Sister in Law Birthday Bash - By Catfight Master

This is a semi real story and we have spiced it up else it would be boring. But yes the theme is real n nudity was involved. It sher first attempt n she would be happy if you guys give her encouragement. This mail ID I share with my girlfriends n you are requested to send the feedback on this one so that she can read her. Her name is also Puja n we have named one character as Puja (names are fake)

Sister in Law Birthday Bash

Puja was married to gayatri’s brother. Both were almost the same age in late 20’s but hated each other from the core of their heart.

Puja had organised her baby’s first birthday and was very excited about it. Gayatri had taken up the job of getting return gifts for the kids. The party was a lavish one. Puja bought a very expensive saree for herself, she was an exremely beautiful girl with large boobs 38c. Puja was the kind that any guy who looked at her once was sure to skip a beat and there would’nt be a girl that would not envy her but within her heart had to admire this stunning beauty.

Gayatri on the other hand was also beautiful but not close to puja and had small boobs 34B and bit plumpish.

As usual on the day of party Puja was looking stunning in her Saree that made gayatri more jealous who was also in a saree. Both girls reached the venue before the party began to organise everything and thats when Puja realised there are no return gifts for the kids. She asked Gayatri who was reponsible fo rthis and she said that she forgot. Puja was fuming and in front of her entire relatives she spoke harshly for this ignorance. Gayatri kept quite that moment.

After the party got over Gayatri n Puja went home early with the baby and entire way back did not speak to each other. They reached the house and both went in their rooms. While puja was taking off saree she could not get over the irresponsible act of Gayatri and while only wearing Blouse and peticote went to speak to Gayatri. Without knocking the door Puja just barged in to the room. Gayatri was only in a Bra and was untieing her Peticote. Looking at puja she stopped for a second but then continued to remove her Peticote. "How could you do this" said puja. Gayatri now had removed her Peticote and stood in front of Puja wearing a yellow bra n a red panty. "I said im sorry I forgot" said gayatri "besides I did not like the way you spoke be careful next time". Puja was fuming n said "You must be busy sucking cocks to forget , aint u satisfied with one dammit cock of your husband or is it too small"
"You are my sister in law else had shown you for this, Beside why did you not remind me, maybe you were busy apne Baigan jaise bade Boobs ke liye Bra doondne mein" to this pooj said "of course when i have such massive boobs why shudnt i dress them up, satin n lace on huge boobs sexxxy n a real turn on isnt it. not like urs ki bra paheno ya na paheno kuch fark hi nahin padta." puja could not control herself and she pounced on gayatri. Both girls caught each other in bare hug and fell on the bed rolling over each other. Puja’s peticote was to her waist revealing her sexy bumless panty. Gayatri got an opportunity and she tore her blouse leaving puja in her black Bra revealing massive cleavage. Puja was red with anger she got hold of Gayatri bra and pulled it leaving her topless. Gayatri said " Sali Bhainchod Aaj tuhje nanga kardoongi" " Randi sali Kya main chodungi tujhe" said Puja. They both were punching each other and one punch on puja’s boobs was enough to get her tits out of the bra. Puja herself removed her bra and while she was doing this gayatri cupped Puja's boobs began squeezing it , puja also caught Gaytri's boobs and pressed it with her full strength. Both were feeding mothers and in this boob squeeze milk started to ooze out of puja's boobs,

'Tera Doodh Nikal doongi'said gayatri. Puja also pressed gayatri's boobs and milk began flowing from gayatri's boob too. 'Dekhte hain kaun kiska doodh nikalta hain, mere bade boobs main tere chote boob se jayda doodh hain. mere boobs mein itna doodh hai ki yahan ganga beh jayegi: said puja.After a while milk stopped coming out of gayatri;s boobs " Tera doodh khatam hogaya randi, lekin mere boobs mein abhi bhi bahut doodh hain, tu thak jayegi lekin mere boob se doodh khatam nahin hoga aur tera snan bhi ho jayega aur ab dekhna mere bade ter choton ko kaise crush karte hain". she rolled over her put her massive boobs on Gaytri’s small ones n started thrusting her with her big boobs. Gaytri tried to face the challenge and without resisting allowed her boobs to face puja’s boobs. They went boob to boob n nipple to nipple, big boobs had covered small ones so much so that gaytri was looking boobless. it seem that the small boobs had suddenly vanished
Puja released her boobs and began punching her , gayatri was now feeling the pain of Puja’s blows. Gayatri was on the floor, puja pulled her panty out leaving gayatri completely nude. Shen then said " TU to mujhe nanga nahin karsaki lekin maine tujhe nanga kardia" she then dialled her friend on mobile and said something. Gayatri was lying on the floor crying and puja lay on the bed thrusting her pussy in gaytris face. she told her to lick it. Gayatri had no other choice. she started removing her panty with her teeth and hungrily licked poojas shaven pussy . she licked n licked till pooja groaned with organsm. Pujas friend Giri had already come in and was high to see puja n gayt in such a state "did youll fight""yes we did and the reason I called you Giri is that I want you to fuck gayatri in front of me and after fucking her you have a reward coming up.U have to lick me till i have n no. of ogansms n i will make u come in between my huge boobs"

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