Life is not an Imagination! - By Sandeep Kumar

My name is Sandeep Kumar. I am working as software professional in Canada. When I was in my college years I engaged in a fight and I can't forget it in my life.

When I was in the final year of my college, I am 23 years old. I had good physique because I am very much interested in sports. I got few prizes in college level shot put and also in college level body building championship. Though I was a handsome guy, I would not often talk to girls and I didn't have girlfriends because basically I didn't like girls. I consider them as my enemies. And I was studying computer science engineering in a college in Mumbai.

In my final year I met a girl, named Preethi. To describe her, she looks like preity zinta with same size and color but with different face cut. She attracted me in some way. I would look her when she passes by till she went off my sight. I heard that she joined first year in my college.

One day, I was sitting under a tree in the college campus. She came to me and said, "Hi!". I was surprised to see her but I didn't show any expression in my face and replied "Hello". "May I know where computer lab is?" she asked with her sweet voice. I show the way and she went by saying "Thanks" with a sweet smile. Similarly, we met in some occasions and soon our meeting developed into a friendship. And she was the only girl whom I liked and have talked. She said that her father is working in US and she is staying with her mother in her own house in West Andheri.

One day, when I was talking to my friends, I described an actress badly. Usually when we met, we used to talk about girls and actresses. So did that day but I didn't see Preethi standing behind me. After few minutes when I looked behind, I was shocked to see Preethi standing behind me with lots of angry in her eyes. She looked me that she is going to burn me and went away angrily.

After that when I tried to meet her or talk to her, she avoided me and she treated me as a dog. That made me angry and I didn't want to see her again. But I didn't want to leave her friendship. At the same time I had some anger on her in the way she treated me after that incident. Finally, I decided to meet her in her home.

One fine day, I went to her home. Opening the big gate in front of her house, I entered her house. Her house was about 200 mts from the gate. After crossing the portico I reached the door and pressed the calling bell. A lady, who looks very much similar to Amisha patel, opened the door. "Yes, what do you want?" she asked, "I want to meet Preethi, and I am her friend", I replied. "Oh! Nice come on inside and wait for sometime, she is taking bath". She introduced herself as the mother of Preethi and asked about me. I introduced myself and at once I said my name and department, her smiley face becomes angry. "So, you are the guy who described Preethi badly?", she asked with anger. I hope Preethi might have said that incident to her mom but she misunderstood that I have teased Preethi.

I said, "No, I haven't….". Before completing my sentence, she shouted in anger "No explanations. Just get out of here. You dirty bitch!". That word made me angry, I replied "Listen ma'm mind your words, let me explain what had actually happened". But she didn't want to hear me. She just caught my collar and dragged me to the door side saying, "What do you think of girls…you male pig". These words made me angry and I pushed her backwards and said, "I think girls as bitches" with anger. She fell backwards by the way I pushed her. She stood up angrily and asked, "So, you think girls are weaker and inferior to boys?", I replied, "Yes". "Then come on man, let's see who is the better sex,"…she said. "O.K I am ready when and where you decide", I replied. "Now, here, let's see one on one, face to face, come on", she shouted in anger. And I too want to finish it there, so I accepted her challenge.

So, we both decided to fight in their large hall. She moved the table and sofa to the sides and corners of the hall. She then removed her hairclip; her long browny hair extends below her breasts. She weared chudidhars and she took her duppetah and tied around her waist. I removed my shirt and worn a sleeveless T-shirt inside my shirt. I don't want to undress further. So, I was in a black sleeveless T-shirt and black jeans pant with bare foot. She was in yellow chudidhar and green dupppetah tied around her waist and with bare foot. We were now ready to fight. Preethi was still taking bath.

We both moved to the center of the hall facing each other. At the same time we both move forward and locked our fingers in combat. We both pushed each other hard but neither of them can get advantage. We made a small circle by pushing each other in fingerlock. With my full strength I pushed her and slammed her in the wall. But she pushed me back and again we come to the center of the hall. I was strong but she was equal to me. By pushing each other we came close to each other. She put her nose on mines and saw my eyes in anger. Our fingers are still locked in combat. Now I want to change that situation. So, I pushed myself backwards and pulled her hardly and hit my chest with her breast, with our fingers locked. She also did the same. After few clashes I feel some pain because of her sharp breast hitting my chest badly. She might also have pain. We both released our fingers and I suddenly pushed her and she fell backwards.

