Duo vs Duo Part 2 - By Eagle

Continued from Duo vs Duo Part 1. As soon as Jessica and Molly left , Aritri and Molly called up Alex and Jerry . Both the men were drooling for action .They said they would drop in soon after they were rested . Both Alex and Jerry arrived together ,for they had no secrets from each other . They had a good time . Aritri said I am counting on your support for the new company . Yea sure said Jerry .But you have to handle both Molly and Jessica . They will never let go easily.
Oh don’t worry said Mohua , I cant wait to strip that that wife of yours and put her across my knees and spank that fat arse red and maul those oversizes udders of hers . Jerry hearing this had another hard on and kissed Mohua hard . Aritri laughed and said and I will make Jessica my slave she can service both of us together ,and she gave a vivid description of she would do to Jessica . After another session of love making both the men left . As they entered the car Alex said I think we are in for a treat . I would not care to bet but may be Jessi and Moll may have met their match said Jerry . Both laughed and drove off .
They met in the evening for dinner in Jessicas house . The flirting continued ,and Jessica and Molly realised that their guests were after their men and business and made their own plans . Jessica went and made a phone call to one of the security personnel in the building where her two guests stayed . She heard him out and her face became red with anger ,bloddy dishonourable bitches she muttered to herself they are playing a underhand game .She then made another phone call and activated the sophisticated security cameras with both audio and video in her house .She had installed to eavesdrop when she kept her business guests in this house .

She did not say anything to anyone except Molly and behaved normally with her I guests .Aritri and Mohua went to the house and they were soon joined by Alex and Jerry . They pored over the business plans . Alex again said we are with you but you have to handle Jessica and Molly ,they are tough and I have seen them beat the shit out of other women who poached on their territory . Oh Don’t worry about them said both Aritri and Mohua we know how to handle white bitches like them ,in fact I cant wait to get my hands on Jessikas boobs said Aritri . They went to their respective rooms with their partners where both gave vivid description of what they would do to their rivals .Aritri said I am just waiting to tan that Jessicas arse ,she thinks she is so superior ,I have handled many white women before .Unknown to them they were caught on the camera with their very vocal comments about what they would do to their rivals ,which seemed to turn on both Alex and Jerry .

Next day morning , both Aritri and Mohua went to Jessicas house for the the meeting . They were escorted to the office by Carol and Jenny the maids of Molly and Jessica . Both the maids gave them the once over and exchanged knowing looks ,for they knew what was in store . Aritri was wearing a saree ,and Mohua was wearing a pair of tight jeans and a tight top with a scarf and her hair was loose . As usual they were not wearing bras .Both were looking good and had a cocky air about themselves . Both Jessica and Molly were there . Jessica was wearing a business suit and smoking a cigar . Molly was dressed casually in a Mini skirt and a loose shirt of which she had unbuttoned the top 2 buttons . She was deliberately flaunting her firm massive boobs .The meeting was called to order and Aritri read out her business proposal propsing her self as the president and Jessica and Mohua as her deputies and Molly as her secretary . Jessica and Molly laughed aloud and said holy smoke you have the nerve ,never mind said Molly ,now lets hear what Jessica has to say .Jessica read out her proposal saying I am the chief and Molly is my assistant ,and Aritri you will be my secretary and Mohua well she can be mollys ,bitch ,slut ,whore or whatever . What rot said Mohua Jessica said silence girl I have not finished yet .Before we conclude I will present a film . And lo behold she showed the love making session of the previous day . She ran the parts where Aritri and Mohua described what they would do to Jessica and Molly about spanking and mauling their boobs and making them their slaves .. So now what do you have say you bitches said Molly . Mohua ran up and slapped Molly while Jessica came to grips with Aritri and suddenly bent down and lifted up her saree up to her waist ,Aritri squealed and squirmed .Jerry and Alex just sat back and watched the fun. Mahua tore off Molly’s shirt and exposed her boobs and started mauling and squeezing them them like she kneading dough . Molly screamed saying let go bitch .She was helpless against this onslaught . Mohua laughed and said watch the fun Jerry . Jessica and Aritri were wrestling each other . Aritri lost her Saree .Both were screaming obscenities to each other . Jessica managed to pull off Aritris blouse and expose her firm boobs and started mauling them .Artri screamed and she kicked Jessica between her thighs . Jessica gave cry like stricken animal and bend down Aritri Caught her by the hair and pulled her up and slapped her and took off her top exposing her boobs and she then returned the favour by mauling and pinching them . Jessica was howling she had always managed to defeat her rivals easily ,infact after a while her rivals begged for mercy ,but here she was getting mauled and humiliated . Aritri took off Jessicas Pants and panties and wrestled her down making her face down and then she started mauling the Huge arse of Jessica and inserted a finger .Jessica taken aback by this rude onslaught farted ,making Aritr smile and say bloddy gassy bitch . Jessica was completely nude and embarrased at the fart ,but she was not yet giving up . Aritri turned her over and sat on her stomach and lifted her hands in a sign of victory . Jessica took this unguarded moment and bucked like mare she threw Arirti off her and then she caught her by her hair and kicked her on her bum .and insetred her fore finger in Aritris equally big arse Aritri howled like animal saying bitch I will kill You . Jessica had got her second wind she took off rivals panties and attacked her cunt saying I tear your boobs and cunt off . Both came to grips again .Both were fit but Jessica the older of the two was also fitter .

