Amisha vs Bipasha, the rematch - By Tuwada

Getting tickets to see Amisha Patel fight Bipasha Basu for the second time was incredibly hard but I lucked out when a scalper sold me front row tickets. It was a greatly anticipated rematch considering how easily Amisha had destroyed bipasha the first time they met. No one expected bipasha to even want a rematch, let alone demand it, but the spunky spitfire was the one who pushed for it and Amisha wasn't a lady to let any challenge go unanswered.

A chorus of boos erupted in the auditorium as Amisha headed down the runway toward the ring. She flipped the bird to many of the fans, letting them know she felt the same way about them. When she reached the ring and flung off her ring robe she was dressed in a two piece black bikini with a white star on each breast and a third one on her crotch.

Amisha grabbed the microphone and started ranting, "Alright bipasha, you little whore! Get your fucking fat ass out here so I can show all these wonderful people just what a slut you really are!"

The fans again erupted, but this time with cheers as bipasha answered Amisha's call. bipasha walked around the ringside area high-fiving the fans and completely ignoring Amisha. As she approached the side of the ring where I was sitting, Amisha jumped out of the ring and landed a few feet from bipasha with only the referee between them. I could tell from my advantage point that Amisha was there not just to fight but to destroy bipasha once and for all.

"Come on you little whore!" screamed Amisha "Let's get this done!"

Bipasha calmly rolled over and climbed into the ring leaving Amisha on the outside arguing with the ref. She quickly disrobed revealing her hot pink bikini. Catcalls and whistles could be heard through the arena. I too lusted for bipasha and joined in the fun.

Amisha entered the ring and walked straight up to bipasha. You could see she was a good taller as bipasha as they stood nose to nose. They're breasts were lightly touching as they glared hatefully into the others eyes. This was to be a grudge match and in a grudge match….anything goes! The fight would end only when one of the girls was unconscious; the referee was there simplyto raise the hand of the winner.
All of a sudden Amisha shot her right hand out and slapped bipasha! As the bipasha rocked back, Amisha followed with a straight knee to her stomach. The moves caught bipasha by surprise and the knee momentarily knocked the wind from her. As she bent over grasping her stomach, Amisha brought her knee up into bipasha's forehead. She went sprawling over backward and landed heavily on her back. bipasha lay stunned, her vision clouded by the tears that welled up in her eyes. Through her clouded vision bipasha saw Amisha step forward and swing her leg to kick. Purely out of instinct, she rolled away and Amisha's foot only caught her in the ribs, doing little damage.

bipasha managed to roll to the corner where she began to rise with the aid of the ring ropes. As she did, Amisha was content to stand in the center of the ring and wait. Out of pure adrenaline, I rose to my feet with several other fans and screamed for bipasha to, "Kick'er ass!"

bipasha moved out of the corner and headed toward Amisha who was waiting patiently. They locked up in the center of the ring and surprisingly bipasha was able to back Amisha into the corner. Then with a primal scream, bipasha began sending kneelift after kneelift into Amisha's hard stomach. After about the sixth one, bipasha grabbed Amisha by her hair and heaved her out of the corner to the center of the ring where she landed on her back with a loud grunt. As Amisha lay there, bipasha bounced off the ring ropes and landed a perfectly executed legdrop across Amisha's chest.

bipasha quickly got to her feet and repeated the move - again successfully. Then bipasha reached down and dragged Amisha to her feet by her hair and proceeded to knock her backward down with a clothesline. I stood there cheering bipasha on as she climbed up and stood on the middle ring rope, waving and acknowledging her fans.
Unfortunately, taking a curtain call was a mistake on bipasha's part - one she would live to regret it. As she celebrated prematurely, Amisha got to her feet and walked up behind her. She kicked bipasha between the legs so hard that it would have made a football kicker jealous. The look on bipasha's face was pure shock as she tumbled off of the ropes and landed on her back in the ring with both hands holding her wounded crotch.

"What do you think of your sweet little bitch now?" screamed Amisha to the angry fans.

She then walked over to her opponent who was still on her back moaning in agony.
"Just think cunt, I'm just getting started. What I did to you last time is tame compared to what I'm gonna do now!"

