Holi War - By XS, Smriti and Eagle

Smita and Jaya were neighbors. Smita was around 55 years of age, a buxom, fair, well built Punjabi lady with the curves in the right places .She was 5’6” in height and around 80KGs Her boobs were massive at 42 inches DD backed up by an arse which was around 40inches .She had long waist length hair .Her arms and thighs were plump .She had a slight belly .everything about her was big. She was quite loud in her behavior and given to vulgarity .She was quite well preserved, and had a slight resemblance to Asha Sachdeva the actress of yesteryears. Jay was a South Indian  lady around 45 years in age with a lovely brownish complexion .She was 5’1” in height and around 60Kgs in weight. She too was buxom with 36CC well rounded very firm boobs and a shapely 38” well filled well rounded magnificent arse.Jaya was a proud beauty who flaunted her body and loved to show her arse to advantage .Her thighs were nice and rounded and she good strong arms . Jaya had a sense of humor and could be very naughty .She had a resemblance to Vidya Balan.

Jaya was originally from Chennai, her husband had got transferred to Delhi .Both Smita and Jaya stayed in the same colony and were nearest neighbors. Gradually they became friend’s .Both their husbands were mostly on tour and their children were students outside Delhi .both became quite friendly and started visiting each other very frequently. In fact they, saw movies together, they went to restaurants together and were members of the same kitty groups. Sometimes they spent the nights in each other’s house and also saw blue films.In some ways  Smita reminded Jaya  of her mother Hema who was as tall and buxom as her and had even bigger boobs .Jaya had told  Hema about Smita and both had a good laugh  about Smita  and Hema  told Jaya  how to handle her .Jaya  always had this urge to suckle Smita’s boobs . Smita like her habit always tried to take the upper hand and tried to dominate Jaya.

In fact in last year’s holi , Smita had publicly lifted up Jaya over her shoulders and dumped her in a tank full of colored water ,and in the process Jaya had lost her sari and was virtually stripped. All the other neighbors loved the show .Jaya was greatly embarrassed and escaped into her house ,but not before Smita gave her loud thwack on her butt ,and said” arrey ,Itna sundar gaand isko chupati kyun hai “.Jaya ran inside .She was livid ,but her husband Dilip  kissed her and said take it easy .Jaya calmed down ,but vowed that she would take revenge .She did not change her behavior with Smita ,and continued to be very friendly with her .But she secretly increased her fitness and endurance .

The year went by and holi was on again .But this time both their husbands were out of town and Smita and Jaya were left together for the Holi and Jaya was prepared for  Smita .

Jaya ,felt a tingle in her body as she thought of what she wanted to do to Smita .She smiled to herself and thought  ,Saali  Moti ,kal  dekh tera kya karti hoon mai . She was making Vaadas , and  had all sorts of wicked thoughts coming into her mind .

