The Erotic Village Fight - By LadyFighter

It was a certain village near Ranikhet. I had been there with my husband. He had some official work there. We were staying at a guest house. I desperately was missing a catfight and hence I told my maid to try and arrange one. Fights were not common there. It took me 6 weeks to locate such women and my maid at the guest house was the one who told me that lesbianism is very common in villages but not fighting. Frankly this was the first time a proper fight was being held there. The elderly ladies told me that they were excited about seeing a Mem Saheb fighting. Our maid told me that she was arranging a fight with some village women and some other women also wanted to see the fight. The name of my opponent was Bela.

I had never seen Bela but my first sight of her gave me no confidence. Bela was a strong Nepali lady. She was 5'7" or so and over 75 Kg. She was all muscelled up because of working at the sites, manual labour lifting stones. It was a mistake I had made that I didn't check and when I went there, there wereclose to 50 women all waiting near someting like a Akhara. There were even a couple of boys but I told the elderly women that I would not fight unless there were sent away.

Bela and I met in a village house to arrange the rules. Apparently she was quite popular among the women having been known to have beaten up a few boys too! Can u imagine the insult she reached out and felt my breasts and said she liked them and she would eat them after she had killed me. I was frankly quite scared. Her arms were rock hard, I thought she may be a half half or something but the elderly lady luaghed at that. She was wearing a choli sleeveles and a slit petticoat and I wore a bra and a slit petticoat too.

The Akhara was about 15' by 15', properly dug up. My maid was my assistant and she helped me change in a dirty hut. Bela was ready before me and she was waiting. Her breasts were coming out of th Choli and she was braless and she had put on a lipstick. She was lifting her arms and I could see her the hair in underarms. I was by comparison very smooth and looked too small. The elder women, whose names I Don't know, were probably interested in seeing a Memsaheb clobbered but they though I could fight better. bela was like a monster. The fight started and I could hardly see her. She appeared everywhere mouthing obscenities at me and hitting me at will. I could land one fist in her breasts but it hardly troubled her. Actually her first slap was itself sufficient to drive home the message to me. It caught me full on the face and she followed it with with elbow jabs, kicks to my breasts etc. I think the fight part ended almost there. I was on the mud and she had her foot on my face with my right arm between her forearm and thigh. When I saw her thigh I thought I made the biggest mistake. It was muscelled and rock hard. Frankly, I am ashamed to say but I lasted all of 6 minutes only in the akhara. 2 women had to intercede to save me because Bela was more of a killer than a fighter and I don't know what she was briefed to do by my maid and elder women.

I was not nude during the early part of the fight but she disrobed me completely. I begged her not to twist my arm and that we were fighting friendly but she said she never fought friendly. She announced to all the women "Main is Mem ki Choot phaar doongi.Yeh larne aayi Bela se, Jayegi bela ki marzi se par coot pharwake" Pls forgive me the language ,its not like me and not my cup of tea. She threatened that if i did not cooperate she would make it too difficult. I just lay supine and did not sayanything. But I was seething. I tried once again for my self respect, to make a fight of it. I kicked out at her legs to make her fall and conected well but she fell on me and got my arm in a very tight stranglehold and with the right arm she took off my bra. The village women were thrilled to see me in that posn . She then forced me up and asked the elder women that she having won wanted me started dragging me away. I shouted that we had only arranged a fight but no was willing to come in her way. I struggled but she was just too strong. Her left hand found its way to my privacy and she ripped off the panty and the petticoat and I was on her shoulders like a trussed up turkey with her thumb and forefinger in two orifices.

Then she dragged me into a dirty hut. Frankly once inside the ramshackle hut with smell of dirty clothes and the smell of bela's underarms and privacy I was turned on like mad. She was so aroused that she did not know what she was saying or doing. She was so rough, alternately kissing me and biting my nipples which were the size of plums with her thumbing and kissing. Frankly i have had umpteen lesbian experiences but this was too good. Her rough hair in the armpits and her huge arms pressing it against my mouth was like an aphrodisiac. The finale was that she parted my legs and gave me the biggest surprise. Her clit was a good one and half inches and hard. She put into me fucked me. She actually fucked me for 15 mins or so. We both came like crazy and together. I loved licking her armpits. They were so full of her smelly hair. I would love to sleep with her once more.