A Short Real Catfight Story - By Sonali Kunwar

Hi, my name is Sonali, and I am going to narrate a small catfight incident which I have seen by my very own eyes! This is about a fight between my aunt and my friend's mom.

First let me tell something about both the females. Both are tall and slim with ok boobs and both wear sarees. One fine day my aunt was at home, and my friends mom arrived. I really don’t know what started the argument, but my friends mom, lets call her Sheela and my aunt Priti started abusing each other badly. I went outside to see what the matter is but I was scared so I just stood there… watching.

Suddenly Sheela slapped Priti! Priti was shocked for a while but she instantly slapped Sheela back. This was followed by an exchange of angry looks. At this Sheela grabbed the pallu of Priti and pulled it. I was really surprised by this! But to my surprise even, Priti did the same! They grabed each other and went round the hall pulling at each other's sarees, one of them lost balance and they both rolled on the ground, their hips thrashing wildy.

Their pallus came off and their boobs were smashed on each other. I was surprised and a bit aroused by this sight. Sheela was wearing a blue blouse and Priti's was in white sleeveless. They abused, rolled screaming their lunds out. By this time, their sarees were in shambles. Suddenly Sheela grabbed Priti from behind and locked her and squeezed her boobs doggy style. Priti screamed and some how rolled over and grabbed Sheela’s boobs. This was followed by Sheela and Priti aside, squeezing each other's boobs. I was really scared by this as I had never seen anything of this kind. Hence I intervened and broke them apart.

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