Next morning Jaya went to Smita’s House .Smita was also ready .Both were wearing Saris. Smita opened the door and greeted  Jaya  and said “bada der kar di saali ,Mai  intezar kar rahi hoon” .Jaya smiled and said “ab to aa gayi hoon ,ab to sara  din hain maja karne ke liye” , and she gave the vadas to Smita .”Chaliye Smita ji holi khelte hain” .Smita said “ha chal bahar jaake khelte hain” . Jaya said “bahar kyun ,andar hi thik hain”.Saying this she filled her  hands with colour ,Smita said  “chal thoda laga”  . Jaya laughed and rubbed it on Smita’s  bare and well displayed belly .Smita said  “kya kar rahi  hai” , jaya went on rubbing and suddenly she put her hand inside Smita’s petticoat  into her panties and rubbed on the pussy .Smita ,laughed and said  “Oye ,Chhori  kya kar rahi hai , Haath nikal” . Jaya went on mauling the pussy and in the mellee Smita lost her sari and petticoat and was wearing only panties and a blouse. Jaya then pressed Smita’s Arse and said “saali Moti gaand”, and really squeezed it .Smita said “arrey Haramzaadi larky, have you forgotten last year’s Holi?” “No Smita ji   I have not, this year I will make it memorable for you”. Smita squealed, and struggled and managed to free her bum from Jaya .She caught Jaya’s hand and said “Shaitan larki, aab mai tere ko batati hoon”. Smita then bear hugged Jaya .Both were in a cinch .Jaya had her face in Smita’s Cleavage .Smita went on squeezing. Jaya struggled and suddenly kissed Smita’s Cleavage .Smita gasped and let go. And said” tu aise nahi manegi”, and both came to grips. Jaya lost her sari, and Smita tugged her petticoat off .Both were wrestling, Smita using her superior height was trying to suffocate Jaya. Jaya was fighting like wild cat  she  wriggled  and managed to remove  Smita’s blouse and loosened her bra ,and  Smita’s gigantic Boobs burst out .Jaya who had never seen them before gasped and said “uui maa  kitna bada hai yeh to meri Ma se bhi bada hai   ,ekdam oversized pumpkins  ,saali haathi” .Smita  said” Haathi kisko bol rahi ,haathi hogi teri ma” ,”tere ko aur meri ma ka boobs  tere  jaisa hi hai  ,aur mai tera boobs ko chusungi ” said Jaya ,She was dancing around Smita and hitting her all over  her thighs and stomach and boobs .In the process she pulled off her bra and panties . Smita totally nude now was enraged she came forward with the intention of denuding Jaya who still had on her Blouse and panties. Jaya laughed and said “arre gaand to dekho , isko to mai  maarunga .Itna bada gaand  to poore ras se bhari hogi” .Smita totally enraged now said  ran forward  like a enraged lioness and wrestled Jaya down ,Both were  fighting wildly .Smita managed to remove Jaya’s blouse and panties .  She wrestled her down and sat on her stomach ,with her knees on Jaya’s elbows.Jaya was giggling and smiling away  .Smita’s huge boobs were looming over Jaya’s boobs .Smita was swinging them over Jaya’s smaller but very firm boobs .”Aab tu jayegi kahan ,aab to may tera sundar ,gaand marungi said Smita and advanced over and plonked her 40” inch fleshy flabby arse over Jaya’s boobs  .Jaya was squealing saying “arrey bap re bap ,  tera ye haathi jaise gaand  ko mai hi lungi” .Smita laughed and swung her boobs over Jaya’s  mouth and said “le chuus  “ .Jaya ,needed no second invitation .She sucked Smita’s boobs  and suddenly  bit them  .”Aaaieee”screeched Smita  .Jaya  then freed her hands and started mauling Smita’s boobs .She turned them ,twisted and  caught the nipples and pinched  .She then caught hold of Smita by the hair and said  bitch  “last year you humiliated me in front of all , today you will be my slave girl”  .Smita tried to fight back  panting heavily  ,she  bit Jaya on the thighs ,and Managed to free herself from her  grip . She darted out of the way and started massaging her boobs .Jaya  quickly recovered and said “bloody oversized  Randi” and ran forward  . Smita  saw her coming forward and she lunged out and caught Jaya by the waist  and lifted her up  .Both were boob to boob  .Smita’s bigger boobs completely overwhelmed Jaya’s smaller  but much harder boobs .Jaya  braced  herself and really  embraced Smita hard  .Her firmer boobs were holding their own against the bigger womans boobs  .She overpowered Smita whose grip loosened  and she let go of Jaya  ,who landed on the floor  . Smita realized that the younger girl was much stronger now .  