When I move close to her, she kicked me and I fell on the sofa behind me. She moved towards me and I kicked her in the naval hardly. She caught that place in pain and groined for few seconds. I stood up and watch her with a smile. She recovered from the pain and ran towards me in anger. I also ran towards her and we both slammed and hugged each other and fell on the ground. She was fast, so I fell backwards and she fell on top of me. I rolled her down but she rolled me back but I didn't want to give it up, so I rolled her over again. We both rolled in the floor of the big hall by hugging each other. After rolling for two or three minutes, I gained the advantage and sit on top of her.

I slapped her face hardly. She pushed me down and stood up in her feet. We both are in our feets. I slapped her in her face, she slapped me back. After sharing several slaps, our face turned pink. She doesn't want to continue it further. She caught my T-shirt and starts pushing me backwards. I caught her top and again pushed her. When I tried to push her by the side, her top torn out and she fell on to the floor. But without any hesitation, she stood up and removed the remaining of the top. She worn a black bra. Her whitish colored body with black bra was nice to see.

She ran towards me angrily and pushed me to the ground and sat on me and tried to tear off my T-shirt. I thought she might not do that. But with brutal force she torn my T-shirt and she turned me and sat on my backside and completely removed my T-Shirt. Then she turned me up to remove my pant. But I didn't give it up; I pushed her to the floor and fell on top of her. I pulled her black bra, which easily came with my hands and I stood up. She, bare breasted and with lot of humiliation looked me angrily. Now, I was only wearing my pants and she was only in her bottom. We both came closer and bear hugged each other. This time we don't want to push or pull each other but want to crush each other. We made a small circle by bear hugging each other. Two of our bodies were sweating and I felt great in hugging her sweaty body. At that time, from the nearby room Preethi came out after taking the bath, rolling a towel over her body.

She was shocked to see, her mother and me was hugging each other in combat. She ran towards us with a shock and asked me to leave her mother. "No, Honey you just stay away, I want to finish this guy today", her mother. At that time I pressed her mother hardly and she groined, "Oww." in pain. Preethi, tried to separate us, but she couldn't do that. Then she started to beat me badly in my back. I got angry and released the bear hug and turned towards Preethi and pushed her hardly. She hit the wall nearby and fell on to the floor. At that time her mother pushed me from back but that push is not so hard. I turned towards her; she came towards me in anger. I caught her breasts and started to squeeze them. She didn't give up; she caught my nipples and twisted it badly. We both screamed in pain. At that time Preethi recovered from her pain and stood up and caught me in headlock from backwards. I moved backwards and hit Preethi in the wall nearby. I repeatedly did that and at one hit her towel fell on to the ground and she was completely naked now. But she didn't worry about that, she continuously headlocked me. So, I thought I have to try some other way to release her headlock. So, I stopped squeezing her moms' breast and pushed her with great strength. She fell on to the sofa nearby. Her breasts might have hurt badly because of my squeeze. She, now, was sitting in the sofa, groining in pain. Then, I released the headlock of Preethi and turned towards her and pushed her backwards with little force. We were standing face to face at that time.

At that time, her mom saw Preethi was standing naked. She got angry and came towards me from my back and caught my hands from backwards. I struggled hard to release them but I didn't know where that much strength had come to her, since her lock was so strong I couldn't imagine. I can feel some tears on my eyes. "Come on baby remove his pants", her mom shouted towards Preethi. Preethi hesitated first but seeing the struggle between her mom and me, she came towards me and removed my belt followed by my pant and shorts. I was completely naked now.

This humiliated me, though Preethi was also naked and her mother was also topless. I with much effort released the lock and caught her hands and pushed her backwards and slammed her in the wall nearby, badly. She fell down and I tried to remove her bottom. Preethi from backwards hit me badly. But my full concentration was to remove her bottom of the chudithar and removed it and her panties completely. Her mother also struggled to stop that but she couldn't. Now, we three were naked completely. I had a habit of cutting my hair near penis. So, I got only thin and small hairs near my crotch but I wondered to see Preethi and her mom completely shaved the hair near their couch.

I stood up and faced Preethi. Her mother also stood up and went closer to Preethi. They both faced me and came closer to me. I too moved forward towards them. We three of them were now standing very close to each other and facing each other. With my left hand I headlocked Preethi and her mother with my right hand. They both at the same time headlocked me and they caught my hair with their other hand. By losing balance, we fell on to the ground and rolled on the floor of the big hall. After rolling for few seconds, I released the headlock and stood up in my foot.

