Duo vs Duo Part 1 - By Eagle

Aritri and Mohua the mother and Daughter duo were on their way to meet Jessica and Molly another mother and daughter duo . Jessica and Molly were residents of New York and they were successful business women in their own right . Their interests ranged from event management to fabrics . Artitri had her own business interests which included event management and fabrics. She and her daughter had met Jessica and Molly in event which they were managing in Delhi in India . This led to collaboration of sorts and both the Mom and daughter pairs combined to handle a few events together both in India and other parts of the World.
Aritri and Mohua are from the Eastern part of India ,they spend their time between Delhi and Kolkata . Aritri the Mom is a sexy well preserved 54 year old 5ft 2 inches fair woman with a buxom top heavy built .Her boobs are huge and firm at 40 inches with a shapely 36” butt .She is well built with good strong arms and nice plump thighs She never likes to wear a bra and flaunts her body .She mostly wears a saree displaying a considerable amount of her slightly plump midriff .She has long black hair. She is youthful in attitude and looks and could easily pass of as a cute 40/ 45year old cougar. She is always ready for a scrap and very horny. Mohua the daughter is a 35 year old darker woman at 5ft 4 with a 38inch boobs and 37inch arse. She is well built has strong arms and is always ready for a scrap. She also never wears a bra and flaunts herself to men.She has lovely shoulder length hair and loves to wear body hugging western clothes ,particularly tight jeans . Both mom and daughter are not averse to stealing others husbands or boy friends .They look like sisters and compete with each other.Other women do get along with them ,while the husbands seem to seek them out . .Both mom and daughter are volatile in temperament , have lots of attitude and dominate most women they meet .They have dated women and have visited lesbian joints also .Both have had catfights and in most occasions have emerged victors although Aritri is a better fighter than her daughter .Mohua has lost a few catfights and has been rescued by her mom . They do not much care for western women and made plans to outsmart Jessica and Molly and make them do their bidding . Aritri was plainly jealous of the elegant Jessica and decided to humiliate her and take over her business and her man.

Now Jessica had invited Aritri and her daughter Mohua to have a meeting and a vacation in the USA .They were to stay for a month .

Jessica was a 56 year old elegant and sophisticated woman .She had an Ivy league education and was also a good rider ,and was a good swimmer and a tennis player also. She kept herself fit and was quite youthful to look at and looked a well preserved 56 year old . She was a blond ,her height was about 170 centimeters and her weight was around 170 pounds .In short she was a statuesque ,buxom blond . She had a huge ,firm 40 inch bust with a derriere to boot . Behind the sophisticated looks she was a hard as nails business woman with a feisty attitude and broked no nonsense .She was not averse to having a fling with woman and had collection of Dildos and was into BDSM .Her husband was Alex ,who was a partner in her business . He was a handsome with glad eye and was incorrigible flirt ,in fact he was her second husband .The last affair he had was with a brunette secretary of Jessica .He was quite delighted to see the catfight which his wife had with the brunette .Jessica had walloped the brunette and had left her with well spanked behind due to which she could not sit for a week.He had met the Indian duo in Delhi and had ouragously flirted with Aritri with tacit encouragement from her .All behind the back of his wife and stepdaughter .He got a hard on thinking about a catfight between Jessica a and Aritri and Mohua and Molly .He thought he would really provoke this. He knew that that day was not far because both the mom daughter pair were equally nasty and with short triggers.

He was not too sure of the outcome .His wife and stepdaughter just may meet their match if not more .Molly the daughter was 33 years in age around 160 centimetres in height and weighed around 165 pounds . She looked top heavy with her 42 inch bust and 38 inch derriere . She was a chunky blond ,who was good rider ,and was generally interested in sports and she also had learnt boxing and was good fighter and she had an attitude .She loved to dominate other women .She also had occasional flings with other women and on occasion borrowed her mothers dildos .She was very close to her mom and loved her attitude .Jessica had taught her to fight and taught her the dirty tricks of catfighting . Both mom and daughter could make male and female heads turnaround when they entered a room . Both thought they were cats whiskers and loved to put other bitches in their place . Her husband Jerry managed some their business .He was man about town and loved female attention.He also loved to see two women scrap ,it was great turn on. In fact he had already “tasted ” Mohua .In some ways she reminded him of Molly ,and had already caught his imagination as a good challenger to her . He in fact would love see a scrap between the two. In fact he knew that was going to happen sooner than later because both pairs Mom and daughter duo had an attitude where they would not take the second place .

