought “lets see how far she will go ,some more entertainment , I have a feeling that Raj her companion and the others are not averse to some fun ” . !

After a point of time she saw Raj, moving out towards the garden, Sherry moved forward and caught up with him “.Hi Raj, I hope you are having a good time.”She saw that Raj was around Fifty years and well preserved man and obviously very rich  .Raj stopped and smiled and said “yea the service is excellent” .Sherry smiled and said “Well your companion  does not think so” .”Dont worry about her she is a bit petulant” .’Petulant  Raj ? ,she has got my staff all riled up” ,”and you what about you”  asked Raj  ,”oh me I have long fuse ,so I tolerate up to a point and then wham I take law into my hands with juicy backsides resting on my knees and getting some palm treatment from me “ .Raj laughed aloud and said “good so we can expect some action” .Sherry saw that Raj was visibly excited and saw a bulge in the trousers . “Come I will show you the special basement” .They went down the basement. Sherry had decorated the basement, it had a bar and pictures on the wall .Two of the pictures showed pictures of female combat .Raj lingered  in front of them and said “interesting ! you are a fighter” .”Oh well when the occasion demands it, I never back out from a challenge”, “well neither does Shilpa, and frankly I was appalled at her behavior today” said Raj. “So let’s see how the evening unfolds” ,saying this she stroked Raj’s hand and said  “Female fighting does turn you on” .Raj laughed and said “yes its sensuous” . Both walked out and Raj went back to the seat. They started eating, all were enjoying the food, but Shilpa went on finding fault with everything .She found the napkins dirty, the plates not warm enough, the food insipid. She was not a big eater ,in fact she hardly ate, (which was a good thing for the events due to unfold later) but she was  vocal ,she was driving Jenny and the waiter up the wall .Jenny went and told Sherry ,”enough is enough if you do not do something I will just leave and go”. Sherry said “hold it Jenny, we will have a show, Let the bitch reach a point of no return”.
All were having a good conversation the food was good , and the atmosphere was good .Gradually the restaurant started becoming empty ,and there were about 30 people left .These were by and large regulars . Sherry went to each of those tables and said “I hope you are having a good time ,and sorry about disturbance from the corner table” ,”I don’t know how you are tolerating her ,she is only complaining .she is  the new mistress  of Raj” said Ruby  a buxom  woman who had come with her kitty group  .”You want me to take her down ,Then wait for a few moments ,we will go down to the basement”.Both the men and women gave a lascivious smile and topped their drinks .

Raj and friends had come down to their last course .Everybody was praising the food but Shilpa. The last course was served, Shilpa took one look at her plate and said,”what is this? What have you got you dolt, this is not what I ordered for. I asked something else “. Jenny came around and said loudly “now what is the problem?” “You blind bitch “ snarled Shilpa , “don’t call me a bitch” said Jenny “I will call you a bitch and a slut a, low level uneducated slut at that” said Shilpa .Sherry had ambled over, she said “NOW THAT IS ENOUGH SHILPA SEN  you spoilt little brat , we have enough of your cussedness from the evening .Now just apologize to Jenny, my staff and to me.” “Apologize me? To you group of waitresses and sluts .Who will make me do so “?” I will “ said Sherry .Shilpa got up and said “just try” .Everybody in the room stopped talking all eyes were riveted towards the two women ,Shilpa and Sherry .All in the room wanted to see this fight . Jenny said “strip her Sherry”. Shilpa rushed and caught Sherry by her collar and tugged, tearing the buttons of her top. Sherry tugged at the top of Shilpa’s dress and dragged her out and gave her huge blow on her stomach and chest. Now “bitchy woman you started this, but I will stop this and you will be mine for the night”. “This is not the place to fight come down folks, to the basement and see how I humiliate this lippy cunt. Fucking bitch” .She went on dragging Shilpa .Shilpa was a bit dazed by the first blow ,she looked at Raj and her friends .Raj said “You have bitten more than you can chew ,this is between you and her” .Sherry virtually pulled Shilpa down into the basement .All the guests sat down and the two women were in the center . One of the guests said “what are the rules?” .”No rules” said Sherry. Shilpa had recovered a bit ,she was livid and said “you whore ,brothel keeper I will shove a dildo up your arse” .”You don’t know what I will do to you ,You call yourself a lady you are actually a low class slut” saying this Sherry again launched a choke hold on Shilpa. Shilpa struggled in her rivals grip .She started to suffocate and felt her legs begin to weaken. , but she went on struggling .Sherry said “now bitch I will strip you naked, all my staff want see you mother naked” .Sherry really wanted to humiliate this sexy wench .”Leave me you inn keeper”, said Shilpa .”Shut up little whore” said Sherry . .Shilpa’s dress had ridden all the way up to thighs exposing her red panty’s .Sherry laughed and said “this low class whore wears a red panty” .Sherry hauled her up by her hair, and said “you bitch I. you bloddy trash I will , rip that trashy slut dress right off of you”. She  grabbed the front of the low-cut dress, ripped it open, made a fist and delivered at uppercut slamming the underside of the Shilpa’s round and full left breast, knocking it clean out of both dress and bra. Another hard punch to the heart shaped face, ands she grabbed the back of the dress and clean tore it off to the waist.  Sherry could now feel that this bitch had lovely firm tits which were hard like stones .A primeval feeling of lust surged into her and she felt she must possess this body. . She wanted to humiliate this sexy slutty wench right from the first moment she saw her. Both women were gorgeous and that is why perhaps Sherry wanted to humiliate her.It was clash of  two beautiful women .

