Catfight between two females at Shopping Mall - By Ramesh

This fight took place between 2 females.. both of around 25 yrs of age.. their names were tina & aditi. Both the females were unknown to eachother till date. Tina was a typical marathi female with a nice tight ass.. she was around 5.7" tall with a hot figure of 36 28 38. She was fair & her brown hair was long upto breasts. Whlie Aditi was a typical punjabi female with tight tits,, around 5.7" tall with a figure of 38 28 36.Her hair was uptill breasts too but she was not that fair.. she had complexion like lara dutta.. Both were females with atitudes as both of them were very beautiful, hot & sexy.. both were quite busty.

Both entered a shopping mall.. & went into a Bra & Panty section.. there was only one pair of costliest bra & panty left.. & it was kept to be sold seperately.. It was not necessary to buy it as a pair since it was very costly. Fortunately aditi got hold of the bra & she liked it so much that she started looking for the panty. But didnt find so she asked the sales girl there , the girl said that one female had already bought the panty & pointed her to another female.. She was tina. aditi went with the thought that she would buy it from that female.. she called her.." excuse me.. i came to know that u bought the panty of this bra & panty pair".. tina turned back & seeing the bra in aditi's hand she said.." oh thank god i was looking for this bra.." " can i buy it from u? " tina asked.. " no.. i want to buy that panty.." aditi said.. " oh sorry but i m not selling it.. its too good.. & also the costliest.. i want to look the best.." tina replied.. " may be u will sell it now.. i will pay u double the money u bought it for" aditi said.. " no way .. well i will pay u triple the money.. so can i have that bra.. i need it any cost" said tina & she tried to catch hold of the bra.. aditi din allow her n said " no u can't have it at any cost.." " well if i want something i jus want it.. i get it by hook or crook.." said tina.. " the same applies for me" said aditi a bit wickedly.. with this both females were face to face glaring at eachother wickedly & smiling wickedly.. aditi broke the silence & said.." lets go to that coffee shop * sit & decide who gets the bra & who gets the panty.." Sure." replied tina.. as both walked out , & then into Coffee cafe day..

Both sat on a table face to face.. waiter came.. both ordered 2 coffee mochas... Now both were jus staring at eachother. this time tina said.. " well i m tina joshi.. whts ur name?" " aditi singh" aditi replied..
" oh so u r a punjaban.. i wonder.. u got great figure.." tina said.. " yes & if i m not mistaken , u r a marathan rite..? & u got great figure too.." said aditi.. By this time the waiter got the coffees.
Aditi now taking a sip said.. " see tina, i think that panty would fit me the best.. so let me have it".. " no way.. on contrary i think that bra would fit me best aditi.. so u better let me have it .. or else" tina said. " or else what" aditi asked. " else i will have it my way.." tina replied. " Well if u dont give me that panty , i m gonna take from u dear..' said aditi cattily.. with this both started taking sips of their coffee but without stoping the stare.. Tina crossed her legs & while doing it she kind of purposely hit her sandals against aditi's sandals.. " oops sorry" tina said.. " aditi did the same thing & said.. " oops now i m sorry". " hey u .. u did that purposely" said tina angrily.. " oh yeah u think so? what u gona do abt it? " asked aditi.. " well i think we both know what we want.. lets get to the point.. BITCH!!" said tina. "yeah u slut.. lets make a pair of the bra & panty. & lets fight for it.. winner gets the pair.." said aditi.. " the fight is on bitch.. tell place & time.." said tina. " how abt in the 5 star hotel here.. lets book a room & finish it right now it self.." said aditi.. " lets go bitch " said tina.. & both went into the 5 star hotel.

They booked the costliest room & it was on the top floor.. Aditi was wearing a red low cut tank top to show off her tits with dark blue denim long skirt with long side slits.. & white bra & panty & high heeelss.. her hair was tied in a bunch... while tina was in a white shirt with one middle buttion hooked...& remaining part was knotted to reveal her navel & she was wearing a short skirt to show off her nice asss & high heels. she was in black bra & panty. Since the booked the top floor, the went thru lift.. only the 2 were on the lift glaring at eachother.. tina said " bitch i m gona get that pair" .. " no way slut" said aditi..with this she thrusted her tits forward.. tina matched her doing the same with her leg between aditi's leg , both into eachothers face,, talking bitchy.. when the lift opened..

Now both entered the room.. aditi locked the room.. there was a large double bed on the room.. " so bitch.. r u ready.. . u still can give me the bra n run away.." tina said.. " no way slut.." saying this.. . aditi losened her hair & removed her top. " can u match this bitch" asked aditi.. "well can u match my ass u slut?" asked tina droping her skirt.. & then they followed removing their rest of clothings & heels until they were in bra & panty still maintainin the eye contact.. Now both were on the bed.. on their knees.. " bitch ur tits r so small" said aditi.. " well they r firmer then urs slut & i have a better ass" said tina.. " well my ass is firmer" said aditi.. " we will see bitch" said tina.. " yeah slut" said aditi.. & with this both moved their hands at back n started pushing eachother with tits.. "bitch," said tina "oww slut" said aditi ,"awwwww whore.." said tina "u fuck u bitch" said aditi.. " my tits r betterrr" said tina.. " no way sluttt" said aditi & this continued for around 10 minutes when aditi eventually won.. tina jus fell away.. " so how was that bitch" asked aditi.. tina was humiliated.. she jus stood up " hey bitch lets have the ass fight now.. my ass is gonna crush urs.." "we will see" said aditi & both made back towrds eachother & started banging their asses with full force & this time tina won.. " Well how was that " she asked.. now aditi got up & this time both jus lunged at eachother pulling eachother & screaming words like bitch , slut , whore , etc..

they were rolling on bed, struggling, when tina tore aditi's bra.. aditi replied with tearinf of tina's bra.. tina tore aditi's panty & so did aditi tore off tina's panty.. both were nude now.. & there was no talk.. aditi jus took the position.. tina did the same.. & it was a bear hug where the tits fought & below the pussies were grinding and banging... "cumm u bitch" said tina..." no u slut.. u cummm 1st" said aditi.. & both were banging with full force.." owwwwwwww bitchhhhhhhhhh" " slutttttttt" "awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" "awwwwwwwww" .. & finally tina cum.. & so aditi won..tina was exhausted & so was aditi but she had more energy left.. she wore the new bra & panty .. & came infront of tina n said.." look bitch it fits me the best.. & yes i m wearing ur clothes so that i remember that i kicked ur ass" " & u also remember that ur ass was kicked by me by wearing my dress.. but sorry honey no bra & panty for u.." & yeahh here's my card.. if u want a rematch.. i m ready for u anytime slut! " saying this aditi left.. tina wore aditi's clothes & left after sometime thinking that someday she will fight back & win....... so god knows.. may be there is a rematch soon!!!

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