Smita again raised her hand  and in  a deceptive movement suddenly knelt  and  tripped Jaya down on her back  and sat on  her stomach  and pinned her hands down  .Smita  smiled and said “bacchi  larki aab mera  pussy ko smell kar” and she went forward .Jaya sniffed the pussy and said  “accha hai Moti ,haathi ,lekin thoda pissy hain” .Smita ,said “phir  moti boli  and stood up and pulled Jaya up by the hair and over turned her on her face ,exposing the big juicy bum .Smita always coveted this bum she jumped on it and  Inserted a finger and said “le main tera gaandiya  maar raha hoon” .Jaya  screamed  and  said “chor  mera gaand chor ,and struggled and wriggled hard and managed to free herself .She ran towards the table and saw that there was a jug of lassi on it .She took that in her hand and poured it on Smita .Smita got taken a back and  fell down ,now Jaya sat on her and said “aab maja aayega  aab hum special flavored Lassi  piyenge” ,and poured the rest of the lassi into  Smitas Bum .She separated the butt crack and put the lassi into it . “oooi  kya kar rahi hai” ,screamed Smita , “Tera gaandua  me lassi bahr rahi hoon aunty” , and she slapped the bum thawack ,thwack repeatedly .Smita said “chod de mere ko” ,”jaldi bhi kya ha”i said Jaya ashe bent down and started licking Smita’s arse and the lassi in it .She the turned her over and said “kyun randi ,kaisa laga” .She the proceeded to sit on Smita and started mauling her boobs like she was kneading  flour  and said “itna bada  boobs  ka to maza lena chahiye” .She then lay over her and  looked into Smita’s eyes and said  “kyun Moti ,Aurat aur laregi” .Before Smita could answer  Jaya kissed her and simultaneously started grinding her thighs over Smita’s thighs . Smita ,also reciporcrated and kissed back  .Jaya stood up over Smita and said , put her foot on Smita’s  mouth and said “come on Smita ji  now lick my toe” . Smita said “nahi ,jane de maere ko nahi to mai tere ko chorungi nahin”.Jaya laughs and says  “arre  Smita ji abhi to shruru ho raha hai” and she thrust her toe into Smita’s Pussy .Smita yells out and says “chhor mere ko” and tries to struggle , Jaya puts her toe completely inside smita’s pussy and says “what a deep puusy ,Gaand bh bada ,aur Chuth bhi bada” . Smita has by now lost her stamina  and is saying  please .Jaya pulls her up by the hair and makes her kneel while she sits on a sofa .Chal saali  Moti aab maj ayega ,chal lick my pussy .Smita starts licking Jayas pussy .uuuuh  Jaya came like locomotive on fire . Smita’s face got covered with the white juice from jaya’s cunt . Jaya then pushed Smita down and sat on her boobs facing her pussy and said arre moti  ,ab to mai tere ko rape karungi .She inserted her finger into Smita’s big pussy and  played with her .Smita said “please leave me” .Jaya said “shut up bitch now you are mine” .She stood on top of her and said now you need a lesson in manners and she  sat on a chair and pulled Smita over her knees and spanked her . With each slap ,her bum jiggled and Jaya laughed and said ,”saali moti taazi  , ye gaand marne me to bahut maza aayega” .She inserted her finger in the ass hole and licked it along with the lassi which she had poured in.”Yeh Lassi ka to kuch aur hi maza hai”   she said .Smita had given up the fight as she realized that the younger woman was stronger .Jaya let her down and said  “chal moti taazi thora vada kahate hain” .Smita ran and got the Vada  and put it on the table  and said “thoda rukiye Jaya ji  main sauce lati hoon” .Jaya patted her on the bum and said “uska koi zarrorat nahin  tu bait , iska  special sauce hain” and she inserted the vada into Smita’s pussy and dipped it .Smita taken aback  cried out  ,Jaya rolled the vada around the pussy juices and then tasted it and said  “umm ,this is the  best sauce I had .In fact  I will give this sauce to some of our friends in tomorrows kitty party meeting .

Both of them the had a bath and spent the rest of the day together  and Jaya was happy that she had completely avenged  her last years humiliation on Holi  . She spoke to her  mom and said “ mom today I have made Smita my bitch come you speak to her”  and  she gave the phone to Smita .” Pranam  Hema ji  ami to aapki aur  aapki beti ke seva ke liye hazir hoon “ Hema  said  “ok thik hai  mai bhi  aake aap ke sundar gaand ko marungi”  Smita said “ha ji  mera gaand aur chuth dono aapke seva ke liye hai”

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