Price For A Panty - By Catfight Master

It was about 8 pm in a Bra n Panty shop in London near the airport when a taxi stopped n Divya got out “I will be in time for the flight mother” she said to her mother in the cab and the cab went ahead. Divya ran towards the shop and as a girl was putting the lights off she entered, ‘Please don’t close, I have to catch a flight to India in few hours and have to buy Bra n Panties and trust me its going to be a big bill”, the Indian looking salesgirl smiled ‘ well actually we are closed but it will well over 30minutes before I finish the routine work, so you can go ahead and do the shopping, I will shut the door and after finishing I will let you through the staff exit” divya thanked the salesgirl and went into the spacious shop . Divya knew what she wanted and collecting all the stuff went into the change room area which on entrance was like a small lobby an d and had doors to 3 cubical for changing and one said for Staff Only. All the cubical were locked as the shop was shut and so Divya thought of changing in the common area as it had a door and had full length mirrors and also as it was closing time so no customers would be coming now.

Divya dressed in jeans and shirt took off her clothes and admired herself in the front of the full length mirror. She was 5’5 with bust size 38C lovely round bums and good thighs to go with. She took off her Bra n Panties and started to try a panty . She was only in panty admiring her self when a from one of the cubical a girl came out girl wearing a bra and panty, “OUCH!!!” said the girl and put her hand around her bra trying to cover herself, “OHHH” said divya and covered her naked boobs with her hands “ I’m sorry I thought I was the only customer and so I thought of changing here” said Divya, the girl said “I’m sorry too, I thought there was no one and hence walked out this way”. They both laughed and divya was the first to uncover and gave her hand to the other girl “Divya Khanna from India” “ Shamim Khan from Pakistan” they shook hands, while doing so shamim admired Divya’s boobs and rest of her body and so did Divya as she thought wow what a babe she is around 5’6’’ and boobs bigger than 38C beautiful legs, both girls were beautiful and difficult choice for no 1.

Shamim looked at the pile of bra n panties and said “ Divya are you buying so many of them” Divya laughed and told her travel story. The short conversation made them comfortable and divya started trying various bras in front of shamim while she watched divya ,still wearing the Bra n Panty. “ Mind if I take off my panties in front of you shamim” Shamim laughed “ go ahead divya , you have a fantastic body “ Thanks” said divya as she took off panties and was completely naked while trying other panties. “ Shamim, you have a beautiful body too, what’s the size of your boobs?, asked divya, “ 38C” said shamim. “ Oh , that’s my size shamim but your boobs are oozing out of your bra, are you wearing a smaller bra” shamim laughed and replied “ No, I’m a feeding mother and hence my boobs have become bigger, when normal they will be same as yours”

Divya had by now finished the trial and only one panty which she tried out of rest she kept aside and still stark naked started to go to where her clothes were. “ Are you not buying this golden panty” asked shamim, “Nope, its too glittering, I m buying the rest” was the reply. “ But you did try this panty and you have to buy it now” said shamim. Divya turned around and said ‘I will keep it keep back who will know’ , shamim said “No divya ,you will have to buy this” this annoyed divya and she said “ You mind your own business”. Shamim came towards her “That’s what I m doing, I m the store manager and I will not accept this” Divya was now angry, “ to hell with whatever you are , im buying enough and do not bug me, do whatever you like but im Not Buying”.

Shamim came towards divya who was still naked and said “ we will make you pay for this’ Divya out of anger slapped shamim , she was not taking this either and she slapped her back. In few seconds both were rolling on the carpet holding each others hair and cursing each other ‘ cunt face, slut, bitch ‘ were the exchanges. Divya banged shamim’s head to the ground but being a carpet did not hurt much, divya then got up and kicked shamim on her bum and stood with one leg on her boobs, NOOOOOO was the cry from shamim Divya then just pulled off shamim’s bra and saw that her standing had made milk flow from shamim’s boobs, seeing this divya laughed and said’ bachhe ko doodh pila hain ya phir abhi pura doodh nikal doon? Shamim had tears in her eyes , Divya then tried to pull shamim;s panty but shamim held her panty tight and kicked her. Divya went and hit the wall taking this as an opportunity shamim got to her feet and punched naked divya in her tummy 5-6 times, she then punched her hard on her pussy and pulled her pussy hair ‘Stop it pleaseee!!!’ cried divya. “ Sali, mera doodh nikal kar India lejayegi, aaj ke baad tu India mein bhi bra nahin pehnegi ‘ and then shamim started to torture divya’s boobs. Divya begged for mercy but shamim had none . She said “ Tu bahut der se unsuccessfully meri panty nikal ne ki koshish kar rahi thee chal ab nikal aur mujhe khush kar de” she then lied down on the floor while crying divya had no options but to remove shamims; panty and give her a lick. She licked till shamim came. Shamim then said “ You made me happy babe, do not pay for any bra or panty you buy today and yes keep my panty with you so that you always remember me.

Shamim wore her clothes and so did divya and went out to the other sales girl who knew what was happening inside but kept quite and smiled at shamim, “ her bill to my account ‘ and through the staff exit they went out and sat in the car in the deserted parking lot. “Im so sorry divya, I did not offer you anything to drink but no problems” and then shamim removed her shirt and her bra and said to divya “drink my milk” “no ,please shamim, forgive m e, I cannot drink your milk” said divya “Ok then get ready for the treatment again” Divya had no choice but start to suck her nipples and drink her milk. After few minutes divya said “ there is no more coming shamim, I had it enough” shamim laughed and drove her to the airport. Divya ran to the departure gate and got into the flight. Her mother was worried and told her that she looked horrible. As the flight took off she told her mother the complete story with tears in both their eyes.

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