Richa v/s Rani - By Rani & Richa

Hi, I am Rani, I was always intrested in catfights. I have even undergone Judo training with the motive to get trained in fighting and even to get my hands on some fights. I met this gal, Richa on the Indiancatfights yahoo group itself, and then we became quite good friends. Then the best thing that happened to us is that Richa came to stay in my town because of her job. Due to this we got an opportunity to meet. We have had many fights at hotels and her flat. It has always been fun.

Then one fine day we had decided to try something different. So we decided to fight in sarees. Richa was wearing a red saree while I was wearing a blue one. We started with a test of strength. Richa pushed me back to the wall. But I kneed her in the stomach. She was a bit dazed by that. I tore of her saree. She then took a chance and flung herself at me. We were both on the ground. Richa tried to take control and tore of my saree. She then started pulling my hair. After some hair-pulling Richa picked me up and started slapping me face. But I was quick, I then kicked her in her stomach. I was now in control as I maneuvered her into a headlock. She was suffocating desperately, but she tried and pulled my hair, it worked. She went behind me and punched me in my back but I grabbed her arm and threw her down. We again rolled on the ground. We broke and got up. This time she was quick to get me in bearhug. Richa then took and banged me on the floor. We fought furiously for sometime slapping, hair-pulling and punching each other. We were both tired. Unfortunately she got behind my back and head-locked me. It was too much for me after the tiring fight. I gave up. Our sarees were completely torn. Blouses were bit torn. We then relaxed for a while.

Richa then eferred about fighting erotic. Well I don't know where she got that idea from, but she told me about it after the fight. I didn't like the concept of erotic fighting first because I had never tried it. But I realized later that it is greater fun. Both of us do get erotically heated by fights but I wasn't in erotic fight before, so i was reluctant. But then Richa coaxed me in. We then removed our half-torn blouses. Now we were wearing bra and panties. But later in this second part of the fight, both our bras went off. As we started again, we wrestled a bit trying to get each other in different holds. Our body contact further heating us up. Then Richa started playing with my boobs. I was taken aback by sudden attack but then I returned the favour. This boob battle went on for some while. It had totally aroused us up. Then our hands started rubbing each others cunt trying to defeat each other sexually. Richa was getting better of me. So I flipped her up in a judo move. Now I rubbed my hand furiously against her cunt making her cum. I was nearly gazed by the fight but Richa caught me in her hug and helped me reach my orgasm. But our hands were rubing each others cunt, It was really a furious fingers play. We continued this till we were all tired. Since then we have liked the concept of erotic fighting and since then we have really enjoyed the fights.

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