Seema vs Priti - By LadyFighter

My niece Seema came home to spend a month with me. She is 23 yo, short 5’1”, 55kg with a big 36 C bustline and milk white complexion. She had never heard of catfighting or wrestling. On overhearing me talking to a socialite who wanted to arrange some catfights for her kitty party she wanted to know more…I don’t know what got into her but when she realized that I had refused the lady because I was hurt in an earlier fight and wanted to rest, she came to me and said she would take my place and that I should go ahead and organize the fights. I explained to her the dangers of it and that there is no mercy shown in such fights but she was quite adamant. Anyway I spoke to Ruby Chhabra who was the hostess and asked her the type of fights she wanted. She was most keen on at least one mismatched fight. When I rang up the available women there were none willing to take on the mismatched fight so without telling Seema I fixed her fight with Priti a 48yo 5’8” 88kg female who though not very experienced is still quite feared.

We had 5 days to go and so I advised Seema to get a little practise and to get used to being seen in bras and panties. She agreed to practise with my maid who is a very tough customer. I was quite delighted to see Seema in her fighting attire and knew that Mrs Chhabra would find it worth every penny to see Seema with her small frame and huge mammaries. N fact I had to ask my maid to behave herself because instead of fighting she was more interested in getting to touch Seema’s assets and that’s what I feared would happen in the fight with Priti. Seema wanted to know who she was fighting. I told her that it was an oldish lady who did not have much experience but beyond that we did not discuss. She had no pangs of fear because she did not know what she was in for and I was not wanting to spoil it all by scaring her and have last minute withdrawal which is bad business.

I drove with Seema to Ruby Chhabra’s house…a very big beautiful house with a covered swimming pool. There were a couple of maids setting up the things for the party. Ruby came out wearing a heavy saree and lots of jewelry typical Punjaban turned mod. She saw Seema and her eyes lit up…oh what a lovely gift she said…I told her she was not a gift and came quite expensive and she was waiting to have a go at Priti. I took Seema away to a cubicle to prepare her while the other guests started arriving. A ring was made next to the swimming pool. Seema’s fight was first. I went to negotiate the rules. My God to keep away the hands of these women from my anatomy was quite an effort. I had to explain that I was not fighting. But why, everyone would ask. I finally got Ruby and Simran who was to referee the fights, to sit down and listen. Ruby said that the mismatched fight must be for a minimum period of 30 minutes otherwise she would not pay. Simran also said that if it finished earlier the winner could perform with the loser as she wanted, upto 30 minutes. I had to accept. I went and warned Seema to fight slow, retain her stamina and basically try and get Priti off her feet so that the fight could be on the floor where the chances of getting badly hurt are less. I also went and met Priti who I know well. I told her to go slow but she was not in the mood to listen until she tested Seema in the ring. She also wanted me to hand over Seema to her after the fight for the next two days…I refused since I was as it is playing with the girl’s safety.