"Let go of me, bitch!" Shilpa wailed as she strained against Sherry’s strong arms. She realized that she was up against a tough and strong woman, not one of the usual softies she humiliated in the past Sherry’s equally firm breasts were mashing her breasts.

Shilpa was wild cat she wanted to tear off  Sherry’s shirt  and grab those boobs.Shilpa moved forward suddenly and head butted Sherry on the lips ,hurting her lips and drawing blood .”uuf” grunted Sherry as her back slammed against the wall .Shilpa moved back and  freed herself and launched a hay maker into Sherry’s left breast. The crowd was going wild, bets were being placed Most of the men were getting hard on’s, Raj was almost coming out of his pants.

Shilpa snarled as her hard, balled up fist smacked into Sherry’s chin
snapping her head backwards into the wall.”How's this feel bitch” Shilpa snarled as she fired her fist into her rival’s stomach. Sherry doubled over but the blow was not as hard as it could have been .She rose up and Shilpa  suddenly gasped as sharp fingernails dug into her shoulders, grabbed the bra   and  pulled it off  and out spilled those melon like orbs like they had a life of their own .The crowd gasped in shock , and delight they  had never seen boobs like this in a long time .they looked like they had been sculpted .Sherry  said “you must have been a bra burner  you over developed cow”  .The hard rounded boob flesh  yielded instantly to Sherry's angry fingers; she then tore off the remnants of Shilpa’s dress and threw it off .Shilpa gasped  as she was reduced to her panty ,she screamed  “you  bitch you have torn my dress ” as she grabbed at Sherry's hair. Sherry  grabbed Shilpa’s wrists and pulled  them away from her hair  and raised her knee and hit it into her groin and also the pussy ,and then she  head butted her into the nose .”I am a street fighter  ,I use small little wimps like you to clean my panties and butt” said Sherry .

“eeeeee” Shilpa  shrieked .Sherry repeated it for good effect and drew blood from Shilpa’s nose .Shilpa screamed in agony  ,”you are breaking my nose” .Sherry again and again  butted Shilpa on the nose ,on the lips, on the eyes .Shilpa was howling as she saw the blood dripping down  her face ,and flowed to her body .

Sherry sneered and said “little cry baby” and released her painful grip on Shilpa's wrists, grabbed the front
of her panty and ripped it down. Sherry grabbed Shilpa’s hair. Shilpa tried unsuccessfully to  defend her panty  but then like a angry tigress  she grabbed Sherry’s hair .The crowd gasped as they saw the nude Shilpa ,some of them  got a glimpse of a  well fleshed out   hairy pussy  with pronounced lips .Now it was primitive battle between two gorgeous, statuesque   women . The taller Golden haired fair woman and the shorter black haired brown colored woman, who was completely naked. Neither was prepared to give an inch to the other. Shilpa mouthing curses and abuse ,bleeding from her noise and lips ,and whimpering ,and Sherry  also mouthing the vilest of  abuse .The crowd was watching intently ,all the men were in a state of ecstasy ,with cocks bulging ,the women excited and cheering on though most were rooting for Sherry .Raj was watching with a glazed expression ,his cock straining  his trouser.

