GF vs Sister - By Ramoo

I am 21 years old and met Puja about 6 months ago, since then we have been very good friends and been sharing everything.

Puja is 18 years old with 36c-27-38 and weighing around 140 lbs. During last couple of days I noticed that my elder sister Sonam has been trying to insult Puja by humiliating remarks.

Sonam is 24 years old skinny with 34B-26-33 and weighting 105lbs.
One day I was sleeping in my room and suddenly woke up with loud shouting b/w Puja and Sonam.

Sonam said, you moti haramzadi dhafa ho ja ether say varna tere choot bhar dhoon ghee, I never believed that my sister can have use this language. Puja said Sali tu kiya meree bharee ghee main tughay chood kar bhank dhoon ghee shukee kooti.

I came out of my room, I thought I should stop these two girls from having any further arguments but both had decided to finish this up.

Sonam asked me to stay away and similarly Puja.

In fact I also wanted to see these both girls in action. I knew Sonam had good experience of fighting and previously has beaten couple of her class fellows.
I didn’t want to interrupt but told them that no hair pulling and slap on face, So both agreed.

My sister was in tight sleeping suit whereas Puja was wearing a sleeveless shirt and tight jean,

My sister was 1st she kicked at the crotch of Puja, Oee maa, puja scrambled, then Sonam took Puja in her arm and applied a head lock. But Puja proved too powerful and lifted Sonam from the ground and with a bang she dropped Sonam on the ground. Uff mer ghee screamed Sonam.

Then Puja jumped on top of Sonam. She was too heavy for my skinny sister and Sonam started crying. Salee moti meray upaar say haat said Sonam. Aab bhool Sali harmzadi tu mere choot bhray ghee hann, said Puja and then ripped Sonams tops. And Sonams small tits were exposed. At the same time Sonam snatched the shirt of Puja and Puja’s bit breast were haning out.

Sonam started mauling Puja’s big tits, Puja lefted Sonam with pain. Once again both girls were standing. Puja removed her jeans as it was too tight and her white muscular thighs were giving a great look, Now both girls tried to check their arm strength by putting hands in each other, within a second I realized Puja was too strong for my skinng sister, Sonam was crying with pain now, Puja started pushing Sonam with her big tits and put her against the wall. Then Puja started using her Big tits as weapon and started hitting Sonams’s tiny tits and face with her big boobs. I could see my sister was in big trouble as her hands were in the strong grip of Puja and Puja’s boobs were hitting her hard.

After 4-5 minutes Puja stopped and lifted my skinny sister up in air and again dropped her on floor with forcefull blow, Mar ghee cried Sonam and then became motionless. I tried to help her but Puja firmly stopped me, 1st She removed her panties and then undressed my sister. Puja asked me to give some water to bring my sis into conscious. After 10 mins my sister was back on foot with some humiliation on her face.

Saali haramzadi ab main teer bhar dhoon ghe aur tere choot marwa dhhon ghe apna yaar say said Sonam. Randi tu kya bharay ghee abb main tere gand main yeh 10inch ka danda daal kay tughe bharoon ghee said Puja, Puja had a rubber rod in her hand that she took out from the tool box. Once again my sister tried to kick but this time Puja was ready she just moved away and then wrapped her arms agains my sister and squeezed her. My sister eyes were widened and she could hardly breath, Puja lifted my sister in air for 5 mins till my sister got exhausted. Then Puja dropped her and then inserted her hands in the cunt of Sonamd and lifted again her in the air. I was really impressed by the power of Puja. My sister was crying with pain but was totally helpless agains her younger but powerfull competor. Then Puja threw nearly unconscious Sonam on the floor and took the rod and started inserting into small hole of my skinny sister, Sonam started crying and begging Puja for mercy please leave me, I will never come on your way again. Saali itnee jaldi nahi phelay tere gand bhroon ghee phirr choot aur baad main terah bhai ko chodhoon ghee said Puja.Listening her last sentecce I was really astonished and wanted Puja to complete my sistere as soon as possible so we can have fun. It didn’t take too long and in next 10 mins Puja vigiroulsy fucked my sister with rod from front and back and left my sister totally unconscious. And what happned next I don’t have to tell…

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