India v/s Pakistan - By Catfight Master

The acdemic year at an UK college was about to commence in two weeks but two asian students had arrived before time. The management alloted them one room and handed over the keys to them.

Poonam was an attractive girl with fair complexion black hair and beautiful body with huge 38D sized boobs.She was waiting in the room for her room mate to come and was happy that she had an asian room partner. Few minutes later Farha entered and the room , she was fair beautiful and also 38D sized boobs. Both girls immediately became friends and chatted before they could even unpack.

‘Lets unpack Farha, Im so happy that I have an Indian room mate, I would hated to have a paki room mate and rather would have ended up killing her’ poonam turned around and saw farha stood with face red with anger ‘ Im a pakistani and I should have asked your name first, I too hate indians’.

Both girls stood staring at each other for few minutes and then poonam turned around to unpack. Farha took her clothes and went into the bathroom to change while poonam changed in the room. That night they did not talk to each other.

Next morning both tried to change the rooms but were informed that it would not be possible for a few days until college begins.

After touring the city poonam came back to the room wearing jeans n a shirt and saw Farha reading a magazine. Ignoring her she removed her shirt and jeans & in her Bra & Panties went into the bathroom to freshen up. As she came out Farha could not resist looking at her massive cleavage and beautiful legs. She was watching poonam moving aorund in her bra n panty in the room and finally said, ‘ tu kapde pehnigi ya phir nangi rahegi’ poonam was bugged n said ‘ teri kya problem hain, itni jealous feel karrahi hain to ankh bandh karle, you jealous bitch’ farha got out of the bed and said ‘ I will teach you a leasson for using that language’, poonam kept the things in her hand aside and confronted farha, ‘ Lets see your leasson come on im ready’ as farha was about to pounce on poonam her mobile rang and as their room had a signal problem ,to answer it farha left the room leaving poonam standing semi naked. When farha came back poonam was already in her bed and farha went off to her bed.

Next morning when farha woke up poonam was not in the bed. Few minutes later Farha’s mother arrived and they got busy talking. Poonam entered the room and with a nod of the head acknowledged her mother, she then in front of her mother changed into her shirt n skirt and went out again.

When she returned to he room farha’s mother was gone and she saw farha sitting , ‘ you bitch , you have no shame, elders ke samne nangi hojati hain’, poonam replied angrily ‘ whats the big deal it was a woman after all, besides what Is your problem If I get naked, you pakis wear a burka and go to pakistan’.

Farha could not control herself and slapped poonam, she was shocked and was not ready for this. ‘I will teach you a leaason today you paki bitch’ and poonam caught the collar of Farha’s nighty and ripped it open. Farha stood in a black bra n yellow panty and poonam for a moment stopped to admire farha’s beautiful huge milky boobs. Farha now feeling humiliated went at poonam and pulled her her shirt and while poonam was resisting farha pulled her skirt. Now both girls were in their bra ‘s & panties, poonam had a white bra and orange panty. They both circled around and agian pounced at each other slapping and calling names. Poonam tripped farha and she fell to the ground , wasting no time poonam pulled farha’s bra and within herself admired her huge boobs. Farha was lying down with poonam over her holding her boobs, farha put her hands in poonam’s panties and scratched her bum and poonam released her boobs, farha pushed her asided but not without pulling poonam;s bra . Now both girls stood in their panties only, ‘ you want to fight more’ said farha , ‘ till I puncture your boobs’ said poonam. Both girls atacked each others boobs and stood pressing others boobs, farha managed to to kick poonam in her beklly and she realeased farha;s boobs, taking this opportunity she pulled poonams panties leaving her naked. Poonam was getting tired and knowing this farha said ‘ Lets fist fight’. Poonam agreed and said ‘Farha if you are woman take off your panties and fight with me’ Farha hesitated but then removed her panties and threw it towards poonam. Both girls punched each other but poonam could not withstand the punches of Farha. Poonam finally said ‘ I give up farha, please stop it’ Farha said ‘ I can leave you only if you finger fuck me’ poonam nodded and farha with a smile on her face dragged poonam towards her bed.

Poonam woke up next morning fully naked and completely humiliated. she looked over and found the naked body od farah besides her. Embaressed by her humiliation she tried to cover her face and sob. Her humiliation was compounded when she smelt Farah's scent on her fingers. Disgusted she ran to the bathroom and threw up She quickly got into the shower and began to scrub herself with soap. The cold water running down her hair and her body seemed to aleviate her humiliation. when she suddenly felt hands grabbing her boobs and pinching her nipples. She turned around to hear Farah whisper. How is my indian cow feeling. Poonam ran out of the shower tears in her eyes. Quickly wrapping herself in the towel she wiped herself got dressed in a light blue salwer kameez and headed out.

