Kareena vs Amisha (with Diya) - By Tuwada

Kareena was new to the Bollywood scene. She did not know how competitive things could get when it came to seeking roles. She had taken the industry by storm because she was one of the most athletic women that the industry had seen in the long time. She had started to usher the era of the fit and busty Bollywood heroine. To many she was almost a superheroine. She was a do-gooder from the onset and every newspaper reported every time she helped someone with a car or helped someone quit smoking. Kareena was in a groundbreaking movie that featured Bollywood's first catfight. She was to win the cat fight by beating up Diya , another up-and-coming starlet. Diya would have none of that and she let the directors on the set know secretly that she was going to make this fight as realistic as possible and possibly come out on top. Everyone was told except Kareena who was in her trailer oiling her great body.

When she stepped out for the shot, she was told, "Make things as realistic as possible."

Kareena was a trained fighter and as soon as the director called for 'action' Diya jumped Kareena who fell to the ground on her stomach confused. Diya quickly sat on her and put her in the camel clutch.

"I'm going to humiliate you once and for all!" she whispered in Kareena's ear. That's when Kareena realized this was a fight for real. She squeezed her lithe body out of the wrestling hold and quickly kicked Diya in the shin. Diya stood on a leg and held her other leg in great pain. Kareena saw the opportunity and punched Diya in her stomach. Diya buckled over and then fell down tits first on to the floor.
"Cut" yelled the director and everyone applauded Kareena offered her hand to Diya and picked her up. As she got up Kareena said, "I guess no humiliation for me today eh?" she said to Diya.

Diya walked away in disgust. She had her cellphone to her ear talking in hushed tones to someone. There was a deeper plan afoot it seemed. Kareena walked into her trailer. She turned on the light and walked to her kitchenette for a cup of coffee. She noticed a female figure behind her in the reflection on her microwave. Before she could turn, the female figure from the back had attacked. She had made a hammer of her hands by clasping them together and the hammer had slugged Kareena in the back of her head with great force.

"Uurrg!" was Kareena's best response as beautiful face lost all expression and her lips parted. As she fell into unconsciousness, the buckling of her knees looked like sheer poetry. She landed tits down on her trailer floor. That's when the assailant laughed. She happened to be Amisha Patel. She looked at the inert Kareena's butt, bent down and squeezed a handful of it.

"I'll be getting some of that tonight!" she said as she continued to laugh aloud. She pulled out her cellphone and dialed Diya's number. "It'll be in all the papers tomorrow!!" she said, then hung up.

She dragged Kareena to the door of the trailer, slung her over her shoulder, staggered to a waiting car and dumped her unconscious burden in the back seat. Kareena came to in the moving car. Above everything she felt this strange confusion. It was dark outside, it was night. She didn't know how many hours she had been out, but she saw Amisha driving. That's when all of it made sense to her. She got up and strangled Amisha's neck between her forearm and biceps. The car lost direction and swayed toward the side of the road. Amisha hit the breaks instantly. This pushed Kareena from the back seat to the front. As she was flung, her back hit the gear stick and she grunted in pain. She was now at knee level to the seated Amisha who quickly raised her arm to punch Kareena. The supermodel blocked Amisha's hand and punched Amisha in the stomach instantly. She screamed in pain and Kareena punched her in the jaw. As her neck snapped, Kareena found a way to bend over and hit the switch to recline the driver's seat. With all the space at her disposal, Kareena quickly jumped in the seat straddling Amisha's legs and started punching Amisha's breasts as Amisha screamed in pain.

"Stop it you bitch!" she said aloud.

"Fuck you!" said Kareena who was in a foul mood.

Amisha summoned all her strength and punched Kareena in the side of her stomach. She grunted and her attack ceased. Amisha got up and punched Kareena in the stomach again. Kareena was stunned by these attacks. Amisha laughed; sitting up with Kareena. To a passer by it looked like the driver and passenger were making out on the driver's seat. Amisha took advantage of the situation and punched Kareena in the jaw. Without a sound Kareena passed out and her limp body slumped over onto the laughing Amisha. She kissed Kareena, then pushed her limp body back against the steering wheel. Kareena's back hit the horn which started blaring.

Amisha opened the door and got out and pulled out Kareena. The lissome beauty's unresisting body was then pushed up against the body of the car. Amisha punched her hard in the stomach. Kareena grunted and her limp form buckled and fell down on the muddy road embankment. Amisha kicked her in the ribs to make sure she was out. She then walked to the boot of her car. She opened it to look for a piece of rope. She couldn't believe that she hadn't planned this more carefully. She looked at the cluttered trunk and that's when she was attacked from behind. The upper half of her body fell into the trunk. She was then pulled hair first out and punched in the face. Kareena had stealthily pulled this one off.

With her left hand firmly gripping Amisha's short hair, Kareena banged it repeatedly on the body of the car. She then punched Amisha in her tight belly. Amisha was spent by this sudden attack. Kareena went on with her assault. She kicked Amisha in the shin and brought her down to her knees. Amisha was in great pain and the expressions on her face told every story.

Kareena was a little civilized and knew Amisha was at strength's end, so she said, "Give up now and I'll let you go!"

"Fuck you!" said Amisha.

Kareena smiled as she slapped Amisha hard and asked with a wry grin, "Once more?"
"Fuck you!" repeated Amisha then she quickly punched Kareena in the crotch. Kareena let go of Amisha's hair and turned around to nurse her crotch. That's when Amisha got up and kicked the buckled over Kareena in the butt. As Kareena moved in the direction of the kick, Amisha walked to the open boot and picked up a spanner from the tool kit. She then hit the bent over Kareena over the head with it. Unresisting, Kareena went out and dropped face down in the dirt. Amisha kicked her over onto her back, then looked around. There was no one for miles so she took off her pants and began to hump the inert Kareena's face.

"Wow, wonder what you're so proud of, you unconscious bitch!" she said. Then she noticed a car coming her way, so she quickly got into her car and sped off, leaving the unconscious Kareena beside the road with no way to get home. Amisha laughed as she saw Kareena's prone form sprawled on the embankment in her rear window as the car stopped. A lady stepped out to help Kareena as Amisha sped away.

Kareena awoke briefly, just long enough to see the smiling Diya standing tall over her. She was going to raise her hand to ask for help but she saw a fist coming to her jaw and then all went black again. Diya had slugged Kareena into slumber again. Diya had come with an entourage of reporters for the tabloids to document her "victory" over the proud Kareena. Kareena woke up the next morning in her own bed and, thinking it had all been a terrible nightmare, she went to get some breakfast. But then she saw the headline in the newspaper on her table.
"Proud Kareena ‘Broken In’ by Colleagues!"

As she stared at it, her phone rang. When Kareena picked it up, it was Amisha.
“Be glad I brought you home slut! Those reporters were going to fuck you into oblivion!" she laughed, then hung up.

The once too-proud-to-give-interviews Kareena was now the laughing stock of the planet's largest film industry

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