Amisha proceeded to tear bipasha's bikini top off - the flimsy material tore away fairly easily - and like a savage dog she was on top of bipasha. Both hands wrapped around the base of bipasha's breasts, digging in with both sets of fingernails. Amisha's bared teeth found bipasha's erect right nipple and she viciously began chewing. bipasha was screaming and her legs were kicking around wildly as she tried to escape this torture. It seemed like an eternity before Amisha finally released bipasha's breasts and stood up to the jeers of the crowd. Again she flipped them the bird....then she moved back over to the prone body of bipasha who lay crying on the mat, her fluttering hands like frail little birds as they tried unsuccessfully to comfort her aching tits.

"I wouldn't be too concerned about those fuckin' tits if I were you!" Amisha hissed as she grabbed bipasha by the hair and flipped her up over her shoulder.

Amisha paraded around the ring for a few seconds before violently dropping bipasha on her back. bipasha's back impacted with Amisha's outstretched knee in a perfectly executed backbreaker. Now bipasha lay sprawled on her side holding her back. I screamed a warning to her that Amisha was climbing the ropes like so many others were doing these days, but it was no use. Amisha leaped off the top rope and squashed bipasha with a big splash. The wind was again knocked from her and she rolled over onto her stomach.

Then Amisha jumped on the back of bipasha's shoulders facing her feet, grabbed her bikini bottom and wrenched them up into her ass and pussy giving her a very painful wedgie. I could tell by the pained expression on bipasha's face she was in a great deal of pain. I felt sorry for her while at the same time I was loving it. Go figure! Amisha kept pulling and sawing the material deeper into her helpless victim until she decided that enough was enough.

Amisha stood up, but never letting go of bipasha's bottoms and pulled them down her sexy legs just as slick as you please. Finally yanked them off over her kicking feet. It was easy for Amisha at this point to roll bipasha onto her back because both hands were once again massaging her snatch.

"Well lookee here! The bitch actually grew her hair back!" Amisha chuckled as she looked down at bipasha's now bushy cunt. "It looks like I'm gonna have to do something about that!"

"Please," begged bipasha. "Don't!"

Her plea fell on deaf ears as Amisha reached down and grabbed a fistful of pubic hair.

"You stupid little fuckin' CUNT! I'll do whatever I feel like!" screamed Amisha as she pulled up, lifting bipasha's hips in the air. She hung suspended momentarily, then, with an awful scream, the hair roots gave way and Amisha stumbled back holding a handful of bipasha's growth. bipasha began wailing like a banshee at this new assault on her dignity - and her body!

"Shut the fuck up!" yelled Amisha as she shoved the pubic hairball in bipasha's wide open mouth.

Out of desperation bipasha reached up and grabbed Amisha's right boob. She squeezed as hard as she was able. Amisha gasped as she was caught unaware by this underhanded attack on her pride and joys.

"So you wanta pull tits huh!" she gasped. "Okay lets pull tits then!"

Amisha reached out an captured both of bipasha's pink nipples between her thumb and forefinger, then she began twisting like she was opening a couple of quart beer bottles. This only lasted about ten seconds before bipasha released Amisha's boob and grabbed her wrists in a feeble attempt to ease the pain in her own ravaged breasts. Eventually, Amisha let go of her boobs and stood up to admire her work.
bipasha was left sprawled on the mat, writhing in pain, crying and pleading, "Please stop! You've already won! Don't hurt me anymore!"

Amisha smiled down at bipasha, "Sorry bitch. Begging don't work on me! I told you I was gonna make you regret this and I'm gonna do just that!"

She grabbed bipasha's hair and dragged her to her feet. She shoved the black beauty back in the corner and proceeded to tie her to the ropes with strips torn from bipasha's own bikini. bipasha fought weakly but she was quickly and easily tied to the ring corner, her legs spread-eagled. Amisha stood in front of her with her hands on her hips, her head cocked to one side and a cruel smile on her lips as she listed to bipasha's continued please.

"Please Amisha! Don't! No more. I'm hurt bad!"

"Not as bad as you're gonna be," Amisha whispered in her ear.

I watched fascinated as Amisha curled her right hand in a fist and gave bipasha's pussy an uppercut. Then another and another and another! bipasha was barely conscious when Amisha did something no one in the building expected. She dropped to her knees so that she was inches away from bipasha's pussy - leaned forward, opened her mouth - and buried her teeth into it! bipasha bellowed and screamed as her womanhood was attacked. There was nothing she or anyone else could do, her arms and legs were tied up tight and she couldn't defend herself. Amisha remained there, shaking her head like a dog with a bone until bipasha's screams stopped as she passed out.

