GF vs Collegemate - By Ramesh

Aditi, my gf, is 21 years old, 5’4 and around 50Kgs. She has a complexion similar to rani mukherjee n a quite a good figure too.. Previous to this encounter had never been in a fight in her life although as I found out, is more than prepared to protect her territory when challenged. Reema has been a classmate of mine for the past 2 years, she’s 22, 5’4 and about the same weight as Aditi... but shez more fair.. She had also not been in a fight before.. we always used to sit and hangout together in college.. Reema did have a bf too.. his name was Dipesh..

Aditi and Reema met at Dandiya function one night, Reema and her partner, Dipesh were seated at the opposite table as Aditi and I. Aditi was in a ethnic orange salwar kameez.. while reema was in a blue salwar kameez.. both were lookin extremely gorgeous..I saw them n decided to introduce Aditi to Reema.. so moved to their table.. i said "Hey reems, nice to meet u here.. btw this is my gf aditi.." Reema replied "hey ramesh, u here too? cooool.. hez my bf dipesh.. hi aditi" as she extended her hand.. aditi extented hers too with a Hi n they shook hands so did i & dipesh.. At first the girls seemed to get on fine although there appeared to be a friendly rivalry between them. Reema and I had a great Friendly relationship and spent quite a bit of time playing pranks on each other during the day which continued on the night out. During the evening Aditi mentioned to me that she thought Reema had more than a passing interest in me and that she’d be watching her. This seemed to turn up the sexual tension between the women quite measurably with Aditi making sure she took every opportunity of running her hand over my thigh or brushing my crotch whenever she thought Reema was watching.

I’m sure Reema got the message as a couple of times during the evening she winked at me fairly seductively. After we’d eaten, the dancing started and after dancing with Aditi a couple of times Reema asked if I wanted to dance with her, which I did. While we were on the dance floor she grabbed my hand as if i was her bf and gave me a big hug.. on the other hand.. Aditi pulled dipesh close to her n damn it made me jealous.. Reema's next trick was to rub her thigh against my crotch while looking across at Aditi, n aditi matched her move to move.. damn there sexual tension between this too.. The dandiya music started n we started playn dandiya.. as the track changed n the partners exchanged n i was back with aditi again... aditi whispered in my ear.. "she doesnt know who shez messing with" n i did saw reema tellin somethin to dipesh tooo.. I was a bit tired so told aditi that lets go back to our table.. but she said she had to finish some BUSINESS n winked at me n told me to go.. as i went i saw aditi smilin wickedly as reema as she sent dipesh back to the table too... we both looked at eachother n smiled as we both knew wht was happenin n sat on the table with drinks.. no it was aditi n reema playin dandiya with eachother.. n man that was a sight.. it looked as if they were thick frds.. but as the music paced.. the dandiya hittin started.. both dancin wonderfully.. showin some exclusive moves.. it kinda turned into a dance war... both takin what ever opportunities or brushing eachother shoulders whenever possible.. hitting their asses together.. niether got the upper hand.. Finally the music stopped.. n both started walkin to the table.. it was more kinda catwalk.. both held hands n i cud see it was kinda war going on there as they walked... both came and sat exactly opposite to eachother...both smilin wickedly at eachother.. they had measured eachother up n it was jus a matter of time.. who breaks the ice 1st... both were matchin eachothers moves as the ran their hands thru hair.. , crossed their legs.. even they hits their legs few times under the table.. the war had jus began... No one was ready to break the ice.. n i thought it was all over.. jus as i was about to say it was time to leave... reema told us she wanna use the ladies room.. n hell yeah.. aditi followed her... i jus hoped they din make a mess there..aditi was the 1st one to return back to the table.. n she told me its time to go.. as we moved, reema was comin back to the table n both brushed eachothers shoulder really hard smilin wickedly as eachother murmerring "Ouch".. followed with whispers of bitch n slut..i did notice both of them had their hair a bit messed u. so very keen i asked aditi what had happened.. She said she’d followed Reema into the bathroom to give her a piece of her mind and Reema had laughed at her. They grabbed each and shoved one another but agreed not to cause a scene hence the messed hair... Just then the aditi's cell phone rang and it was reema, aditi had given her the number in the bathroom. Reema wanted to know where and when they were going to finish what they’d started. Aditi said she wanted to sort this thing out as soon as possible. She agreed that we would meet reema and dipesh at the Hotel, rent a room and settle the disagreement. I was damn excited abt this... Aditi said to me "saali ko chodungi nahi main.."

I asked Aditi what her thoughts were about clashing with Reema, she said she was going to enjoy herself and cause Reema a whole lot of hurt. I asked what would happen if Reema beat her, she said she didn’t think that would happen although she admitted thinking Reema was as strong as her after there altercation in the bathroom. When we got to the hotel Dipesh and Reema were already there and had checked into a room. Aditi phoned Reema and got the room number and we went to the room. Dipesh opened the door and let us in. They had already dragged the room furniture to the sides of the room leaving a large space in the center. I stood next to Craig for a couple of minutes and he said, ‘Who’d have thought the evening would end like this’, he also said he was pretty exited at seeing Aditi and reema fight and said reema had told him that she was determined to yank aditi bald both Hands. It was on.. both slowly walked towards eachother.. standin face to face.. aditi said"so reema, guess u need to learn some manners" reema replied "yeahh.. teach me some bitch.. strickin a sexy pose to aditi.." aditi spat back.. "learn this slut.." showin her the middle finger... Reema said" wait bitch.." as she walked across aditi brushin her shoulder into bathroom.. we all were wonderin what was happenin..
aditi said"hey dipesh.. seems ur chick is scared.. ha ha" dipesh had no answer.. n the bathroom door opened.. !! Reema had stripped down to bra n panties.. n she said.. "bitch.. lets settle this bitch!! u r very cocky abt ur body huh.. match me whore"

