Sonali vs Aarti - By Ramesh

2 young college gals , met at a common friends wedding.. both are very damn beautiful n have never met before... one is Sonali.. at the wedding reception... wearing a light blue glitter saree.. blue quater sleeve blouse..silver high heels.. figure must be of 32 26 30.. hair loose.. shoulder length.. brown coloured.. with light blue nail polish.. Other is Aarti..wearing orange glitterin sleveless high heels...figure must be tied in orange nail polish Sonali is sitting on a chair.. cross legged with Pepsi.. she is very tired.. Aarti pass by but Sonali's leg obstructs her...

Aarti:remove ur leg please

Sonali: oh.. i m very tired.. please move from back side or the other side or move this front chair..

Aarti: why dont u get aside instead of disturbing the whole arrangement..besides i am not asking you do some hard work

Sonali: okkkkk.. (moving her leg aside.. giving aarti a glare.. & then drinkin pepsi again..)

Aarti: thanks...and stop glaring please

Sonali: why will i glare at u miss...

Aarti: thats what u were doing dear ..thats why i told u now i dont want to get in any argument

Sonali: aah.. as if i want to get into argument..

Aarti: thats what ur doing..why r u so proudy

Sonali: i aint proudy ok

Aarti: u r ..thats the way u r behaving

Sonali: ok i m.. & u also seem to be quite proudy too

Aarti: i dont behave like that...its u who is compelling me

Sonali: neither do i.. lets cut it out.. why r we arguing.. by the way i m sonali..

Aarti: i m aarti..nice meeting u anyways

Sonali: ha ha u know our meet was not nice..

Aarti: yes...but would be happy if we stayed friends...otherwise..

Sonali: hmmm otherwise... ??

Aarti: u know what i mean...i would rip off ur ugly saree n humiliate uy like anythin!!

Sonali: woww.. thats quite a dhamki.. i m so scared..

Aarti:Good .. u better be..

Sonali:Oh shut up.. u think u r lookin better then me in that saree..? gimme a break!!

Aarti: shut up bitch!!

Sonali: Mind you language slut!!

(both glaring at eachother... )

Aarti: Why dont we settle this girl to girl ???

Sonali: Yeah U R ON!!

Aarti: ok lets book a room at the hotel..lets go there and settle it.. lets see who is the best.. RIGHT NOW!! may the best girl win..

Sonali: yeahh..

(and both start walkin 2gether..)

Sonali: by the way.. nice saree.. how will u feel when it gets torn?

Aarti: High hopes.. its ur saree which will get torned..

Sonali: lets see wht happens in the hotel..

(Both r walkin as if it is a catwalK.. matching step to step..)

(as they enter the hotel room..aarti closes the door and comes in front of sonali standing face to face)

Aarti: what do u have to say now

Sonali: bring it on babes.. i strike u a sexy pose.. (puttin end of saree tightly near navell...)

Sonali:lets fight like older females do.. what say.. our desi style.. kaay boltes(means wht say)

Aarti: i too tie end of pallu near my navel amd stand tit to tit..baghu tuzyat kiti dum ahe(mean lets see how much strength u got)

Sonali: tujya peksha jast g..(means more then u)

(as both start pushin only with tits.. hands on hips..

Sonali: aahhhhhhmmmp

Aarti: uhhhhh...

(both fall on the bed and bearhug each other rolling over each other as thiers tits match

(their legs get entagled.. as they roll..& both fall at the side..)

(both get up n come at centre again )

Aarti: are u scared...give up and i will let u go..( bringing her choti forward)

Sonali: no i m not.. (as she pulls up one side of my saree.. n put her one leg forward.. showin her beautiful sexy leg upto thigh to aarti)

Aarti: hmm good...(*as aarti lifts one end and puts her white thigh against sonali's)

Sonali: see my thigh is better (as both start pushing with thighs..)

both keep pushing neither getting any advantage both again get back..

Aarti:are u tired bitch?

Sonali: not yet bitch... what about u slut??

Aarti: no bitch (loosening her hair)

(Both r glaring at eachother... & circlin u slowly walkin a catwalk...) (Both r about to leap onto one another when aarti's dad's phone comes.. she takes her breath n answers the call.. her dad is callin her home so she has to go..)

Sonali: hey i guess u heard the conversation. so dont feel i m scared... her is my cell no. message me when u r free.. this is not over bitch.. lets decide n finish this someday

Aarti: Yeah.. her is my cell no. slut.. (they glare once more for a final time.. both reaarange their sarees , tie their hair n move out the hotel 2gether.. again walkin , matchin eachothers steps.. & then both go seperate direction... n within 5 minutes both r exchanging messages like bitch, slut, Kutiya, raand)

they r gonna be back!!!!!

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