On the other side Molly had managed to free her boobs from the clutches of Mohua and she then got into boxing stance . Molly’s firm boobs jiggling attacked Mohuas huge boobs and tore off her top. She then bear hugged Mohua . Both Exerted pressure but Molly’s bigger and firmer boobs got the better of Mohua’s slightly smaller and softer boobs . Mohua screamed and started giving up. Molly took her pants off and also the panty . Mohua tried to run saying Jerry save me . Jerry saw this was a chance to ingratiate himself back with Molly said no dear this between you and her . They came to grips again ,suddenly Mohua bit Mollys Boobs .Molly screamed like a animal and fell to the ground . Mohua jumped on her and pulled off her skirt and panties exposing her huge bum. Molly again Wrestled Mohua down ,her superior fitness was showing ! Mohua tried to run ,Molly caught her and tied her hands with her scarf and she sat on a chair and turned her over her knee and the sound of the spanking was music to her ears . Thwack. You were going to spank me were you .. Thwack ,Thwack . Mohua screamed Mommy she is killing me .This what Aritri heard and she looked to see the spanking off her daughter .This was enough for Jessica she caught by the waist and lifted her and threw her on the carpet and kicked her . Aritri tried to defentd herself in vain . Jessica lifted her over her head and turned towards where Alex and Jerry were sitting . See who are the champs .Aritri said Alex please save us they will kill us . Both the winner Jessica and Aritri were nude .Jessica had lifted Aritri up .Jessica turned towards Alex and Jerry and said Now vamoose .We will deal with your whores , now they are our whores . They are the spoils of war and our prisoners .She put Aritri down .Aritri again tried to jump Jessica who stepped forward and slapped her and pushed her down on the floor lying on her back .Aritri her long waist length in a disarray stripped and beaten !. Jessica put her toe inside her pussy and did victory yell . Aritri squirmed and freed herself and tried to run ,Jessica laughed and said So who is the better woman .She then turned to Molly and saw that Mohua the tough girl was whimpering ,her arse was was red and boobs looked suitably mauled .Molly also nude was sweating but she had alook of a cheshire cat who got her cream . Now bitches come here and meet your Mistresses . Molly untied Mohuas hands and said ,now you don’t even need to be tied you are defeated slave . No Molly please let me go . Molly slapped her and said call me Madam . Aritri said no Jessi please let us go ,Jessica slapped her bum and call me mistress . She then called her maids Carol and Jenny and prepare the baths . The maids lifted both the brown women over their shoulders like trophies and took them towards the Bathrooms . After a good erotic romp in the bathroom the victorius Mom and daughter sat down to dinner . Aritri and Molly were kept naked ,and made to behave like maids .

