A Social Affair - By Ramesh

Vidya admired herself in the mirror. She looked gorgeous! And she knew it. Although now passing 32 years of age, she worked hard keeping herself in very good shape. She weighed a little more now. There seemed no way to avoid that. But she was very proud of her shape that "stuck out" in all the right places, from her size 38D bust to her full but shapely ass. She was blessed with legs which other women would die for and she took care of them.

So, putting on a glittering blue saree with a matching sleeveless blouse.. over this fabulous frame, she combed her dark black hair which were upto breasts with satisfaction.. Once happy with the mirror's image, she went off to her evening's engagement. This evening, she would be co-hosting a lavish fund raising affair for Pune city women's club. She had belonged to the "Women's League for Social Consciousness and Justice" for over 5 years. Their members were mostly upper class women in the city and surrounding suburban area. They were high profile and did a couple of lavish fund raisers each year. Tonight a well know man from corporate world would be addressing them and lending his support for their plans.

After the drive across town, she hurriedly parked her Honda city in the Parking lot. She was considerably early in order to help set up the affair. As the co host, she wanted to make sure everything was just right. This was the very luxurious home of the other co host, Alka.

Knocking at the front door, she was met by one of the members; pointing to the back of the house and saying, "Hello, Vidya. Everyone's in the kitchen". Walking back, Vidya saw several women going every which way, busy with getting everything done. Everyone one was dressed nicely as this was a coveted social affair as well as a fund raiser. Vidya, being recently divorced, was unescorted. It wasn't that she didn't have a man in her life; but she wanted to concentrate on the party and not an escort tonight.

She quickly joined in to help the other ladies, busily going back and forth, discussing final arrangements and placing things, "just so". More and more people started to arrive and the whole evening was shaping up nicely. Presently, she found herself in the very large pantry in back of the kitchen, when Alka came rushing in and brushed past her to snatch a flower arrangement from the shelf. "We're not going to be done it time, I'm afraid", she said. Then turning to leave, she bumped the flowers against Vidya's face and left without another word.

Vidya was instantly angry that Alka had said nothing about her rude gesture, not to mention that she now had to go comb her hair again. Returning to the preparations, she found that she could not quit thinking about what Alka had done. As they worked side by side to continue to get things ready, Alka did not give the slightest indication that she knew what she had done. In fact, Vidya noticed something strange about Alka, the more she observed her. She was treating Vidya as if she wasn't there. Twice more she bumped into Vidya "accidently" without saying a word. And Vidya was starting to get irritated. She decided to take matters into her own hands. She wasn't about to let Alka run over her, so to speak. When the two of them found themselves in the kitchen, temporarily alone, she bumped her hip into Alka when returning to the dining room. She said nothing and kept walking. Two could play at this game. In a few minutes, she noticed Alka glaring at her as they decorated the living room. Then in passing each other in the long front hallway, again with no one else around, they both purposely bumped their hips into each other as they passed. There was plenty of room in the hallway, they both knew. It seemed that a little bad blood was opening up between them, and Vidya was not about to let Alka get the best of her.

A couple more times the women smacked their shapely hips together when they had the opportunity. They still had not said a word about what was going on between them when they once again were alone in the back pantry for the moment. Realizing their surroundings, the women just stared hard at each other, saying nothing, but daring the other by their looks; as if to say "you want to take this further, bitch?". Alka was also wearing a saree but a yellow one.. n was lookin awesome... Alka had coloured her hair burgundy…compared to Vidya’s natural black hair… Alka was a year older but had just as fabulous a body as Vidya. Her bust was a little smaller, not much. And they were exactly the same height in
their 3 inch platforms...

Still staring, the women stepped toward each other, the sound of their heels on the floor echoing in the pantry. Vidya was really getting fed up with this and flushed into the initiative. She pushed her body right into Alka's. It was boob to boob and she pushed her leg in between those of Alka, feeling her mound with her thigh.

Alka, drew a quick breath of surprise at this bodily invasion, but stood her ground. The women stood there for several seconds, pressed into each other's bodies provocatively. Then, hearing approaching footsteps, they quickly separated and walked out behind each other. Vidya was more determined now than ever. That kamini obviously had some problem with her. And she was not going to back down. Alka would be sorry.