 "I will kill you," Shilpa screamed as she tore viciously at Sherry's hair. They were pushing each other “Haramzaadi” (Hindi abuse)!!" Sherry screamed as Shilpa suddenly shot her foot out and tripped her tripped her sending her   on her  back.

Shilpa  fired a kick to her rivals' ribs, then reached down with a
snarl  and  a laugh  and  quickly unzipped  and unbuttoned  Sherry’s trouser . She tugged viciously at the trouser, trying to pull it off of her wriggling rivals body . She pulled  with all her strength might and
screamed  out a joyous victory yell as she managed to pull off the trouser ,and twirled it over head like a flag and threw it away to the audience . ,She then kicked Sherry ,in her pussy area ,Sherry grunted  ,and Shilpa kicked her on her face and tugged at the  top and tore  off  her shirt ,and  jumped on her like a enraged cat and tore her bra  exposing her well shaped  round boobs . Sherry had never faced a wild cat like this before .She was reeling ,as Shilpa now sat on her stomach and started pinching and squashing Sherry’s large nipples .Sherry screamed  like a animal  in pain .Shilpa said “bloody low class magi ( Bengali for Whore ),now I will show you will be my personal slut”.

Sherry  cursed as she felt herself suddenly stripped down to her panties and with the Bitch on top of her. Shilpa was now on her stomach , bouncing up and down, screaming like a crazee woman  clawing ,pinching  at her hair, boobs ,nipples , shoulders and arms.

Shilpa much more confident now made a fist of her hand and wham she hit her on her lips, nose and chin. It was Sherry’s turn to be pummeled by her opponent .Shilpa said “you broke my nose” and she bunched up her fist ,Sherry  with a groan of frustration and anger ,summoned every muscle of her beautiful body  ,bucked and turned aside and dislodged her rival ,Sherry leapt up and gave huge flying kick aimed at the ample bosom of Shilpa, had it connected the fight would have ended there ,with Shilpa’s boobs  being permanently scarred ..But it was enough to send Shilpa flying . Now Sherry went on an all out attack .She was furious at  herself for having taking it easy with this wild  vixen .Shilpa was In a haze , as she saw a pair of large boobs and golden hair standing above her ..Now it  was Sherry’s turn to sit on Shilpa’s boobs .She repeatedly slapped her and  said ”You bloody two bit whore” and she latched on to the black haired beauty’s lovely luscious breasts. She kneaded, them twisted them, pinched them, she dug deep and played with them like a child plays with putty...Sherry then Got onto her knees on Shilpa’s stomach as  her fingers had her way with her boobs. Shilpa’s Areolas ,were stiff  and  aroused  ,”my  my the slut is enjoying this” said sherry who was now sensuously caressing Shilpa’s nipples . .

Sherry now went on to  slap her full breast  and continued to knee her pussy .”You are killing me bitch “ said Shilpa .”Still trashy I see” said Sherry as she slapped her boobs. Shilpa screamed as, pain filled her body as Sherry smiling wolfishly started taunting her supine opponent. “You ain't no tigress you are a little pussy cat” .She then turned her attention to her bums squeezed them, pinched the tight cheeks, and smelt her pussy.
Then Sherry reached down, picked up Shilpa and effortlessly tossed her over her shoulder. Shilpa kicked and screamed  and flailed her feet wildly trying to break free  from Sherry’s grip .Sherry then took her to the centre of the room ,surrounded by a surcharged crowd .

"You really are quite pretty and sexy” said Sherry “but you are also stupid and arrogant”, wham bang she bitch slapped Shilpa into a whimpering little girl.

Sherry hauled Shilpa up by her hair and,  stood her  up and stared at  Shilpa .All the fight had gone out of Shilpa  and she  began to feel scared and her knees started shaking.

"So Ms Sen Why are you such, lippy cunt? You found the service bad is it? What would you like for starters?  First you can smell my bum”.Saying this she punched Shilpa on her cleavage and pushed her face up and she sat on Shilpa’s nose .”Puleese let me go, I am sorry”. Sherry laughed and said “smell my ass bitch girl” .Shilpa was being suffocated ,she mumbled “yes  I have smelt it Sherry” ,”Sherry! you are calling me sherry  ,What does a  slave address her mistress as”  said Sherry  . “Sorry Maam, Your bum has a very nice smell”. “Now bitch smells my pussy” .Sherry thrust her pussy on Shilpa’s nose and made her sniff it.