The college was still off so Poonam dint have much to do but she was too embarassed to stay in the room. She spent her morning in the local cafe and wrote letters to her parents and her boyfriend. She thought off confiding to her boyfried about last nights confrontation but couldent dare. She licked the envelope and was sealing it when she saw farah and her mom walk into the cafe. she haistly begain to retreat but Farah's mom called her name. poonam said hello and quickly excused herself. she could ses a smirk on farah's face as Farah whispered something to her mom.

Poonam rushed to her room and buring her face into her mattress wept or 2 hours contemplating quitting college and returning home. she fell asleep and dreamt of how she had worked hard to top her university and obtain the schlarship to study in UK. she dreamt of all the battles she had fought with her rivals in school and college. She woke up sometime in the evening. she was now much more determined to teach that bitch Farah a lesson. She slowly undressed and put on her very sexy red silk bra and matching thongs. She covered them with her workout black cycling shorts and black sports bra she headed to the gym when she herd whispers outside her door. it was Farah and her mom who were trying to get into the room.

Farah was wearing tigth jeans and white tank top much to the disappointment of her mom. Farah looked at Poonam and yelled where are you going bitch you still have to cook and clean the room. She looked at her mom and both of them started to laugh. Poonam yelled well pakistani cunt Ill teach you a lesson today. do you want to get your ass kicked in ront of your ugly mom. Farah asked her mom to step out o the room as she dint want her to be involved. Farahs mom was worried but was conidant that her daughter could take care of herself. she hesitantly left for her hotel room asking Farah to call her as soon as she was done. Farah closed the door and faced Poonam. "Kutiya lagta hai kal ki pitayi kaafi nahi thi (bitch looks like last nights beating was not enough). Poonam replied "Chudail aaj teri khushi chood daloongi (Slut Ill fuck your happyness today). She charged at Farah and started to shake her head from side to side. Farah returned the favour and now both girls were ripping each others hair. they tangled to the floor and rolled around still grabbing hair. Farah final asserted dominance laying on top of Poonam. Poonam was determined not to loose again. Farah slowly sat up and stradled Poonam. She left her hair and grabed Poonams boobs she started pulling at her sports bra which eventually ripped exposing poonams huge boobs barely held in her red silk bra. Poonam was not to be outdone she riped Farah's tank top exposing her tits in her blue lace bra. Enraged Farah got of Poonam and started to pull down her cycling shorts this gave Poonam time to regroup. She struck like a lightning lashing with her legs at farah and then pouncing on her from behind. poonam dint even bother to straighten her shorts which were down to her thighs expposing her red thongs. she wraped her arms aroud Farah from behind and grabd her boobs. Poonam slid her arms under farahs bra and started to torture her nipples. Farah was now helpless she lied facing on the floor with poonam on top torturing her boobs. poonam came close and whispered 'how does that feel paki slut". poonam was too engrossed in humiliating farah and did not notice arahs hand slide down towards her own thong Farah grabed poonams thongs and pulled hard upward in desparation giving poonam a wicked wedgie. poonam yelled in pain and rolled off of farah in great pain rubbing her womanhood. Farah also rolled away massaging her boobs. both the girls slowly got to up and were kneeling on all fours wounded but determined to end the fight. Farah was topless but had her jeans on , Poonam was in red bra and red thongs with her cycling shorts halway down. Ponam got rid of her shorts and started to crawl towards Farah. Farah also slowly moved towards poonam. Both girls got on their knees and bearhugged each other. Farah positioned her boobs under poonams and started to push uowards disloding poonams boobs from her bra. Both girls were now topless. Poonam slid her hands down and unzipped Farah's jeans she then pulled them down exposing her Firm ass in blue satin panties. Poonam grabbed arah's butt and started to push farahs boobs back with her own boobs. Poonam was again winning the battle as Farah was getting pushed back, poonams nipples were also dominating as they bent Farahs nipples. Farahs softer boobs were completely flattened. Farah lost her balance and fell to the Floor with poonam on top. Poonam quickly stradled farah and was now sitting on her boobs. Farah tried to kick wildly but poonam grabed her legs and was now holding farah in a dominating hold. Farah was humiliated and exhause she yelled I give to avoid Further humiliation. Poonam let go of farah and proceeded to strip he her panties. she shoved those back in arah's pussy as farah yelled in pain. poonam pointed to the same bed they were on the previous night. but the tides were tutned.Poonam made farah lick her pussy. Farah was humiliated. Poonam dialed 679780345 and talked into the phone "Aunty do you want the hear the sound o your slutty daughter licking a superior indian pussy?"

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