As the house began to fill up with guests, the two women eyed each other wherever they went. Presently Alka, when she thought no one was looking, motioned her head at Vidya. She beckoned for her to come back toward the kitchen. Following as soon as she could, Vidya looked into the kitchen and saw Alka at the pantry door. She curled her finger toward Vidya as she disappeared into the pantry. The two women then repeated their physical challenge of a few minutes earlier. But this time they smacked their bodies into each other with abandon and grinded their thighs against the others' pussy. Their tits were pitted against each other. Again, they glared for several seconds. They still hadn't said a word. Vidya wasn't going to give her the satisfaction. They felt their hot breath on each other's faces and smelled their conflicting perfumes. Vidya found herself strangely becoming excited down deep in her loins. Alka reached around with one hand and pulled on Vidya's hair from behind. Now it was Vidya's turn to suck a quick breath of surprise. She was only too happy to copy Alka's move. So now they were tugging gently at each other's distinctive long hair as the conflict escalated.

In a few more seconds, there were loud sounds of dishes clanking together in the kitchen. The women both groaned, almost under their breath. They didn't want to break, but didn't want to get caught either. Certainly this wasn't the time or the place for a catfight. Breaking contact and rejoining the others separately, Vidya felt the pangs of disappointment. She was definitely into this thing with Alka now; whatever it was. As they went around doing their hosting duties, she was constantly distracted with thoughts of her confrontation with Alka. Vidya was not a violent person. She was genuinely puzzled by these feelings she had towards Alka. But nevertheless, she had absolutely no intention of backing down. In fact, she strangely looked forward to escalating the hostilities!

Once more, right after Corporate person arrived, they found themselves momentarily alone in the long front hallway. Vidya literally grabbed Alka and pulled her into the small adjacent bathroom, closing the door and locking it. The two women turned to face each other in another stare down. At once overcome with raw desire, Vidya grabbed Alka's breasts through her saree n blouse with both hands and started squeezing. She couldn't believe she did that but it felt so good. Alka, squealed softly at the attack and also grabbed a double handful of Vidya's breasts. The two women continued to glare at one another while squeezing as hard as they could. They were very conscious of being quiet with the house full of people. For almost a full three minutes they squeezed each other's tits through their clothes. Then they reached around their backs, as they did before, and began to pull each other's long hair. Legs parted and slid together. Their sarees, hiked up a bit and Vidya began to get very wet, she gave a little knee action to Alka’s pussy to smack it gently. Soon, Alka was also kneeing her pussy and the two were about to loose control of themselves.

Somehow, they both seemed to realize their surroundings and they stopped struggling for a moment. Loud laughter could be heard from the living room and they knew they had to return to the party. Once again, sighing with disappointment, they reluctantly separated. Each had to take several more minutes to fix their clothes and hair. Before leaving the bathroom, they stood nose to nose and glared at each other once more.

Vidya's head was spinning. She felt intoxicated. The party was now a blur to her. She could think of nothing but the catfight she now desperately wanted to have with Alka. Somehow they made it though dinner and then retired to the living room for the Corporate's talk. Vidya stared at Alka on the couch across from her. Alka's saree was very sexy, showing her shapely figure. And Vidya found herself squirming in her seat to put her own sexy figure on display even more by crossing her legs. She was going to compete with Alka in every way, at every turn. What was she doing? Was she insane? She no longer knew, but admitted that she couldn't help herself.

The corporate went on and on. She was afraid he was never going to stop. She and Alka had stared and glared at each other through most of the speech. Now, mercifully, there was applause, hand shaking, and a scattering of everyone around the house again.

A nasty thought entered Vidya's head as she moved from the living room toward the hallway. It seemed that most of the people were moving toward the dining room and more dessert or coffee. Seeing that Alka was hanging back, still looking at her, Vidya walked quickly toward the stairs. She stopped at the bottom, struck a sexy pose and crooked her finger at Alka, motioning here to join her upstairs. Then she walked up, trying to act as if nothing was going on and hoping no one else saw her.

Alka let a small grin cross her face as she witnessed Vidya's invitation. And her heart pounded as she followed, looking over her shoulder to see if she was being noticed. She got to the top of the stairs quickly and began walking down the hallway. Finding an open door on the left, she peered inside. The light was on and she saw Vidya on the far side of the spacious bedroom. Entering and closing the door quickly, the women kicked off their sandals and began to circle slowly around the room, staring at each other now with dirty little smiles on their faces. They had no intentions of stopping this time. They both wanted to catfight...

The women glared at each other across the room. Vidya realized she was breathing as hard as though she had run half a mile. She couldn't remember the last time she had been this excited. The bedroom was spacious and carpeted. A lavish king-sized bed was at one end. The bed had no headboard. And the walls behind the bed and on either side were comprised entirely of mirrors. "This must be Alka's bedroom," Vidya thought to herself.

