Race Catfight - By Ramesh

Me and my cousin- Preeti decided to go on a beach oneday in the evening as we were getting bored at home.. So i started my yamaha & we started our journey.. it was about one km away from my place.. Preeti was wearing a faded blue jeans & a black t shirt with colour.. her hair was pony tailed.. and she wore her heels as usual..

After we started our journey, a bike overtook me.. they were couple of our age.. but seemed to be BF-GF as she was holding him tight.. then again i overtook him.. many occcasions happened were they overtook us & we overtook them & it kinda turned into a race. Preeti also came to know about it & was kinda excited & was urging me on to overtake them when we were behind..

Then came the diversion from where the beach was about 20 min , & thought that they wont be going that way but to my surprise they were also going to the same beach.. then again i overtook him & preeti this time said loudly.. YESSS!. but he overtook us again & this time it was is gf who showed us a thumbs down.. as soon as preeti saw that she urged me to overtake again but i was not able too.

We kinda reached there at same time & we were parking our bikes next to eachothers.. i said to him.. " it was a nice race man.." " Yes " he said . " whats ur name buddy" he asked.. " Ramesh & this is my cousin preeti" i said. " i am Karan & this is my gf Deepti " he said.. we shook hands. " well u race well but we won " deepti said to me.. " yes .. karan is a good rider " i said.. Preeti was kinda upset over deepti coz she showed thumbs down & was quite.. " why is ur cousin so quite " karan asked.. " well honey, they lost na.. thats why.." deepti said jokingly.. " Oh yeah we lost.. but u watchout my bro is good rider too.. while going back.. we r gonna win.." preeti said.. " high hopes preeti.., i think he might win provided u dont sit onthe bike & make it heavy.. " deepti said tauntingly.. " oh really.. i m not as fat as u cow" preeti fired back.. " hey mind ur language u BITCH!" deepti fired back looking into eyes of preeti.. "fuck u slut" preeti said staring back.. deepti was wearing a maroon shirt & a black jeans..

Both were inches apart glaring at eachother.. they jus told us to stay out of this & pounced on eachother.. both holding eachother hair,, rolling on the said,, " bitch" preeti said.. " slut" deepti fired back " whore" preeti said back.. & they rolled on the sand.. we saw some people coming & we seperated them.. " let me go karan i will finish this bitch " said deepti.. " " oh fuck u slut.. cmon i m gonna kick ur ass" said preeti trying get out of my hand.. & they somehow managed to slip thru our hands & were at it again pulling eachothers hair & pushing eachother.. We again seperated them.. " Bitch u meet me in private.. lets settle this" fired preeti.. " yeahh tell place & time slut.. " asked deepti.. we made them calm down & exchanged our details so that we could arrange a fight.. & made our way home.. & yes on the way we were riding parallel & this to gals jus din stop fighting verbally... ( the arranged fight coming soon.. )

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