Punjaban mom vs Bengalan mom - By Rajiv Singh

This is a true story.

We lived in Delhi CR Park during the late 1990's. I was at that time in class 8. Before I proceed further, let me give you a little background, we are bengalis. Mom is 4'11", slim abt 45kg with 32b breasts. She worked in a govt. bank at that time.

One day in school, i got picked on by a bully, he was a punjabi boy also in my class but much bigger and stronger. I meekly surrendered to him but told my mom about the incident. She got angry and told me to come with her to complain to the boy's mother. When we reached their house, Mrs. Singh, the boy's mom opened the door, she was about 5'7" and at least 80kg with what seemed like 40d boobs. She was wearing a red saree with sleeveless blouse.

Mom started to complain and mid-way she interrupted mom and started abusing in punjabi. Mom was taken aback but resisted. This argument soon got heated and I saw Mrs. Singh catch my mom's neck. Within seconds, the fight was over the bigger woman thrashed my mom and mom was at her feet begging for mercy while she was shouting about the virtues of a "punjaban". I hadn't expected that mom would give in like that but then I remembered how I had meekly surrendered to her son.

Mrs. Singh then held mom by her hair and asked her to lick the sweat off her armpits. Eeek! mom did it, she kenw she was humiliated by the punjabi woman. The woman stood close to my mom and gave her a final breast smother (5'7" vs 4'11") before she let her go. For the next 3 years, I got picked on in school by the bully and he kept taunting how my mom would come complaining.

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