Safari Fight - By Joanne

Dr. Jones in his continuing study of life on earth had booked a safari to Africa to seek out some of the smaller hidden tribes. On this occasion he brought along his 18 yr old daughetr Christine. Christine just having finished high school was not as enthuceastic as her father in seeking lost tribes, but was greatfull for the vacation before heading off to college.

The safari group, 6 of them in number, spent a week in the jungle and plains of Africa before coming upon a small village of tribesmen numbering near 30. Dr. Jones and his group set about doing his studies of which Christine took part mostly by taking pictures of the people in their everyday living. The men of the tribe all wore just loin cloths front and back as did the females all of them bare breasted. And the women were just as bald as the men having no hair.

It just so happened that the tribal leaders eldest son took a fancy to Christine, not having seen many white females before, especially ones with shoulder length blonde hair and perfect figures. Since Dr. Jones didn't understand the language, one of the guides provided interpretation telling them of the son's fancy. Dr. Jones and Christine both agreed that this was not a problem. The guide agreed with them that this was not a problem, however the problem was with a female from the tribe that had been picked to be the son's wife. She was the problem.

Uedi, her name had gone to the tribal leader and voiced her displeasure at his son's outward disregard for her in view of these strangers. The guide pointed out Uedi as she, the leader, his son and several others approached. It was hard to judge her age but she must have been in her mid twenties. Her body was firm and smooth with huge firm breasts.

Christine was a 36C so Uedi had to be a 38. The leader spoke with the guide who answered him then pulled Dr. Jones aside and explained. Uedi has felt wronged not by the son but by Christine and her beauty. The only way for her to save face and respect from the tribe is for her and Christine to wrestle.

Dr. Jones said No his daughter was not going to do any such thing. Besides Dr. Jones felt the guide was alittle to eager to see this himself. By now a lot more of the tribe had gathered around and were talking rather loudly among themselves. The guide told Dr. Jones that do to the circumstances, the 6 of them and the 30 of the tribe he should reconsider.

Dr. Jones thought then pulled Christine over and explained. "No" she protested, "I'm not going to fight her. I don't want her boyfriend, she can have him." The guide told Christine that it wasn't a matter of who gets him any more it
was a matter of respect for Uedi. "I've only been in a couple of fights" Christine protested which raised Dr. Jones eyebrows. "Not a fight" the guide stated, "you wrestle. These people don't fight they settle by wrestleing." Christine finally agreed with the plan to lay down and give up at the first chance.

When the guide told the leader of Christines agreement, the leader brought forth a small chest. The chest contained a few crudly made statues which however were carved from gold. He spoke again to the guide who translated to Dr. Jones and Christine. If Christine wins they would get the gold statues, and Uedi would be made to grow her hair like Christines, thus making her an ugly duckling in the eyes of the tribe. If Uedi wins the gold stays with her and Christine
would be made to shave her head.

This brought protest especially from Christine, which Dr. Jones convinced her she could do it. The tribe began to form a circle around the two girls. "Dad, I can't even pull her hair" "I doubt she would know anything about hairpulling any way " he replied. When the small circle had formed the leader spoke loudly to the guide.The guide once again approached Dr. Jones and informed him that Christine had to take off her top to be equal to Uedi. "I will not" she protested louder then before. Then being convinced once again she slowly un buttoned her blouse and removed it.

All the time Uedi stood facing her arms folded across her bare breasts. Chrisitne undid her bra from the back and slipped out of it tossing it towards her father who was slightly embarassed at seeing his daughter like this. Chrisitne immediatly covered her bare chest with her arms which made all the tribes people laugh and point at her embarassment. One of the men then came out with a stick and drew a small circle around Christine in the dirt. She held her hands open to her father as "whats this?" she could not hear what he replied and thusly took a step towards him.