Aditi din speak a word.. she jus down to her panties and bra.. Aditi said "come on bitch.. here is ur answer.." both were a bit nervous.. I could see that Reema was now just as nervous as aditi and had lost a lot of her earlier cockiness. I asked what type of fight it was going to be and both agreed it would be an all in catfight until one of them couldn’t continue. Reema looked across at dipesh and I and wanted assurances from both of us that we wouldn’t interfere and that we’d let them finish it themselves, we both agreed. aditi was wearing a white bra n panty while reema was in black.. Dipesh and I moved to the side of the room, reema and aditi moved to the center and started circling each other, the fight was about to start and I couldn’t wait!!!

The women closed the gap between them and did what comes naturally to unskilled women fighters. aditi was a couple of feet away from reema when she lunged with he hands held high for reema’s hair. aditi managed to get two great handfuls of reema’s hair and proceeded to viciously shake reema’s head from side to side. reema similarly dug her hands deep into aditi’s hair and viciously shook her head backwards and forwards. It was the greatest sight in the world seeing my gf in a topless no holds barred hair pulling catfight with another girl. Both girls continued viciously dragging each other around the room by the hair, occasionally grunting in pain, each trying to gain the advantage. aditi tried kicking reema but being so close to her rival didn’t land anything effective. reema tried kneeing aditi’s pussy but only hit the side of her thigh which momentarily put aditi off balance. reema quickly and cleverly shifted her weight and pulled aditi across her hip in a Judo throw, dragging her down by her hair. aditi crashed to the floor with reema in hot pursuit, landing on top of aditi she momentarily lost her grip of aditi’s hair.

This was the opportunity that aditi needed as she was still viciously clinging on to reema’s hair. aditi rolled reema over onto her back and started banging her head on the floor. reema desperately grabbed up towards aditi’s hair and managed to grab aditi’s tits which she started squeezing and scratching, we could visibly see the scratches and red marks reema’s attacked were leaving on aditi’s tits. I could see the pain on aditi’s face from the tit mauling she was getting from reema and reema managed to flip aditi on her side and they started rolling across the floor. Both girls scratched, squeezed, punched and slapped as they fought on the ground rolling over and over, each struggling desperately to get on top of their rival. They finally stopped against one of the walls with reema on top of aditi, raining slaps and punches down on aditi’s head and face. The women had been fighting for just over 5 minutes at this stage and I heard reema say ‘I m going to fucking win this Bitch’, aditi didn’t answer and all I heard from aditi was little grunts of pain as the slaps and punches landed in her face. I realized it was a dangerous predicament for my gf as if she didn’t unseat reema soon the fight would be over. aditi grabbed one of reema’s tits and the front of her hair and managed to flip reema off of the top position, aditi immediately jumped to her feet before reema.

Reema quickly rolled away and jumped to her feet closing the gap between her and aditi, both women with their fists raised like boxers. Both women were clearly hurting and wanting to inflict as much pain as possible on her rival and end the fight as quickly as possible. Neither woman broke eye contact as they started throwing punches at each others face and tits with little or no regard for defense, they simply threw punches at each other. Initially very few hard punches landed on either woman but slowly more and more punches effectively found there target. Aditi was definitely getting the better of the boxing match with reema and was continually driving her back. aditi landed a real beauty of a punch against the side of reema’s jaw and I saw reema’s legs begin to buckle. I must admit at this stage to thinking reema would go down but she was tougher than I expected and managed to keep going. The women came together again after a slight pause, throwing tired punches at each other with aditi’s punches again proving the more effective.

The women again sank their hands in each others hair and viciously started dragging each other around the room. The fight had been raging for almost 10 minutes at this stage and aditi released one of her hands from reema’s hair and using it to throw uppercuts to her face. This was more than reema could take and aditi knocked her to the floor and immediately jumped on top of her. I noticed reema was beginning to offer less resistance at this stage and aditi managed to wrap her legs around reema, reema feebly tried to get her trapped legs free but aditi entwined her legs more tightly around reema. Dipesh told me he thought the end was near as aditi again grabbed reema’s hair and started banging her head on the floor. reema tried in vain to grab at aditi’s hair but failed as aditi triumphantly continued smashing her head against the floor. After doing this a couple more times aditi securely pinned reema’s hands above her head and I heard reema start to sob. aditi got her breath back and slowly slid forward on reema’s body so her tits covered reema’s face. reema was sobbing uncontrollably now as aditi triumphantly straddled her chest and viciously slapped reema’s face from side to side. reema was a spent force and screamed her surrender, telling aditi she had had enough. aditi sat back in disgust, spat at reema and said, ‘I thought you said you were going to win this one bitch?’. ‘Now we know who the better woman is, don’t we?’ reema feebly nodded her agreement.

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