Then Jessica and Molly took them to bedroom . Molly said I really want to taste this pussy , Jessica said yes me too I want to taste a brown pussy . She then took out her dildos and gave set to Molly .Molly strapped on . Mohua looked on in horror what are you going to do ? You want a cock ,so you will get one ,and she thrust the bid dildo into her cunt Mohua screamed .Molly went on grinding hard ,Mohua almost passed out . Aritri looking screamed and let go of her bitch , Jessica said shut up you dishonourable slave you wanted to steal our men .You low bred cow . You two timing bitch you wanted my man and business is it ? She thrust her dildo brutally ito the well shaped bum .Aritri howled in pain and humiliation . Jessica smelt and licked her pussy and suckled her boobs .Aritri felt that she was getting turned on by her captor !

Both Jessica and Molly the did a face sit and told them come on now whores service us . Mollys massive 38 inch derriere was on Mohua’s boobs crushing them as she made her smell her pussy .Mohua buckled like skitish mare as she sniffed Mollys bums and pussy .See how a real woman smells like, you oil eating bitch .Mohua nearly passed out at strong smell of Molly’s bum.She sniffed and said what a smelly bum and you have pissy pussy . Molly laughed and stood up and peed on Molly and made her drink her pee. How do you like the taste bitch .Mohua said very nice madam .Jessica made Aritri Lick her Pussy to her satisfaction.
Next night Molly told Jessica lets take them to the Bar . This was bar which was for lesbians .both Jessica and Molly were frequent visitors . It was patronized by the rich and famous women only and was by invitation .Rich heiresses ,Big stars , powerful women politicians ,sports women were all members and visitors here.

Jessica phoned her actress friend Raquel . Raquel was very big and famous star in her late 60s but very well preserved and very fit .Jessica told her that we are coming with a Eastern heifer and a calf .Both are ready meat and very tasy and exotic . They walked in with Aritri and Molly in tow . Aritri and Molly had been to lesbian joints earlier but own their terms ,this time they were going as slaves and were on offer for anyone who would want them . The Indian mom and daughter were wearing a skimpy pair of shorts and a tight top. As soon as they came in Jessica had their tops removed .She then put them up on a table . Catcalls and wolf whistles greeted them . Two dancers dragged them to the stage removed their shortd and made them do nude dance Raquel took a fancy to Aritri and said I ‘ll take this bitch .She came forward to claim her Aritri resisted .What followed was a catfight .They were surrounded by the other women .Raquel over powered Aritri and claimed as her prize . Jessica told her you can take her home but return her to me after you are through with her . Molly in the meanwhile circulated Mohua around the bar . Sherry Williams an afro american woman took a fancy to her and asked Molly if she could have her . Molly said take her if you can tame her .Sherry smiled wolfishly and said I have never tasted a brown doll before ,this looks like a tasty morsel . Saying this she tweaked Mohua’s nipple . Mohua’s nipples were dark and big . Mohua who was angry that her mom was being taken away by Raquel tried to push Sherry’s hand away . Sherry who was very fit ,embraced Mohua and kissed her hard while squeezing her bum and inserted her finger into her cunt and smelt it . Mohua resisted but Sherry overpowered her and removed her shorts and carried her over her shoulders like baby . See you Molly I will return your merchandise after I am through with her . Mohua went on strugeling .Each time she screamed Sherry Thwacked her bum . Raquel prodded the defeated Aritri saying come on move cow giddy up followed by a loud thwack on the luscious butt .Both Mom and daughter were taken away by their claimants . Sherry and Raquel promised to exchange their captives after they were through .It was going to be long and educative month for Aritri and Mohua .

All are welcome to add on to the adventures of the Duo . Perhaps Jessica and Molly will take them to their country residence for some more fun.

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