They both stood up and I kicked her mother badly. She fell on to the ground, catching the place I kicked. By seeing this, Preethi got angry and came towards me. We both locked our fingers in combat. Neither of them can gain advantage. But Preethi was easy for me. But she used her full strength to push me. So, we both circled in that place for sometime. But Preethi couldn't stand it for long time. Slowly, she became tired. Now, I pushed Preethi backwards. She slowly moved backwards. I hit her in the wall and slammed my body with her's. She screamed in pain. After several slamming and I left my fingerlock and caught her hair and pushed her to my side. She fell on to the floor.

Now I turned and move towards her mom. Her mom stood up and she caught my nipples and started to squeeze it. I caught her breasts and squeezed it. At that time, Preethi from my back caught me in headlock and with other hand she caught my penis. She might not have known that much pain would have come when she caught my balls. Instead she caught my penis and tried to bend it. We circled in the large hall. Preethi found that I didn't have much pain in my penis. So, she left the headlock and hugged me from my back and start biting me in my back. That brought much pain to me and I pushed her mom and tried to release Preethi. I released Preethi and pushed her backwards slightly. She moved backwards and stared at me. I need few seconds to recover from the pain due to her biting.

Then I move towards her. She with some tears on her eyes came towards me. We both hugged each other and bite each other in the neck. We both screamed in pain but neither of us wants to give it up. She scratched my back with her nails. This brought me much pain and bites her badly. Blood came out in both of our necks. We released each other and stared each other for some time. Our mouth was filled with blood of each other's. Then I caught her breast and started squeezing it. She caught my nipple in her left hand and penis in her right hand. Now, I caught her couch with my left hand and inserted three of my fingers deep into her couch. We both circled by doing that. Now, I could feel some pain in my crotch.

Now, I inserted my fingers very much deep into her couch. She released my nipple and crotch and tried to release my hand and she was screaming in pain. At that time her mom came towards me and pushed me towards my side. I fell on to the ground and her mom fell on top of me. We both hugged each other and rolled in the floor. Preethi sat in the sofa nearby and groined in pain. After rolling for few minutes, I released the hug and bite her breasts badly. She shouted in pain. But Preethi was not in a position to help her. I continuously bitted till blood came from that place and I moved forward and bite her in her neck. She pushed my face. Then I caught her hands and started biting her naval part. She was in much pain now. She now completely helpless and I didn't want to continue that. I stood up and saw her. She still lies in the floor and screaming in pain, with lots of tears in her eyes. Blood came out from her neck, breast and in the naval part.

Now, I moved towards Preethi. She stood up and I could see some fear on her eyes. We both hugged each other. I bit her upper lips. That was the mistake I did. She started biting my lower lips. We both bit each other badly. At one stage I gained advantage and she stopped biting me. Now, I took the chance and bit her lower lips. Now, she had no chance of biting me. She tried to bite my nose but she couldn't. She screamed in pain and shouted, "Please leave me…please leave me". But I didn't want to leave her that easy. She called her mom, "Please mom save me". But she was not in the position to help her. She was still lying unconscious and was screaming in pain. After few biting in her lips, neck, chin and some other body parts I didn't know the name itself, I left her. She fell on to the ground groining in pain.

Preethi and mom was lying unconscious in the floor, screaming in pain. I didn't want to beat them further. Then I move to their bathroom and I washed my face and blood in my body. Fortunately, I didn't have much hurt in my face. There was a bite mark in my neck and my lower lips were cut slightly and few nail marks in my face. When I left the bathroom I saw Preethi and her mom sitting in the sofa with much tears in their eyes.

I asked them, "Do you want to continue this further?". "No, please leave us", they replied. I said to them, "See, you might have seen girls or women winning in a fight with men in websites. But that are all imaginary and just for fun and you understand one thing. Life is not an imagination". I then wear by shirt and pants and took my torn T-Shirt and left that place.

I went to the college only after few days, for the nail marks on my face to disappear. I found Preethi had come to college only after two weeks after that fight. From that time itself I didn't want to meet her and she also avoided me. At my college day, I saw Preethi came to the college with her mother. I went somewhat closer to them and faced them. They still have tears in their eyes when they looked me. After that I left mumbai and went for my higher studies. I also heard from my friends that Preethi and her mother left mumbai and settled in US with her father.

I still have my torned T-Shirt framed as a symbol of my victory. Whenever I saw it or hear the word Mumbai, that sweat incident comes into my mind. But for them it was a worst nightmare. The End!!!

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