“Now stand up bitch” .Shilpa stood, face flushed, after the dual assault on her senses from the two orifices of her conqueror.

“Now Booby girl” said Sherry, “I asked you a QUESTION, Why are you such a lippy cunt?” Sherry waited for a second and said, “come on Booby girl, answer me”

Shilpa whimpered but kept quite. “Well since your lippy cunt is now silent  ,I will have to deal with you in differently” .Shilpa sobbed  and begged  “please let me go” .Sherry went up to  a locker and took out a  Dildo .”You said You were going to use a dildo on me . But first You need to be taught  manners” .”No No” said Shilpa ,she had guessed what was coming ,she tried to run and darted out .Sherry kicked out and caught the hapless Shilpa on her Pussy , Shilpa went down crying  aloud in agony .

Sherry fumed, "Are you going to remain silent like the dumb bimbo you are?  I'll deal with your kind the old fashioned way! Like  your mom  should have done  years back ."

Sobbing so hard she could hardly speak, Shilpa shook her head and pleaded, "Noooo."
"Your fat arse needs a working over. I'm going to teach you a lesson in manners," warned Sherry.
 Sherry suddenly kicked out and caught Shilpa unawares. And Shilpa doubled over and went down howling in agony. Sherry grabbed the fallen Shilpa by her hair. Shilpa tried covering up her boobs and bend down.

Sherry said “up booby cow, your wares are for display” and she slapped Shilpa on the arse, and then laughed aloud, “oh my Miss Sen, you have peed”.She saw a trickling of the pee rolling down her legs. The crowd was in a frenzy ,they saw that  Shilpa the sexy beautiful woman was reduced to  a crying sniveling ,peeing little girl .Sherry then sat down on a Chair and pulled the howling Shilpa over her knees .And down came Sherry’s palm over lovely well rounded arse and the thighs. Shilpa tried to buck, but the onslaught continued, and Shilpa’s brown arse took on a darker hue, and Sherry’s Palm marks were showing.
Sherry then let her go, Shilpa started massaging her own bums, but sherry was relentless .She told her to kneel down with her arse held high.

Show us her cunt said someone from the crowd. Sherry looked up and said “oh yes, and she put her on a table, and completelely spread out her legs, putting her hairy pussy on view. The crowd went wild with lust and cheered .She asked Jenny and the other waitresses to take her around and give everybody a view and a lick and a sniff .After the round Jenny and her mates deposited Shilpa in front of Sherry.

Sherry grabbed at the hairs and tugged and took out a few and said souvenirs for all .Shilpa shrieked aloud .Sherry laughed  and gave the hairs to any one wanted them.

Sherry said, "Now, you think about what happened today and how you will be changing your attitude and manners.”

Shilpa whimpered and said, "Please Sherry, let me go! I'll do as you please....I beg for mercy (sob). You're my Mistress; I'm your slave (sob). Please, please don't hit me again."
She then Put on the strap on Dildo .Shilpa saw that and said “no please” ,Sherry fingered  Shilpa’s Cunt and got her all juiced up .She Said” wow what a  deep cunt” .She then smelt it ,”not bad ,it has  a bit of the piss”,and then wham she entered her ,Shilpa had no other option but to be a good willing partner and she came with a roar as did Raj and some of the other Men in the room .Sherry then sat on the chair and made Shilpa lick her pussy and she too got a orgasm .Sherry then Made Shilpa lie down and did a victory pose and peed all over her and made her drink her pee. Shilpa whimpered and said, "Please Maam , let me go! I'll do as you please I am  your slave ,I will never misbehave with you or your girls again” .
Sherry pulled Shilpa's face towards her Then she laid Shilpa flat on her back and arse smothered her.
Jenny  and the other girls were looking very pleased ,.Sherry then looked at Shilpa and said “now bitch serve all these girls” .”She is all yours” said Sherry to Jenny .Jenny and the girls ,mauled her boobs and  then made Shilpa lick their pussy’s . After this another round of partying started .Shilpa was the waitress. Sherry went inside with Raj and changed and came back holding his hands .Shilpa looked in horror .Sherry said “bitch Raj has got fed up with your antics .From now on Raj is mine .You can stay in our house as  my personal slut and  sex toy”

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