First Catfight - By Eagle

Our ancestral house was a large old fashioned house, with a big forest like garden and many small lakes or water bodies of different sizes, and lush grass on which it was a pleasure to walk and run . ,it also had a make shift badminton court . after the festive occasion all the other family members had left. My mom, me and Paro and her daughter Seema stayed back for the summer holidays. Also left behind were my grandmothers 2 personal maids, Geeta and Savita .Geeta was a very old retainer in her 40s, quite, buxom and good looking in a rustic way. Savita was younger and slimmer.
Before leaving my grandmother had told both to keep the peace between the two women and ensure that things never went out of hand. After the skirmish both Paro and Aritri (my mom) were wary of each other with Paro trying to dominate as she had overpowered mom in the last fight. But Aritri was very egoistic woman and was seething inside and was on the boil .and itching for a fight. Paro on the other hand ,was very cool about the incident and left no opportunity to show her superiority .Paro was also very friendly with us and very often encouraged us to defy moms dictates’ which mom never liked . .

One day all of us ,Seema ,I , the 2 maids ,Geeta and Savita , and went out .to play in the garden .Paro and Aritri also came out for a walk and play a game of badminton . Aritri was wearing a loose flannel trouser . Paro wore a Saree .Both were bare foot . . The maids carried their badminton rackets . All of us were in palyful mood . Paro said come on Aritri ,lets have a race .Mom was always ready .Both started running and Aritri raced forward and left Paro behind . Paro said ,I could not run fast as I was wearing a Saree .Mom laughed and said grapes are sour . Geeta the maid said ,Aritri ne to Paro ko Bahut piche chor diya ( Aritri has left Paro far behind ) .Aritri smiled and said (Paro hum se kya jitegi ,uthna moti gaand leke kya daurega) ,Paro can never win against me ,how can she run with that big arse of hers .Hearing this both the maids laughed aloud . Paro ‘s face became red with anger and she said shut up bitch ,have you forgotten the public thrashing I gave you , I can repeat it again . Cool down ladies said Geeta ,no fighting like whores . Both mom and Paro backed off . I distinctly heard Savita the younger maid saying to Geeta ,Roka kyun ,inka kushti ka maja leta ,ek dusre ka kapra utar dega ,aur hum enjoy karenge ( Why did you stop them ,we could have had fun watching them wrestle and strip each other ,) Geeta replied ,thoda patience rakkho ,aur thoda garam hone do ,phir aur maja aayega ,( be patient let them get more angry ,then we will have more fun ) .We ran along a bit more and came near the badminton court ,when Paro stopped and said come Ari lets play badminton. Aritri readily agreed .Both started playing . The badminton game went along ,and it seemed that Aritri was winning easily . Paro’s temper kept getting worse ,untill she accused Aritri of cheating . Shut up said Aritri ,you cannot win against me ,I am a better woman than you in every way ,that day people stopped the fight ,other wise i would have finished you. Hearing this Paro ran across and hit Aritri with her racket .Ab mazaa ayega said Savita ,ab mat roko Geeta ( Now we will have fun , Geeta don’t stop them ) . Aritri retaliated with her racket ,and in the process both the rackets broke . Now both wrestled each other down in a rolling catfight. Paro lost her Saree and her petticoat revealing a small panty . Aritri lost her shirt ,and was not wearing a bra. Both wrestled and pulled at each others hair ,and were abusing each other ,Paro tugged at Aritris pants and had them off her . Aritri called Paro “ Randi ‘ ( whore ) ,while Paro called her Haramzadi bitch . Aritri tore off Paros Bra and blouse ,and started to rake Paro’s boobs . Paro screamed and tried to protect herself ,and moved away .Both stood up .Both were topless and breathing heavily ,both their boobs were red with mauling they received . Geeta and Savita ,also had a flushed look ,and smiled and Savita said KItana bara boobs hai ( Their boobs are so big ) ,Kyun chusne ka irada hai kya said Geeta with evil grin ( Why you want to suck them ) Agar mauka milega to ,said Savita ( If i get a chance to do so ,I will ). Paro rushed forward and bear hugged Aritri . They embraced Boob to boob . Paro’s slightly bigger boobs ,seemed to push at Aritri slightly smaller but firmer boobs . Paro tried smother to Aritri wit her boobs . Paros Arms just went on tightening around Aritri . Paro smiled and said I am stronger than you , I will suffocate you today . Aritri struggled and suddenly she bit Paro’s boobs . Paro yelped in pain . Now Aritri ran back and got her breath back .She then assumed a boxing stance .Paro ran forward and Aritri struck her boobs with her fist and ,went on doing so .There was “sphlat” sound each time her fist struck Paro’s boobs . Paro winced in pain and then she too took up boxing stance .Now both women took up a boxing stance . I was watching goggle eyed and wanted mom to win this one . Both were wearing only panties . They circled each other .Paro came charging in ,And Aritri again hit Paro on the stomach .Paro screamed and folded up , Aritri ran forward and kicked Paro down and started kicking her boobs . Paro continued to scream ,Aritri jumped down and pulled off Paro’s panty .Paro said chod mere ko ( leave me ) . Aritri Caught her by the ankles and spread them apart ,and then put her feet on her cunt . Paro started whimpering .Aritri laughed and ,now who is better woman ,bitch , . Paro sai give my clothes ,Aritri laughed and said you will be naked untill I decide otherwise . She let go of the ankles and pulled Paro up by the hair ,and whacked her bum . By now Paro seemed to have given up and was just crying .Please let me go , Geeta please ask her to let me go . Geeta said no Paro didi ,this is between you and Aritri memsaab. Aritri said now come little girl ,for a final treatment .She dragged Paro and sat on a bench and put Paro on her knees and spanked her . Paro bum became red . I just could not take my eyes of the bum and saw that Seema was also mesmerised ,and Savita was massaging her crotch .Now bitch said Aritri kneel in front of me and say that I am your mistress . Paro did that .After that Aritri said come on randi ,massage my feet with your boobs.

Then she winked at Geeta and Savita and said from tonight make sure she keeps her bedroom door open. . Savita smiled said jo hokum Aritri memsaab , aap bole to hum dono bhi aa jayenge . ( As you wish madame ,if you wish both of us also can come ) Aritri smiled in a peculiar manner and said ok ,but only if you have short memory and dont open your mouth afterwards . Paro ,shuddered and said no,no , please dont humiliate me in front of them . Aritri then told Geeta utha lo usko aur le chalo ( lift her up and take her home ) . Geeta lfted Paro over her shoulders and gleefully carried her with an occasional slap in the butt from Savita.

Mom put on her clothes and told Seema and me to come along .She patted Seema and said ,come to me if you have any problem .I am stronger than your mom ,in fact you can call me mom too. With that we came back to the house ,Aritri’s pride restored.

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