A College Fight - By Samar Kalia

This is the story of a catfight between two very sexy indian females who could do anything to let down each other namely Sangeeta Das and Sewali Sangwan. Now these are two females who would never give an inch of their territory to anyone and thus what is their's is their's and thus they are the sole owners of their domain and it belongs to them .They would fight with anyone encroaching upon their territory like ferocious cats. They are proud of their rich cultural backgrounds. Sangeeta is a Bengal Tigeress, whereas Sewali is a Haryanvi Sherni (lioness).

There is nothing much to choose between them as far as their physical statistics are concerned Sangeeta is 5'2,48kg's with a fair complexion whereas Sewali is 5'4,46kg's with a wheatish complexion.

Their enemity started during their college days at the IIM where they were pursuing a degree in management Sangeeta was a year senior to Sewali because of Ajit who till then was a great fan of Sangeeta's figure and style. Now with the admissions of freshers the ragging fever was at a all time high in the college and the ragging partners Ajit and Sangeeta were looking to maul some junior in order to entertain themselves just then came Sewali wearing a pink mini skirt and a loose top she was wearing sandals too so her calves were looking big and prominent and her thigh's were bare too. Sangeeta in order to stamp her authority asked her "hey" don't you know which dress you should wear in the college, Sewali stared at her with anger in her eyes and retorted back you bitch Sangeeta may be you should care for the dress which you are wearing. Sangeeta was wearing a midi with a loose top this exchange of words angered Sangeeta too much. Her face became red with anger and her bosom heaved with rage she taunted again at Sewali hey don't you think you look like a monkey in this dress.

Unable to take more Sewali came forward and slapped Sangeeta in the face and pushed her to the wall with her hands crushing her tits badly. In an agonized stupor Sangeeta took the support of the wall and tried to push her back but when she found that Sewali was using all her strength she kicked on Sewali's pussy in order to get rid of her hold Sewali screamed in pain and thus left her. Now both the girls in order to get better of the other were circling each other within their bosoms heaving in rage. Sangeeta took hold of Sewali's hair with one hand and hug her with another in order to throw her on the ground she also intertwined one of her legs into Sewali's legs so that Sewali can be put down on the ground with ease this effort lead to the falling of both the girls on the ground now both the girls were lying side by side with their hands into the hair of each other they were slapping each other hard and were also biting viciously on each other's breasts. Sewali suddenly took hold of one arm of Sangeeta and tried to twist it but Sangeeta was equal to the task she too used all her might to get rid of Sewali in this struggle for supremacy both were now rolling on the floor with their pussies and tits crushing against each other and their carnal bodies becoming visible through their torn dresses. After fighting for nearly 15 minutes both the girls were unable to take more and thus sobbing incessantly they separated.

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