When Amisha finally pulled away, there was blood on her mouth and more running down the insides of bipasha's legs. Amisha paraded around the ring with her arms raised while I and others sat in shock as to what we'd witnessed. We thought it was over but unfortunately for bipasha it wasn't. Amisha untied her and bodyslammed her spread-eagled onto the mat. Then she got a cup of beer from one of the audience and poured it on bipasha's face to revive her.

bipasha was a sobbing mess as she realized what happened. At this point the referee entered the ring and raised Amisha's hand. She pulled away and went to grab bipasha again, but the referee got between them and warned Amisha that the fight was over and she should leave. He told her if she didn't, he'd forcefully remove her. Amisha just laughed as she kicked him in the nuts. Even before he fell to the mat Amisha had him by his drawers and heaved him over the top rope to the floor below. She turned back to bipasha who had just gotten to her knees. Her eyes widened as Amisha approached her and bipasha raised her hands.

"Please senorita," she begged in . "I'm beaten. I can't take anymore."

"That's too bad bitch," Amisha laughed. "'I got plenty more to give!"

bipasha squealed in pain as Amisha dragged her to her feet by her hair. She picked her up into a suplex, held her there for a few moments and then dropped her crotch first on the top rope. All this happened right in front of me and I actually saw part of the rope disappear between bipasha's pussy lips. Amisha grabbed the rope and began bouncing it up and down. I noticed tears running down bipasha's face as I could imagine the pain she was in as she rode the rope like a bucking bronco; the thinly coated steel cable wedging itself violently into her pussy each time she bounced on it.

Amisha then ran to the other side of the ring, rebounded off the opposite ropes, came running back and hit bipasha on the side of her head with a flying dropkick. The force of the blow knocked her from her perch and she landed on three people sitting in the front row. One of them yours truly! I swear, I had the best view of the house considering that bipasha's pussy was iinches from my face. I saw scratches on her tits inflicted by Amisha's fingernails early in the fight.

I wished this wouldn't end but Amisha was now outside the ring and she grabbed bipasha again. She pulled her up off me and through back into the ring, then turned to me and said, "You better go see a doctor tomorrow! You never know what kind of fuckin' disease the bitch has!"

Amisha returned to the ring bipasha was laying on her back barely moving. She took no pity on bipasha as she began stomping her tits.
"You're so fuckin' proud of your tits. By the time I'm finished with them they're gonna look like sacks of shit!"

After taking several kicks to her already tender tits, bipasha managed to roll onto her stomach to shield her battered chest. Amisha didn't seem to care. She mounted bipasha's back, grabbed a handful of her hair and hauled her head back as far as she could. bipasha's mouth opened but I didn't here a sound, she must have been in too much pain. Her back was arched back as Amisha continued to pull on her long hair.
"I'm gonna scalp you, cunt!" screamed Amisha.

After Amisha released bipasha's hair with one hand, she reached around and grabbed her pussy from behind with it. Again bipasha's mouth went wide as if to scream but again she made no sounds. For almost a minute Amisha continued her torture of poor bipasha, pulling hair from both her head and her crotch until bipasha again collapsed into unconsciousness.

Amisha stood up and looked down disdainfully at her. She noticed that coming down the aisle towards the ring were several security enforcers. Her fun was just about over so, as a parting gift, she grabbed bipasha's bikini bottoms from the corner and stuffed them in bipasha's mouth ,making sure that she got a good taste of her own pussy.

"You're lucky bitch! I was gonna sit on your face and show what a real woman's pussy is suppose to look like! You'll have to make do with second best - this time."
bipasha just laid there crying like a baby as Amisha left the ring surrounded by security personnel to a chorus of boos from the audience. I just sat there stunned, amazed at Amisha's attack while I watched several people help bipasha to her feet. Her pussy had been ravaged and there were several bald spots where Amisha had done a job on it. Her tits weren't much better. They'd been pulled, scratched, twisted and even bitten! I wondered if bipasha would ever get in the ring again. I doubted she'd ever be crazy enough to face Amisha Patel again, but only time will tell.

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