A Real Fashion Fight! - By Samar Kalia

This is the story of enemity between two of India's leading fashion designers. Namely Ritu Beri and Rina Dhaka. Now Ritu and Rina are two arrogant designers who have got very sexy figures and who take pride in their work, Ritu is a Punjabi Khatri whereas Rina is a Haryanvi Jatni. Ritu's vital statistics are 34-26-30 Rina's statistics are similar too. Ritu has got a milky white complexion whereas Rina has got a wheatish one.

Now as the story goes in all the fashion designing competitions it was either Rina or Ritu who got the first prize, the one who got the second prize became jealous of the one who got the first. This had lead to many jealous verbal duels between the two. Their catfight took place only after this competition which was organised by NIFT at a national level. Both the designers were participating in this competition and were thus working hard to give their best shot at the competition. On the day of the competition the designers submitted their designs with the judges and held their breath for a decision to be made. The decision came out thus making Rina the winner of the competition Ritu had to be contented with the runner's up prize.

A day after the declaration of the result Rina was chilling out sitting on a chair near the swimming pool of a hotel. She was wearing a two piece swim suit. Her chisseled figure was becoming visible in this suit just then Ritu arrived wearing a mini skirt and a loose top now as she passed near Rina's chair she made a fun of her and of the prize she had won. This irritated Rina and both of them entered into a heated argument, Unable to take more and to finish the argument Rina slapped hard at Ritu'a face now Ritu slapped her back and punched in her stomach, Rina screamed in pain and became much angry. In a fit of anger she tore off Ritu's top and thus made her breasts bare to be seen now Ritu retorted back by tearing the bra of her swimsuit thus making her breasts visible too. Now both of them hugged each other in order to throw the other on the ground. Both of them fell on the ground rolling over each other, slapping each other and biting into each other's breasts. Their faces had become red and their bodies were trembling into the rage of excitement. They kept on fighting till they were separated by the staff of the hotel.

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