With that Uedi grabbed her and tried to get her arm around Christines neck. The blonde turned around and slapped Uedi face first one way then back handed her. The tribal girl backed up holding her stinging cheek as a great rumble went up among the tribe becoming louder and louder. The guide said to Dr. Jones, she can't do that, she can't hit her, they have to wrestle. Dr. Jones could see that the man was getting excited. Dr. Jones went to Christine and told her, "The circle was Uedi's way of controlling you or dareing you. Kinda like the old version of step over this line. Once you stepped out of the circle you challenged her dare thats why she jumped on you. And Chris, you can't hit her. No slapping, punching or using those nails of yours. You have to just wrestle with her. These people take this seriously Christine so we have to play by their rules."

Dr. Jones moved away and this time Christine put her hands out in front of her and began moving around Uedi. Uedi turned with her and when they got close enough they grabbed one anothers arms. The tribe broke into cheering and chanting as Uedi and Chrisitne began twisting and truning each other back and forth. Uedi finally released an arm and got Christine in a headlock. The blonde retaliated with the same hold and bending at the waist the slipped to the ground. This caused a louder chanting from the tribe. Chrisitne and Uedi rolled over and over on the ground which caused a dust cloud to rise. Uedi's sleek black skin was soon covered with a fine dust as was Chrisitnes. The circle of tribe moved with the two rolling girls as they wrestled. Each time Chrisitne felt she had Uedi down the girl would roll them over. Their legs twined and entwined again and again. Even Dr. Jones could not hide his expression of the sight. "Come on Christine get her down". "Im trying" she mumble to herself. The girls rolled up against a straw hut which gave them leverage to get to their knees then to their feet. They released their hold on each other and stepped back.

"My hair" Christine said towards her father, "look at the dust". "Uuummmmmmphff...." she cried as Uedi tackled her. They stumbled back into a crudly made wooden table which broke under their weight dumping them both and the tables contents back on the ground. Once again a rolling struggle ensued with both girls flipping the other off her. Getting free Christine got up but Uedi grabbed her from behind under Christines arms and locking her hands across Christines chest. She squeezed the blonde making Chrisitne wince.

"Christine....Dr. Jones urged. The blonde tried prying Uedi's hands free but couldn't in desperation she reached back for a hair hold but felt nothing but skin. Uedi began twising her back and forth trying to throw her to the ground. Christine was able to keep her feet and then got a foot behind Uedi's and tripped them. The two girls hit the dusty ground hard. A sharp pain went thru Christine's breasts. The hold on her broken Christine turned to face Uedi as she
was getting up. She caught her on her knees and grabbed her hands entwining their fingers. Chrisitne mashed her breasts against the girls bigger ones. Their arms swayed out to the sides and up over their heads as they struggled. Christine pushed her breasts harder into Uedi's, her nipples becoming hard and erect jabbed at the girls. Now Uedi winced as Chrisitne, teeth clenched tightly began rubbing her chest back and forth against the huge black mounds.

Uedi, having never had this done to her tried to mimic the blonde. Dr. Jones mouth hung open watching his daughter in this breast battle. Christine felt Uedi begin to bend backwards and with a strong chest push got her to
fall over on her back. Chrisitne laid out fully on top of her holding her arms in the dust out to each side. She got her feet inside of Uedi's and spread her legs out as wide as she could. Dr. Jones closed his mouth as he realized that his daughter was now on the winning side of this struggle.

Underneath the blonde Uedi contiued to struggle her eyes squinted shut and teeth bared as the blonde continued the tit fight. Christine rasied herself up on her arms swining her breasts slapping Uedi's then slammed herself back down on the girl. After the thrid time Uedi began yelling something.Christine continued her breast fight until the guide told Dr. Jones that Uedi was giving up.

"You did it, You did it." He yelled for Christine, but she was to engulfed in the tit fight to hear until he actually pulled her up off the girl. Christine was covered in dust and sweat but Dr. Jones hugged her tightly then remembered that she was bare chested and quickly got her a shirt. When Chrisitne saw Uedi she was being led away or more like pushed and shoved away by the tribe and she felt bad for her. More so because even the son was helping do the pushing and shoving.

The safari group as left alone as the tribe went off on their daliy business like nothing at all had happened. The group gathered the chest of gold and quickly made their way out of the village hence any of the tribe come up with something to try to regain the prize. Hours later Dr. Jones and Christine were on a plane back home.