Catfight between Cousin & Friend - By Ramesh

It was my bday.. all my frds had come & also my cousins. The party was arranged at my place it self.. it was my 21st Bday.. so it was a kinda big celebration. I had a close friend of mine whose name was amrita.. she was my neighbour & we were quite thick friends for around 3 years. She is not my gf.. she is just a good friend. we never had any feeling for one another. But that doesnt mean she was not beautiful. She quite beautiful. She was not like a model or something.. she was 5.4" , figure will be around 34 26 32. her hair was upto shoulder & it was burgandy in colour.. That day she was wearing a sleeveless yellow tank top & blue jeans. She was looking great as she was wearing matching long earings, with her hair loose ( straightened ) & wearing those high heels. Actually she had been out of station for a month & returned jus yesterday. So she was very desperate to meet me & tell many many things.

When she was not there, my cousin had come 15 days back & we had become good pals.. & we used to talk on any topic.. even on sex. We had developed a nice relationship.. This was the 1st time my cousin from mumbai had come down for my Bday & i was surprised to see her. It was about after 10 yrs i was seeing her & she was looking good. her name is Preeti. She was similar to amrita in height & matched her perfectly as far as figure is concerned. Preeti was also looking great in her white sleeveless tank top & black jeans. her hair was black & upto shoulder with matching ring wearings. She was also in heels.

It was around 9 o clock & all my frds had gone except amrita as she was neighbour & staying in opposite flat. i had not got time to introduce amrita & preeti to eachother as i was busy with my other frds.. after all had left, i was sitting with amrita in the gallery.. Amrita had seen me talking freely with preeti, & she asked who she was.. Preeti was helping my mom. Preeti had decided to stay at my place. I called her & said.. "Preeti this is my best friend amrita & amrita this is preeti my cousin". They both smiled at eachother & said Hi to eachother & shook hands. I asked preeti, why doesnt she join us, she said she had some work & will be back after some time..

So i told her to come on terrace as i went on terrace with amrita. It was around 10. that time preeti also joined us. Preeti called me a bit closer to her & asked.." hmm kya bhaiya.. aapki GF hai kya?? " " nahi nahi.. jus a frd" I replied... then again preeti said.. " pata hai pata hai.. jhoot mat bolo.. " that time only amrita said.. " kya dal pak rahi hai bhai - behen ke beech??"" before i could say anything.. preeti spat back " hmm its personal amrita.. family matters.. very personal ", amrita replied back.. " ok but plz finish it fast..i want to tell him many things.. & anyways ramesh tells me everythin" " Well i m his cousin as well as his best friend & he wont tell u this thing" preeti replied. amrita said back " lets see..i know him better then u & listen i m his best frd ok so finish ur thing fast.." At this point they both were kinda glaring at eachother with a wicked smile & both were about 2 mtrs apart & i was close to preeti.. Preeti said to me.." she seems to be kinda cocky" i said" no yaar she is sweet " & immediately amrita said " hey preeti, u can say wht u want to say face to face.. why saying behind my back huh?? ". saying this amrita took on step towards us.. preeti took me aside & took one step towards amrita.. both were a metre apart.. looking at eachother with a tinge of smile on their face..kind of a wicked smile.. Preeti said.." i told him that u r quite cocky".. amrita spat back.. " oh yeahh, i speak cocky with cocky people".. Preeti now angrily " what do u mean? be clear u bitch " amrita said " hey watch ur mouth u slut" & with this both move closer to eachother nose to nose.. with their breasts inches apart.." i think we need to settle some point between us whore" preeti said.. "yeah u slut.. wanna talk about it bitch??" amrita spat back.. " sure slut.. i wonder how it would be if i kick ur ass right her right now".. preethi said.. "oh really.. it will be me kicking ur ass all over the terace bitch" amrita replied,, that time i interfered.. hey preeti , amrita, whts this?? u wanna fight or wht.. i said jokingly.. " yeah i wanna kick the ass of this bitch" preethi replied.. " lets see u slut.. i m gonna kick ur ass" amrita spat back. I said " r u all serious?". both replied in unison "YEAH". "Ur top seems to be loose on u bitch.. its not meant for ur smaller tits dear.." preeti said.. " oh really.. my tits r better then urs bitch.." amrita spat back.. " No.. mine are better u slut.." saying this preeti went towards amrita & both started pushing eachother with breasts.. & after battling for around 5 minutes murmering bad words,, both lost balance & fell. I asked hey r u both all right?? "U bitch wait till i jus rip off ur top & maul ur breasts" amrita said.. " fuck u bitch, main tujhe nanga kardungi aur humiliate karungii.." preeti replied.. " Dekhte hain kisme kitna hai dum.. salli.. kutiya,," amrita said.. " randi salli.. zinda nahin chodungi tujhe.. " preeti replied.. & the were about to get their hands on eachother when i stopped them.. hey both of u.. u both will hurt urselves here.. why dont u do this on bed.. with some rules..
both thought for a moment & said yes.. So it was ON.. both jus brushed shoulders a couple of times.. lookin cattily towards eachother & whispering words like bitch, slut, whore.. then mom called us as it was too late.. & when mom came.. they started acting as nice friends.. laughing & cracking jokes so that my mom doesnt get any doubt. while getting into our respective flats.. both of them shook hands.. & this time it was with full force.. sort of like trying to gauge eachothers strengths.. it was for around a minute before both struggled & broke the apart saying OUCH!. then they glared one final time & entered respective flats. That whole night preeti told me how she would kick her ass & said her a lot of things. Also i was getting SMS from amrita saying the same to preeti. Preeti asked me amrita's no. & then both of them jus were exchanging nasty bitchy smses.

