Tabu vs Bipasha - By Rohit

Tabu & Bipasha both were spl officers. Equally tall & well built. Both were in the same camp taking all the trainings together. Also living as neighbours in their side-by-side bungalows & they’re being good neighbours to each other developed into a good friendship too.

It was the vacations & they both decided to spend it together this time. They were in kitchen trying to arrange some dinner for them. Both in tight outfits.

Tabu opened the refrigerator.

Hyderabadi biryani again?’ Bipasha.

Why not u also try to take this. It is very good for health.’ Tabu.

Do u feel my health is not that good?’ Bipasha

I didn’t say so.’ Tabu

Then?’ Bipasha

I hope u didn’t forgot our last week end night?’ Tabu

Probably m not going to forget that through out my life.’ Bipasha.

I too.’ Tabu coming close to Bipasha & standing very close besides her neck-to-neck facing the kitchen wall in front of the otta.

Shall we have it again today?’ Tabu staring down waiting for Bipasha’s answer.

Why not lets have it again tonight.’ Bipasha both looking downwards.

At what time? Boldly lifting her face & glaring straight at eyes of Bipasha.

Immediately after dinner at 10 ?’ Bipasha.

Done.’ Tabu w/o shifting her eyes from Bipasha’s.

Done.’ Bipasha also giving a look at Tabu’s eyes which were straight on them.

Together they had a dinner sitting across in front of each other on the same table. Today their feet’s didn’t touch each other under the table. They had dinner silently with their heads down not looking at each other at all, only sometimes raising their hands to pick the eatables from the bowls. However curiously looking at each other’s intake. Nobody wanted to go with less proteins intake compared to the other. After finishing well quickly they came on their feet’s & went to their respective dressing rooms for the final dress ups.

R u ready?’ Bipasha was the first to call Tabu on Intercom.

U just carry on I will b coming in seconds. Tabu.

Bipasha came out, locked the room from outside, checked it properly & tossing the keys up in the air she moved playfully towards the big hall.

It was a very big hall about 70’x30’. Presently dark from inside. Bipasha first put on the low power black, milky orange bulbs.

Sorry little late.’ Tabu

Its ok.’ Bipasha

Both were in tightly fitted black tighties. Nothing can b tighter than this. The muscular legs & buttocks looking terrific under the tight fitted black tighties. Arms bare from shoulders r also looking fabulous under this dress code. Hairs tightly wrapped on each other & knotted upto waist in belly fashion.

So we r at it again. Hope I will not repeat the mistakes I committed last week.’ Bipasha.

‘Do u think me to repeat the mistakes, then u r completely wrong.’ Tabu

‘M not saying so. I know we both r excellent.” Bipasha

‘But may b one little more.’ Tabu

‘Whose that lets test.’ Bipasha

‘Lets begin, but today we will continue till we decide.’ Tabu.

‘Done’ Bipasha.

‘Done’ Tabu, both were ready.

Both came in exact center stage of the hall. Both put their hands on each other’s shoulders & looking straight at each other’s eyes.

‘ Oos din to batch gayi’ Bipash’s tongue slipped.

‘Hey c’mon now. Pl don’t joke. Bhagne walo mein pahale tu hi thi.’ Tabu.

‘Kya? Bhagi mein thi?’ Bipasha asked surprisingly.

‘There is no point in talking now.’ Tabu said more on the point. ‘Lets prove.Why only talk?’ Tabu.

‘Come’ Bipasha.

‘Come.’ Tabu.

Both locked their arms first. Both pushing each other as hard as possible. Hands shaking. Bipasha first pushed Tabu back by two steps, but Tabu held back strongly without allowing Bipasha to push her back further. Bipasha getting encouraged by this employed some more strength, but it was also a chance for Tabu to prove her mettle being slightly down which she was proving very soundly proving Bipasha what Tabu realy is. It was a terrific battle. At the end Tabu came out very strongly twisting Bipasha’s hands completely & held them at her opponents back. It was as if Bipasha – 2 & Tabu 4. Bipasha held her strongly & to much of Tabu’s surprise dragged her to her front, both had a slap each other on arms while they both tried to hold each others arms more strongly. Again the same arm lock with which it began. In this clearly Bipasha was again emerging more strong at the beginning. She again seemed to bend on Tabu’s chest first, but this time Tabu didn’t allow it. They matched each other quiet equally & with their arms still locked they automatically had to turn to their sides as their waists touched each other from the sides. With their arms locked their waists also locked side to side & some rough pushes prevailed between them. Bipasha came out breaking the lock as the two girls clashed front to front. It was a heavy dragging between the two girls in which both proved quiet equal. Again they held each other’s neck strongly in their arms. Tabu got the upper hand as she pressed Bipasha down & down. Bipasha held back instead dragged Tabu’s neck down & down.

‘Chod.’ Tabu quipped.

‘Pahale tu chod.’ Quipped Bipasha.

‘Tabu with her full strength dragged Bipasha forward. Their legs locked & it was Bipasha to fall heavily on the floor first. She tried to escape but Tabu was very strong on her. They locked very tightly.

‘Not with me’ Tabu being on top position.

‘Just wait a second’ Bipasha just before making retaliation move. The two girls locked with each other more strongly as slowly Bipasha’s body tilted up.

‘Not with me right?’ Bipasha exaggerating her all pressure.

‘I will show u.’ Tabu trying hard to fix her knee in between. Bipasha trying to sit on Tabu’s chest, but as soon as she did it Tabu fixed her long powerful leg against Bipasha’s throat. She easily managed to push Bipasha back with her powerful leg. As she tried to come up, Bipasha again poured her full body wt on top of her as Tabu went down again but locked Bipasha very powerfully between her legs. It was so powerful that Bipasha was unable to have a firm grip on her. With her full pressure Tabu got on top of Bipasha. Bipasha tried to neutrilize Tabu’s leg grip with hers. A small tussle between the legs persisted between the lower parts. Then Bipasha applied her full pressure so as Tabu. This time Tabu won as Bipasha gave up but for only a second. Bipasha again applied full pressure. Tabu again started countering it with her full strength. Bipasha rolled on top. Still down but Tabu’s grip was still very strong. She managed to throw down Bipasha strongly & immediately tried to sit on her chest. It was probably the same mistake, which Bipasha did. This time exactly on the same line Bipasha hooked her heavy leg against Tabu’s Throat. Tabu could not manage. Her ass thudded on the ground. As Bipasha got up a big catfight erupted between the two tall & strong girls & there was nobody to stop it. Tabu pulling Bipasha by hairs. Bipasha trying to notch Tabu’s hairs. Ooo my my. Now Bipasha on top. Tabu locked her neck in her legs. Both again catching each other’s hairs. Its not the exact way two officers shall fight.

'We shouldn't fight like this.' Tabu stopping a while.
'U started it first.' Bipasha.
'Who me?' Tabu surprisingly, trying to fix her legs over Bipasha's calfs.
'Of-course u.' Bipasha being on top.
'I don't need this.' Tabu.
'Then show what u need.' Bipasha.
'Just a moment.' Tabu said much sharply.

Upto now Bipasha looked little more better,

To b continued - today surely they will decide who's better between them.If requied both will have to come with lesser cloths, arm wrestlings & Yes ASS wrestlings if anything is left. Eh ..........

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