The Waiting Room Brawl! - By Tasha

This is a cyberfight chat log. The situation decided was that, Tasha and Nikita meet up in a waiting room for a train. Tasha is wearing a Red top, deep to show my cleavage, Black skirt short, high heels and Nikita is in revelingly low Black top and a Skirt. It's an old waiting room on a little used line, it starts to rain and Nikita closes the door, then the train arrives, stops and leaves without them, because they couldn't get the door open. The door got stuck! Hence these two females are left in the waiting room angry with each other and then they start blaming each other...

Tasha: what did you close that old door for?
Nikita: ohh... so i closed it...who said that its raining heavily?
Tasha: excuse me, you did close it and it was raining, anyone would have just left it a bit open
Nikita: ohh... ya... then why didnt u do it whore (i turn my back n walk towards the seat)
Tasha: listen you closed it before I could react.. bitch (taking a few steps after you)
Nikita: (i turn n show u a middle fingure)
Tasha: (i glare at you and show you a middle finger standing right in front of you)
Nikita: i grab ur hand...
Tasha: slut !
Nikita: n try to twist it...
Tasha: i start to struggle with your hand
Tasha: let go of my hand you bitch
Nikita: i get hold of ur other hand even
Nikita: "b'cos of u we r stuck here now... all night"
Tasha: i turn and twist my hands with yours fighting to break your hold
Tasha: "no it is all your fault.."
Nikita: i push u towards the nearest wall... n put pressure on u
Tasha: pulling on your hands letting the push help to break one of my hands free... grabbing for your hair with my left hand pushing my hips into your belly and dragging you round onto the wall
Nikita: ahhhhhhh...
Nikita: "bitch"
Tasha: "slut"
Nikita: i sway my hand n slap u
Tasha: aaaaaahhh
Nikita: n then grab ur hair
Tasha: fighting to get my hand free pushing my body into yours pulling at your hair
Tasha: "let go of my hair you bitch"
Nikita: "u slut, what do u think of ur self..."
Tasha: "you whore"
Nikita: i grab the coller of ur top
Tasha: "i think it wasn't my fault... and i'm stuck all night with a slut like you"
Tasha: aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh
Nikita: n to release urself... u pull urself back... n it gets torn
Tasha: "don't you dare bitch"
Tasha: i grab for your top and drag hard away from you the clothing rips and your top is now baring your chest
Nikita: u whore...
Tasha: (are you wearing a bra underneath)
Nikita: now how will i travel?
Nikita: bitch... i tare the rest of ur top
Tasha: what a slut.. what am i going to do now !
Tasha: i grab for the rest of your top and pull it away
Nikita: taking the chance...i do the same...
Nikita: n push u towards the wall...
Nikita: we r looking eye to eye now...
Tasha: my black bra is exposed now i only stand in my bra and short skirt
Nikita: eyes red with anger n hatered
Tasha: coming off the wall and grabbing for you again throwing you sideways into the wall
Tasha: glaring into your eyes in fury
Tasha: both getting wildly angry with the other
Nikita: (we so close that our brests have a contact)
Tasha: (pushing into each others bras)
Nikita: ahhhhh ...
Tasha: slapping across your face
Tasha: "aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh"
Tasha: grabbing for your hair again
Nikita: "yeahhhh...ahhhhhh"
Nikita: i press my tits against urs
Nikita: they r hard n pricking now
Tasha: bra to bra my face right in your face
Tasha: i press my tits back into your tits letting go of your hair and slapping your face once more
Nikita: n pull ur black bra off...
Tasha: i drag my bra off and away from you
Nikita: at first both of us get a bit embarsed abt it... but then hateread taked over again
Tasha: now we're standing with bare tits facing each other
Tasha: "bitch"
Nikita: "i'll show u who's the better BITCH!" n i pounce on u...
Tasha: "come on then and try it WHORE!"
Tasha: grabbing for you as you pounce on me ... i try to turn and throw you down but i can feel myself falling
Nikita: i grab ur hair with one hand... n get a grip on ur brest with the other
Tasha: "aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh"
Nikita: "hows this bitch..." i squzee
Tasha: letting go of your hair with both hands and taking hold of your breasts with them... squeezing and twisting your tits
Tasha: "aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh you BITCH"
Nikita: "ahhhhhh..ahhuuuuu"
Tasha: "how do you like that bitch"
Nikita: "slut..." i slap u with one hand
Tasha: "ooooooooooooohhh"
Nikita: n slap on ur boob with the other hand...
Tasha: i hang onto your tits and twist and squeeze them
Tasha: "aaaaaaaaaahhhh"
Nikita: u release me... n go stumbling a bit back... n give a nasty smile...
Tasha: i step forward for a second and slap across your breasts
Nikita: "ahhhhhh...."
Nikita: n i kick u in ur belly
Tasha: "aaaaaaahhh"
Nikita: i then attach u with my head down...
Nikita: but u catch my head under ur armpits in a side headlock
Tasha: holding you there with my arms around your head... i don't care that you could easily rip down my skirt and panties
Tasha: "i've got you now bitch.. must be humiliating for you nikita to be caught by me like this "
Nikita: "ohh... yeah... smell this..." n i pull ur skirt