Preeti had decided to stay at my place for a month.. so we were just looking for the time when no one would be at our place.. Amrita used to come regularly at my place & they used to have glaring & whispering stuff.. or only lips moving.. preeti spilled coffee on amrita's dress. So amrita was more furious,, Preeti had kind of started the battle.. it was just a matter of time these both cats would go at it!!

Similarly oneday Amrita came for lunch at my place.. & it was only 3 of us left on table.. both of them we jus looking at eachother & struggling.. i wondered wht was happening & just i saw below table & both were fighting with legs.. brushing their ankles & legs... they had kinda become red.. but amrita seem to have upper hand,, that time mom came & it was over there.

We used to play antakshari n all & in each and every game they used to be in opposite teams.. even while playing badminton. I was jus waiting to see these 2 battle...

In this way there many incidents when they came close to fight but couldnt as someone came. we wanted to keep it only private. They had become like arch rivals.. Whenever we used to sit to talk, they both used to somehow strike an argument & it used to continue till it got to bitch, whore, slut, randi , etc. Whlie we used to go down & all in lift there used to be shoulder pushing & kind of stuff when lift was in motion & then oneday the moment came.. my parents were going for some wedding.. so it was only me & preeti at home.. before i could do anything.. preeti smsed amrita.. & within 15 minutes amrita was at the door.. as i opened the door.. she stormed in.. she said.." hi ramesh". ' aaj toh faisla ho jaye..".. dekhti hoon usko aaj.. kahan hai woh kutiya"" she asked.. " i m here u bitch.." entered preeti in the hall.. with both standing face to face.. preeti said to me.. " see ramesh.. this is going to till i finish this gal.. so stay out of it ok.. plz".. " yeah.. i m gonna knock out this bitch & so u plz u dont interfere" said amrita.. "no wait" i said.. i told them.. " lets make it I QUIT match once one of u says i quit , i will interefere.." & they agreed.. Preeti said.. " so amrita.. r u ready to quit?" " u r the one who will be quitting.. " amrita replied back.. & both started circling.. both were in loose clothes.. amrita was wearing a loose white short shirt(half sleeves) & a green printed long skirt till below ankle.. & preethi was in a salwar kameez (light blue colour.. full sleeves) .. preethi removed her dupaata & threw it onto the sofa & said.." aaj tujhe nahi chodungi kutiya.." " dekhte hain kaun kisko nahin chodta ,, kamini.." amrita spat back removing her scarf & moving her head so that her hair got loose,, amrita got both her hands up.. & so did preeti & both clasped their fists & were trying to over power eachother & force eachother to either side.. their hands at either sides with their breasts battling out.. both broke this of in unison,,, with an awww!! " u bitch" preeti said.. " u whore" amirta replied & both lunged towards eachother , with both of their hands deep into eachothers hair.. both onto the sofa rolling & firing bad words,, " bitch, slut.." from sofe both come down to carpet... amrita came on top.. sitin on preeti's stomach.. & holding her hands to either side,, " give up u bitch."" "NO!!" preeti said & forced her to one side to get on top of amrita now & said.. " now u give up bitch".. amrita jus out of desperation pushed preeti away.. preeti hands were on amrita shirt & amrita was holding preetis salwar.. as both fall apart, owing to their long sharp nails.. they tored each others tops as they fell apart. both got up.. lookin at eachother.

"u will have to pay for theis u bitch" amrita said.. " fuck u slut.. u r paying for my salwar.. & i m gonna make u nude & humiliate u bitch" preeti repied.. " Well whose scared of getting nude u bitch.. ramesh is my good frd.. i dont mind getting nude infront of him.." & with this amrita jus removes her torn shirt & threw it on preeti's face... she was not wearing a bra.. " see this pair of tits u bitch.. they r much better & hotter then urs.. " amirta said cattily to preeti. "is that all u got u slut? " preeti asked.. tearing of ther salwar.. & removing her kameez... even she din wear a bra but was in a yellow panty.. " now say bitch.. can u match me?? preeti asked.. "well yeah bitch.. " said amrita lossening her skirt till it fell down to reavel her light pink panty.. Both were only in panties & their breasts tight.. looking angrilly at eachother... "well bitch i guess mine r better then urs.." amrita said.. " no way whore" preeti replied.. " lets check u slut.. my tits will crush urs" amrita said.. " no way.. mine r gonna crush urs " preeti replied & with this both moved towards eachother with their hands at back.. pushing their tits against eachothers.. owww. awwwww slutttt bitccchhh whoreeeee were the sounds coming... this battle took place for around 5 mins after which again both started pulling hair & struggling & fell on grd.. & fell apart. Still both were oozing with energy & slapping eachother other & struggling on the ground,, this time preeti said.. " bitch r u a woman enough to go pussy to pussy with me".. saying this preeti pulled down amrita's panty .. " yeah bitch & my pussy is gonaa beat urs.. " saying this amrita tore off preeti's panty.. . preeti say on the carpet.. spreading her legs.. "cmon bitch.." she said.. amrita took her position.. her right leg over preeti's left leg & preeti's right leg over amrita's right.. & both started grinding their pussies.." bitch" preeti said.." ur pussy sucks" amrita replied.." i m gonna fuck u till ur pussy cums.." amrita spat back.." no way bitch.." preeti said back.. both were banging their pussies.. & when suddenly.. both cumm at same timee.. awwwwwwwwwwwww bitchhhh whorrrrreeeeee.. both feel apart moaning.. both were tired and exhausted.. & it was about time for my parents to come.. so i handed over one of my shirt to amrita,, & she wore it & her skirt.. & said,, " bitch this aint over.. ".. preeti wearing her clothes said.. " yeahh,, the was has jus began slut.." & they had a long glare until amrita went,,.. but i m sure they will be back..

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