Moms rumble - By Imraan Khan

This is a real story that happened with me when I was a kid. Sorry for exaggeration but it is only for your fantasy guz!!!

I am from Rourkela, a small industrial town located in Odisha, India. I belong to a progressive Muslim family. My dad is an Assistant Engineer and mom a homemaker. She is a very well built woman, standing 5.5
with heavy breasts and a big well rounded ass. Since we were living in flat quarters we had a family living in our front door. They too had a kid of my age, who happens to be my friend. The family man was some manager with a bank and her wife around same age as my mom.

One day while I was returning from the market I heard some noise upstairs. I quickly ran towards the door and was surprised to find my mom and my friend’s mom yelling at each other.  I knew one thing that my mom doesn’t like our neighbor being friendly especially towards my dad. But I never thought it will come down to this. They were wearing salwar kameez...traditional Indian clothing. I think it was my mom who started the fight. They were approx of same size..I mean both are healthy...and buxom. My friend’s mom is an inch shorter then my mom...but my mom has bigger breasts and firmer ones (I can bet on that)...they started by slapping each other..Then punched and kicked each other which I think was a complete waste as there was no power in there punches.

After trading few punches they were locked pulling each others hairs. Suddenly mom managed to throw down her opponent using her hair and pin her, but soon my friend’s mom was over her…at that moment I got the view of my life. I saw their boobs were colliding and my mom’s were completely dominating in this fight. Fight continued until my friend’s mom completely pinned my mom and was sitting on her while pulling her hairs with one hand and slapping with the other. I saw my mom couldn’t fight back...

But soon other neighbors arrived due to the high decibel commotion and they were separated. I still remember my mom threatening her to take revenge...but back at home I saw her weeping badly.