Tasha: "oooooooohhh you bitch", I reach from the back to my skirt... holding the sidehold
Tasha: grabbing for the zip and pulling it away.. then pulling down on your skirt
Nikita: n grab it, i release the hold... n get back, but the skirt being in ur hand... it gets badly toarn
Tasha: my own skirt is torn as i step with it round my lower legs
Tasha: "look what you've made me do now slut"
Nikita: now...we are step far from each other...
Nikita: breathing heavily... have a look at each others mean - lean bodies, top down stares... typical...
Tasha: each matching the others body and giving each other a good look over
Nikita: "what's that doing there still...", n come ahead n pull down ur panties
Nikita: surprisingly u dont react much, as if expecting it
Tasha: "what are those still doing there"
Tasha: i let you come close and start pulling down my panties.. and even step out of them.. then i take your panties down
Tasha: "you won't need those"
Nikita: then we again move far n stare...
Tasha: there is no reaction from you as i pull down your panties
Tasha: each taking another look over the other
Tasha: circling each other
Nikita: "tasha, we r locked in this room for the night... "
Tasha: "yes nikita we are .. just the two of us"
Nikita: "we are perfect matches when it comes to physical strengths"
Nikita: "lets see who the better women is..."
Tasha: "you're right we will not be able to break each other in a catfight"
Tasha: "yes let's find out who the better woman is"
Nikita: n then we start comig closer...
Tasha: closer and closer to each other
Nikita: i put my hand in ur hair... not to pull...but to caress
Tasha: my hand goes to your hair and i smooth down the side of your head
Tasha: my breasts touch yours as we are so close again
Nikita: "ahhhhhhhh....tasha u r gooood"
Tasha: "oooooooohhh"
Nikita: n i press my hard tit on urs
Tasha: "nikita you are very good" pushing my tits back into yours
Tasha: my leg starts to go between your legs
Nikita: "ahhh..."
Nikita: i suddenly...get hold of ur neck...
Nikita: n bring ur face close to mine
Tasha: belly rubs on your belly
Nikita: "kiss meeeeeee bitch...."
Tasha: my hands close round the back of your head and i pull your face closer to my own
Tasha: "yes nikita.. and you kiss meee bitch"
Tasha: opening my mouth and kissing you long and deep
Nikita: "uhhmmmmmmm....ahhhhh"
Nikita: (i can feel ur toungue wrigling inside mine)
Tasha: my hard nipples pointing into your tits between us
Nikita: n we have a sort of fight with the toungues inside the mouth,,,
Tasha: tongues fighting to force each other out then wrestling
Nikita: yaaa
Tasha: "yessssssss...oooooooohhhh"
Nikita: i suddenly give u a bear hug
Nikita: c'mon baby... ahhh ahhh
Tasha: "aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...bitch"
Tasha: dropping my hands round your waist and pulling you into me in a vicious bearhug
Tasha: "yes honey do it... oooooohhhh"
Nikita: we tremble around the room and then reach near the couch, still huging hard
Tasha: breathing hard and both wet sweating
Tasha: i start to sit down on the floor and you have to come down with me
Tasha: "come on bitch take me on woman to woman"
Nikita: ya... n we both settle down n grab the position...
Nikita: c'mon tasha... show me what u r made off?
Tasha: then start to move in on each other crotch to crotch
Tasha: let's find out what you can do nikita
Nikita: "ahh...c'mon bitch"
Tasha: putting my left leg over your right leg..
Tasha: my right leg under your left leg...
Tasha: "bitch... yessss"
Tasha: pushing closer and closer and then we push pussy to pussy
Tasha: i start to grind into your pussy with our clits ready to face each other
Nikita: "yaa yaahh.... yessss... yessssssss"
Tasha: hot wet bitches bring their clits into contact.. they start to fight each other
Nikita: "ahhhh...c'mon...." i keep one hand on the floor... n the other i squzee ur tit
Nikita: (ahhh... all wet n nasty below...)
Tasha: tits crushed as i have a hand in your hair and another squeezing your tit
Tasha: bumping faster and faster into each other
Tasha: "aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh...ooooooooohhhh...go bitch... do it do it..."
Nikita: "ahhhhhh... fuck u tashaaa... ahhhh oohhh"
Tasha: "you bitch, fuck you...ooooooohhhh", bouncing and banging clit to clit
Nikita: lips of our pussies stuck to each other because of the wetness
Tasha: each pussy hungry for the other
Nikita: "ahhh...come inside me tasha...moreee"
Tasha: clits rubbing together sucking at each other
Tasha: "you cum bitch nikita... cum on honey you want it..."
Tasha: letting go of your hair and tit and grabbing your ass cheeks
Nikita: "yaa... so do u..." we r bouncing heavily...
Tasha: pushing harder and harder bouncing into each other
Nikita: i lean forward... n suck ur tit... hard!
Tasha: "oooooooohhh..aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh...bitch"
Nikita: "ahh...c'mon....."
Tasha: we drive crotch to crotch, pushing and banging
Nikita: "ahhh... push bitchhh"
Tasha: bouncing and moaning.. yelling out loud
Tasha: finally i have to ...
Nikita: "ahhhhhh.......! ummmmmmm"
Nikita: "ahhhhh...tasha... "
Nikita: we hug each other lightly n fall...tired...
Tasha: "nikita... "

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