"It is not hard to see what she likes to do-- the naughty slutty kamiini." After several seconds Alka said, "Finally. I've been dying to do this all evening bitch.. aaj tujhe maaza chakaungi kutiya…”. Vidya smiled, replying, "Come on bitch... Kamini.. dekhte hai kisme kitna hai dum... mazaaa toh tujhe main chakaungi saali raandii" Warily eyeing each other, the two women began to slowly remove all jewelry. Their necklaces,rings, bracelets, earrings were removed and set aside. Slowly they came together in an ever shrinking circle; glaring at each other. They knew what they were here for and both planned to enjoy it. Nearing each other, they begin reaching for each other with open arms. The women seemed to melt into one form--like a hand in glove. They grabbed each other's hair and waist. Their legs parted as they wrapped them around each other's legs the best they could without falling; tits and nipples pressed together tightly. They groaned with pleasure as they grabbed hands full of hair and begin to jerk each others' head back and forth as they stumbled around the room. After a few seconds, they were panting from the excitement rising in them as their bodies pressed together. They were face to face; their cheeks rubbing, they could almost taste the champagne on each others' lips. They grunted and groaned as they began their battle of domination. Their grips on each others hair tightened as they continued struggling face to face. After several minutes they fell on to the foot of the bed. Their desire to dominate and control each other intensified as they rushed to wrap their legs around their opponent's legs and waist. Their sarees rode up high near around knees as they wrestled their bare legs together. The violet silk bedspread offered no traction for the fighting women and they were soon slipping and sliding uncontrollably over the top of the bed. Thrashing wildly, they soon slipped from the bed onto the floor. Landing with a hard thud, they remained locked in a fighting embrace wedged against one of the mirrored walls. Having no room to maneuver, they lay together with Alka partially on top of Vidya. Glaring at each other, they once again grabbed a fistful of the others' hair as they used their other hand to squeeze, pull, and twist the others breasts. Tiring from the opening struggle, they each noticed their images on the mirrored walls. Alka looked at the raunchy sight of the two of wrapped up together; their sarees up around knees exposing their bare legs. Alka had her leg sexily thrown over Vidya's body. Her knee was bent with the calf between Vidya's spread legs. Their once perfectly coiffed hair now was in wild disarray. Their designer sarees draped down over their shoulders. Alka was mesmerized by the sight of them as she lay there taking it in for a moment. Vidya was also unable to resist examining what she and Alka looked like cat fighting on the floor.

Both women were pleased and excited by what they saw. Strangely, Vidya was not the slightest bit disgusted or sorry about what she and Alka had started. This was not like her; or was it? The two women were transfixed by their sexy image in the mirror. Eventually after having rested a bit, they turned to look at each other again. "Like what you see,cunt?" Alka purred. "Yeah", Vidya moaned, "I see me beating your fucking slut ass!" They each moved to renew their fight, but quickly found there wasn't enough room to move between the bed and the mirrored wall.

"I need some room to fight you, bitch," Alka hissed. "Fine, get off me you randii. I'm ready to rock and roll," Vidya shot back as she shoved her hands into Alka's breasts thru the saree n blouse. Slowly, they rose to their feet. Their eyes remained locked in their hatred for the other as they walked back to the center of the room. They charged at each other, their bodies slamming together as both women moaned from the impact. With lightening speed, they grabbed each others tits through their sarees. Alka's fingers tightened as she ripped her hands to the side ripping the front of Vidya's blouse wide open exposing her lacy black bra. Enraged, VIdya grabbed the shoulder straps of Alka's blouse and ripped them down of her shoulders exposing a silky red bra. Their perfectly manicured nails began to rake at the others breasts, their fingers digging into the other's hard nipples. Their bras soon feel in shreds to the floor. Legs kicked and lashed out furiously. In just a few seconds they were left standing only in their panties. Their chests heaved up and down as panted and gasped for air as they tried to catch their breaths. Vidya noticed that they were similarly undressed. She in black thigh highs and Alka in red. Both wore sheer panties that left nothing to the imagination. Their breasts covered with scratches and their nipples were hard. The two women attacked each other eagerly once again and were soon doubled over at the waist as they continued to pull hair and kick each other. Their legs wrapped together causing them to lose their balance and fall heavily to the floor. They rolled across the floor, their legs wrapped around each other's waist. Each woman grunted with exertion when she found herself being mounted and dominated by the other. They scratched at each other's bare legs, squeezed breasts and nipples and slugged each other in the back, sides, anywhere the could reach. They were mauling at each other anyway they could. Presently Vidya found herself rubbing her pussy on Alka's leg searching out pussy to pussy contact with the bitch. Alka seemed to have the same thought as the women rolled to a stop on their sides. Slowly at first, they began to bump their pussies together in a fucking motion. The rough fight had pushed their sheer see-through panties half off their shapely asses. Vidya and Alka began to grind harder and faster against each other as they continued their hair pulling and breast mauling.

Side by side the two women continued their erotic fight.

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