Real & Erotic - By Musk

We have a very big group in college and in the group we had 2 best friends Neha and Tanya. They always used to be together everywhere. One day Neha bitched about Tanya in the group in absence of Tanya which was very unusual. Next day Tanya came started asking Neha about the same and they were raising thier voice in the campus. Then they were barking so much as if they really wanted to remove of each other at that time we realised that they are sumwhat jealous about eachother. We bluntly asked that dont bark in the campus insted lets go on the top floor of the college and over there do whatever you want shout scream fight anything instantly Tanya said Idont mind then we asked Neha even she said the same. Suddenly Tanya said thanks Neha i was desperately waiting for this opportunity and we all went up and they were leftaside.

Neha: You really wana take a risk, Tanya
Tanya: Neha you think urself too much today I will make you proper.
Neha: Lets see

Both were in jeans and top

Tanya: Why did you bitch abt me and gave a tight slap to Neha and in return even Neha slapped her and then nehha was continously punching Tanya but most of us were on Tanyas side bcoz Neha had bitchd abt her. Tanya caught both her hands and smashed her to the wall Neha instanly kicked Tanya in her stomach on the second kick Tanya holded Neha kick lifted her in air and banged her down till now Neha had half given up. Then Tanya picked her up by holding Nehas top and again banged her in the wall and then Tanya just caught hold of Neha head from behing with her left hand and gave 3-4 straight punches on her mouth and nose. Now Neha was totally unconcious and everybody started provoking Tanya to remove Nehas jeans fully out of her. Tanya again gave 2-3 punches and holded both Nehas hand with her left hand and started removing Nehas jeans and finally the jeans was out. Oh man Neha was wearing a pink panty with sum design on it. Sudenly Neha realised tht Tanya had removed her jeans she again rushed on Tanya and was trying to punch Tanya but Tanya was dodging and after every 2 tries of Neha Tanya used to give a solid punch and then Neha made a big mistake by started kicking her.

Neha: You bitch I wont leave you and lifted her leg to hit Tanya.

Tanya sat down and caught hold of Nehas leg.

Tanya: This is for that you bitched about me and gave a tight punch between Nehas legs on her undies.

Nehas eyes and mouth was left open with pain.

Tanya: This is for your over smartness and again gave a tight punch on her undies.
Tanya: ...and this is for you to remember not to mess around wid me and gave a solid straight punch between Nehas legs on her undies.

Neha had instant collasped on the floor.

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