When Simran made all the announcements the guests were thrilled to see Priti entering..she looked awesome . And then came Seema and there was a burst of applause. She was looking really nice but her face fell when she saw Priti at the other end just like Priti’s face which lit up at the prospect of having Seema’s body in her arms. Simran announced the rules and said if the fight finished before thirty minutes the balance period would be used by the winner to do what she wanted with the loser. I began to pity Seema. She asked me for some water as her mouth was completely dry. I told her to calm down and fight by keeping away from Priti’s arms and inflict some punishment on her by using her speed . She was hardly listening. Then Simran blew the whistle and Seema was on her own. She put up a good wrestling stance and moved around . Priti too came slowly out of her corner eyeing Seema and smiling . When they were a little closer Priti kicked out but Seema deftly avoided, it gave her confidence.Priti’s huge frame did not permit her to fight rough no holds barred type of fight. I egged Seema to be aggressive but she was visibly scared. Priti almost cornered her but she again escaped but while doing so she tripped and fell. Priti was slow in exploiting but she managed to kick Seema on her thigh. Seema got up in time to escape a charging Priti who wanted to get her into grips. This is what I had advised Seema that she had to avoid otherwise she stood no chance once Priti had got her arms on her. Seema rolled away and came back to face Priti. Because she realized that Seema was fast on her feet Priti now did the waiting . Seema watched her and then got closer trying to land a punch on Priti’s midriff. This is what Priti wanted. She allowed Seema to hit her but the punch made little difference. It only gave Priti the opportunity to use a full handed slap on Seema’s face. The impact was solid that it lifted Seema from her feet and landed her on the floor. Priti wasted no time. She kicked Seema on the neck and then picking her up used her fists to land three huge punches on Seema’s breasts. Seema screamed at the impact of Pritis’s onslaught. I kept telling her to try and get away but Priti had a hold on her now and softening her up for the kill. With Seema on the floor and her right arm in Priti’s hold Priti came crashing with her knee on Seema’s pussy. Her eyes glazed as if hit by a train and she screamed once again. Priti laughed at her agony. She prepared to repeat it when Ruby Chhabra shouted to her to give the breast treatment. Priti therefore came down with her knee on Seema’s right breast. I thought that would be the end of the fight. Priti lay down on her supine opponent holding her tightly in a bear hug. The women in audience were growing crazy with excitement expecting Priti to start raping Seema. Priti was excited too. She pulled Seema’s much abused right breast out of the bra and the women went mad . She then gripped Seema’s face and forced open her mouth. With her right hand she now pulled out Seema’s tongue but Seema was struggling so hard Priti could hardly control her and do all the things that the crazy women were asking for. She got up and restarted the pussy treatment crushing Seema’s pussy with her knee. I asked Simran to stop the fight or Seema would be killed but she told me to shut up. Suddenly I was urprised to see Priti screaming with agony and trying to shake off Seema. What happened was that Priti had wrapped her massive thighs around Seema’s face to enjoy the pleasure but Seema used the opportunity to bite into her pussy and thigh. Seema was not leaving the mouthful of Priti’s flesh and I could even see blood flowing from Priti’s thigh. This fight was turning out to be most exciting for the audience. Just 15 minutes had passed in all this. Seema was still alive and it was her opponent who was screaming in pain now. Actually biting is not allowed but when the fight enters such a stage there is nothing to stop a woman using any means to gain advantage. Priti fell while Seema was on top of her now her huge breast free. Most of the audience were openly fingering themselves. Priti kicked Seema while lying down and connected well . Seema was thrown off and fell away.but Priti was in no mood to pursue her immediately…she was more concerned of her bleeding thigh where Seema had almost ripped off her flesh. I told Seema to attack Priti from her rear and get at least an arm into her grip. Seema was a good listener. She did just that and that too very fast. She jerked Priti’s huge arm from the shoulder by pulling it in the reverse direction and managed to kick Priti’s face pretty hard. The advantage had now shifted to Seema and Priti was lying shell shocked by the reversal of fortunes. I too was excited by the prospect of a victory for Seema . Seema was hell bent on exposing Priti’s breasts. She pushed the tank top down while Priti resisted with her one free arm but the left breast came out. It was a good 42 inches of female flesh. Ruby Chhabra was going mad watching. She had a servant girl in her arms and was alternatively kissing her or fingering her. But Priti was struggling so much that Seema could not keep her in check. Priti pulled away her arm and twisted bringing Seema down on her and getting both her arms around her. Adjusting herself she got Seema on top and wrapped her huge thighs around her. I knew this was the end of the fight because Priti started the squeeze treatment both with arms and thighs and Seema started an unending scream as her rips started getting the treatment. Priti got one hand on Seema’s face and stared squeezing her tongue out. With her right hand she stared a slapping spree hitting Seema’s face in both directions. Both of Seema’s arms were stuck between the gigantic thighs. I don’t know how she managed but Seema’s hands once again found target. She managed a fistful of Priti’s pussy hair and pulled with her might . Priti left her grip and screamed as her hands went to her injured pussy…Seema was proving to be a handful and the hostess and her friends were really getting their money’s worth. Priti and Seema stood facing each other again. Over 15 minutes had elapsed and Seema had lasted out. I shouted to her to avoid coming to grips but Priti heard me too. She rushed and her elbow caught Seema on the nose and mouth opening a nasty cut and for the first time we saw blood. Seema was more shocked than hurt…she remained rooted without attempting to avoid or sisestep and Priti drove home the advantage. Her huge fist caught Seema on top of the right eye and blood spurted out again. Seema fell with her breasts and fac a bloody mess. Priti’s glee could be felt…she had Seema where she wanted. She picked her up by the hair and drove her knee no less than six times into Seema’s face and breasts. There was no chance left for Seema. She neither had the strength nor the will to continue. She was crying and begging Priti to stop> I told Simran to stop the fight but she said it was mismatched fight and that’s how they all ended and Seema was being paid to suffer. But not die I said. Priti pulled off Seema’s panty and broke her bra letting loose her breasts. She took her in a bearhug and alternately licked her face and lips and her nipples. She then dropped herself on her victim and one figer went inside Seema’s vagina while the kissing continud. Not yet satisfied she left Seema and got up . I feared the worse. She turned Seema on her stomach and stretched both her arms behind to near breaking point. Seema screamed and lots of women in the audience came at that moment. I had enough and stepped into the ring but Simran caught me. I’ll have you killed she said menacingly and Maya her servant came forward. She is an obnoxious big built woman and I wanted no trouble with her. I went to Ruby and told her that Seema was my niece and my responsibility. Then leave her with me. I’ll take good care of her, she said and tell her mother to collect her. I felt I was against a wall. Meanwhile Priti had lifted Seema on her shoulders and her bloody face and breasts around. She still had two fingers inside her but Seema had passed and was resisting no longer. There were five minutes left and Priti was declared the winner. Ruby was kind enough to allow me to take Seema home. She was really hurt and I had to tend to her for 10 days after that.

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