The Beach Fight - By Jayathirthar

Sangeeta had hung around the Naked Parrot Bar for as long as Rahul could remember. She spent her days on the beach, swimming, and he knew she spent an hour a day practicing with a kick boxing group that met at the community center a couple of blocks off the water.

Rahul owned the bar, and he always flirted with Sangeeta, and they'd even spent a few nights together, but never formed a serious relationship. She was good looking because of her dark tan, firm body, and the confident way she carried herself, but her strong features were not what Rahul would call classically pretty. Though sangeeta was all woman, and had proved that in Rahul's room over the bar, there was something just a little butch about her.

Well, one night a new woman stepped off the beach. She was tall and flaxen haired, and Rahul grinned at her. He thought she must look like a goddess. He had flirted with other women before, and even taken a few for the night, but he had never been quite so goofy around them. sangeeta, from her place on a bar stool, nursed a cold beer and a growing resentment. In the course of the night, as everybody has a few beers, sangeeta asked Kavita, the new woman, if she'd ever kick boxed.

"No, Judo's my thing," the blonde said. She swung her long blonde hair, and seemed to eye sangeeta's short cut with scorn. "That karate thing's just so brutal." "Well, karate is a lot more effective," sangeeta replied with a hiss. She barely supressed a sudden urge to knock the other woman off of her bar stool. "Do you think so?" Kavita asked. She turned to Rahul and asked, "What do you think, big guy?" "Oh, my idea of excercise is just surfing, swimming, and lifting cold ones," Rahul said. "Oh yeah?" Kavita replied. "You look good for a few pumps, if you know what I mean." Then she turned back to sangeeta, "You really should try Judo. You'd slim down a lot." "What?" sangeeta asked, practically spitting out a mouthful of beer. "Uh, maybe you'd like to take this outside." "Sure, we can do that," Kavita replied, unwrapping her long legs from the bar stool. She only wore a bikini with a little skirt wrap. Shanna was still dressed a T shirt and atheletic pants. "Maybe we could even make a little wager." It was late now, so only a dozen men still sat around the bar, but by this time everybody knew what was going down. They quickly started a pool and put up a couple of hundred dollars for the winner, plus Rahul told both women they could have free beer for the rest of the summer.

The small crowd moved outside, to the still, deserted beach. Them men formed a circle, and the two women bowed to each other. Kavita made the first move, elegantly grabbing sangeeta's wrist, side stepping, and throwing the shorter, stockier woman down on her butt. The men whooped, but sangeeta rolled up to her feet in a fluid motion, and now her faced betrayed enragement. Kavita smiled confidently, having made the first throw, and she moved to repeat her first move, but now sangeeta blocked with a sharp elbow to Kavita's wrist, and she followed that with a left right to Kavita's tender stomach. As Kavita bent slightly and coughed, sangeeta's leg shot up and caught the taller woman's chest. This time Kavita sat in the sand, and as she regained her feet, she looked groggy. Now sangeeta stood confidently, white teeth shining in the dark. Sangeeta feinted, and then grabbed Kavita around the middle, but Sangeeta's broke the grasp by twisting sangeeta's thumb, and driving her knee into the taller woman's punished stomach. Then she slapped her opponent across the breasts and the crowd hooted in appreciation.

Now sangeeta began to defeat Kavita in earnest. She blocked another bear hug attempt and then used one of her tough legs to knock Kavita's legs out from under her. This time, as Kavita hit the beach, sangeeta dove on top of her, straddling her sore belly, and yanking the other woman's long, blonde hair. She dug her knees into Kavita's arms, effectively rendering the other woman helpless, and then she used her left hand to break the slim bikini straps, which drove the men into a frenzy. Then she proceeded to finger fuck her cunt, slowly and meticulously, with the men watching till she was dripping wet, and on the verge of an orgasm, then step off, leaving her raging and chaffing at defeat and not cumming.

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