A short catfight story - By Deep

“Rand Sali ! apne is haramjade bacche ko sambhal ke rakh warna ise kaat dalungi” Salma shouted furiously at her neighbour.

Pooja’s son Amit had kicked the ball in Salma’s garden while playing football. Unfortunately it ha landed on the rose bed destroying the roses. As Salma came to know the incident she rushed to Pooja’s house. Furious Salma was abusing Pooja. Pooja was quiet tolerant in the beginning and apologized for the whole incident. However Salma was not satisfied by the apology. She kept on her abuse shouting obscenities at Pooja.

“Salma apni jaban ko lagam de. Bewakufon ki tarah baat mat kar.” Pooja said while trying to keep her cool. The constant abuse was making her lose her temper.

“ Are ja kamini tu kya mujhe batayegi. Tere jaisi randiyan bahut dekh hi maine.” Salma.

“ Chup baith kutti warna tang toke rakh dungi” Pooja screamed losing her temper.

“ Are tu kya meri tang todegi chinal. Tere jaisi randiyon ko main yun pachad sakti hoon. Tujme to ladne ki himmat hi nahin hain.” Salma.

“To tu ladna chahati hain rand. To aaj dekh main tuj jaise randiyon ka kya hall banati hoon.” Pooja.

“ Are haat haramjadi. Aaj dekhte hain tere main kitna dum hain.” Salma.

Both the ladies faced each other in the middle of the room. Salma was 34 years old, 5’6 weighing 57 kgs with her long hair tied in a plait. She looked stunning in her black salwar kameez. Pooja was 33 years old, 5’5 ad weighed 55 kgs and was dressed in a blue saree. Her hair were spun in a bun.

Salma maid the first move. She pushed Pooja back against the wall with force and pinned her to the wall. She held Pooja firmly with one hand while started slapping her with the other.
“Kya kehti hain haramjadi. Tera main aaj aisa haal karungi kit u jindagi bhar yaad rakhegi” Salma smirked at Pooja. She ripped open Pooja’s blouse. Pooja’s beautiful breast covered in white bra sprang free. As Salma went for Pooja’s bra Pooja connected with a stinging slap to Salma’s face. Salma was stunned by this sudden attack. Before she could retaliate Pooja caught her by her plait and banged her head on the wall.

“Mera blouse phadegi rand ab dekhte hain tere boobs main kitna dum hain.” She laughed wickedly and tore Salma’s kammez. As Salma tried to cover her breast Pooja landed a solid punch in her stomach knocking the wind out of her. She tore open her bra and Salma’s beautiful tits swayed freely.

“ Rand, Kamini, haramjadi!” Salma screamed in rage. She dug her knee with full force in Pooja’s stomach. She caught Pooja by her hair and sent her crashing to the floor. Before Pooja could know what was happening Salma was on top of her. She yanked open her bra and started slapping Pooja’s tits. Pooja cried in pain. Salma continued her assault by ripping Pooja’s bun. She caught her by her loose hair and started banging her head furiously on the ground.

Pooja was in a big trouble. For the first time she thought she had chewed more than she can swallow. However her eyes glittered with hope as she saw Salma’s tits hanging free. She dug her nails with hatred in Salma’s tits. Salma’s eyes widened with surprise and pain as Pooja started mauling her breast. She screamed in pain and tried to free herself but Pooja maintained her grip. “Dekh kamini tere boobs ka main kya haal banati hoon. Jindagi bhar tu kabhi bra nahin pehen sakegi.” Pooja shouted at Salma.

Salma tried in vain to free herself. However she realized her only option was to to grab Pooja’s tits. She started to maul Pooja’s soft breast. Pooja let out a cry of pain as Salma started to torture her tits. She was feeling such pain for the first time. She let go Salma’s tits and by yanking her plait rolled over her. Now Pooja had the advantage. Both the ladies continued their breast duel. They were screaming obscenities at each other while continuing to hurt each other’s boobs. However Pooja was gaining the advantage. Salma’s power to fight was coming to an end. Sensing the win Pooja slapped Salma’s hands from her breast and pinned them with her own hands. She now continued to squash Salma’s big tits with her own. Each blow resulted in a howl of pain from Salma. Finally Salma screamed out her surrender. Pooja had emerge victorious in this battle.

She got up and placed her foot on Salma’s breast and said, “ Rand Sali, agli baar tune agar yahan ane ki jurrat ki to tera chyut phad ke rakh dungi.” Smiling wickedly she stomped her foot over Salma’s breast. Then, in a final act of humiliation, Pooja grabbed Salma by her ankles with both hands, and dragged her unceremoniously out of her room and dumped her outside the door.

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