To carry on with the story. Jessica the president of her company invited Aritri the President of her own company along with Mohua to come to New York and discuss a new venture which they would operate . Now Jessica envisioned herself as the Chief of such a joint venture with Aritri and Molly as her assistants and the Buxom Mohua as Mollys girl Friday or bitch . On the other hand Aritri had visualized it quite differently . In her scene she was the head honcho with Jessica and Mohua as her assistants . Molly would be her “run around girl"

Aritri and Mohua Landed after a long flight. Both were tired but looked forward to New York . Both were well travelled but America was new to them . “ I hope the bitch sluts are here to meet us “said Mohua ,”I am sure the are baby They cannot afford to ignore us”said Aritri. She saw Jessica and Molly and said” see what I told you both the haramzadis( hindi abuse ) are here “. “Yea I can see them too that Molly she looks like is going burst out , huge udders ,would love to milk her “ said Mohua . “Yea looks like too much butter,cheese and steaks, laughed Aritri . Now you don’t be rude to her I wonder where is Alex “ .”He will come mom don’t worry ,the older bitch Jessica is here that is why he is not here ,he will surely get in touch with you soon as will Jerry I am sure . Jerry is already sent me a SMS and said he will meet me soon ,and yes loves the idea of a new organization . “ said Mohua.

They collected their baggage and walked upto Jessika and Molly . Both pairs embraced each other and brushed lips . Aritri said Hello dears ,good of you come and meet us , we need to freshen up . Molly and Mohua sized each other up ,Molly said yes you do need to freshen up after a long flight .She got a faint whiff of Mohuas sweat and Thought to herself Not too bad at least she has put some perfume and brushed her teeth. She put her firm boobs on Mohuas boobs and realized that her own were bigger and firmer than this bitch . She remem bered the last fling she had with black girl . She felt a tingle in her pussy .and wondered how she would taste ,she had never had a brown bitch before .She imagined mohua lying in bed with her thighs spread apart with a juicy cunt on view .Aritri gave the baggage trolly to Jessica and went forward . Mohua went forward following her mom. Molly was left behind following .Where are Jerry and Alex ? asked Mohua ,yes where are they said Aritri . Zing ! the antenna went up for the white women ! At work said Jessica .Oh I thought they would come said Aritri and Mohua Simultaneously .Zing again ! Must keep a tab on these two she said in an undertone to Molly .

Aritri and Molly went up to the vehicle and opened the rear door and went and sat . Molly said Mohua you come to the front mom will sit behind you will sit in the front . Mohua made a wry face and walked out . Jessica seething called out Aritri and said come out and arrange your baggage . Aritri came out seething also and arranged her bags in the boot of the vehicle . Rule number one Woman she said to Aritri Its self help here ,the sooner You understand that the better. Aritri said nothing but thought to herself ,she needs a iron hand . Molly in the meanwhile patted Mohua on the arse and said check your bags and come in . All 4 were now in the car .Jessica told .I have fixed you up in one of my appartments in mIdtown .The kitchen is well stocked .Both of you will stay there . Get rested we will meet you later in the day . And one more thing I am sure that both of you will be on your best behavior I want no comments from the neighbours . They reached the house and parked the vehicle . Jessica and Molly deliberately walked ahead making the duo follow with the baggage .Jessica showed around the house and said ok now Aritri and Mohua ,get rested . Molly smiled and told Mohua ,see you in the evening have good shower and not the least a good shit and gave another pat on her bottom and went out leaving a seething Mohua . Aritri smiled and she has taken a fancy to you said baby . Mohua smiled and said yea I’ll play along and then have her ,puro langto kore nachabo ( I will make her dance naked ).Ar ami Jessi’r gaand marbo ( I will screw Jessica’s arse ) said Aritri smiling wolfishly . .
Jessica told Molly we need to keep a close watch on these two . Yea both Heifer and the calf are on the prowl for Alex and Jerry .We must watch their actions in the evening when they come home for a meeting and dinner. Molly smiled at her mother and said yes I cannot wait to get a new girl in my stable and calf will suit me fine though the older one looks like she can put up a fight .Jessica laughed and said that is one woman whose butt I want to have.

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