Bad introduction to Catfights - By LadyFighter

I thought I must pen down how I got involved in this thing called female fighting. About 15 years ago I was just married and so was my sis in law, Deepa. She and I were good friends too and quite free with our discussions. Her mother Paro was visiting our home and I was there too. Paro was about 45 , fair and good to look at, very simple and always wore a sari. She was a widow for almost seven years. We were all invited to a ladies coffee party at Maya’s house.

Maya, a 45 year old lady lived in a large house with servants and was a good friend of my mother in law, call her J. I had been told that J and Maya were deeply into les activities but I never bothered about it as it did not affect me. That day we were having our normal discussions on things women normally discuss when I felt the urge to go to the loo. As I entered the main bedroom I was in for a shock. Maya and Paro were in each other’s arms and Maya had her face deep inside Paro’s neck. Her right hand was fondling Paro’s bosom and her left hand had lifted Paro’s sari and was feeling her thighs. Paro was obviously a willing partner as she was making cooing sounds but she got a shock on seeing me. I immediately closed the door and returned to the sitting room quite shaken. Later, Paro kept avoiding my eyes although once more in the morning I did see J drawing Paro close to her and playfully fondle her cheeks and letting her hands travel over Paro’s bottom.

Deepa, Paro and I left for home by car but once at home Paro did not come to the dining table. Deepa told me that Paro was crying and was very upset. When we enquired from her, Paro told us that Maya had forcefully tried to to perform sex with her and that despite her resistance Maya had not relented. Deepa was furious and completely out of control once she learnt this. I am going to Maya to bring her here to apologise to my mother – she said. No one is going to fool around with my innocent mother and get away like this. I tried to dissuade her and asked her to forget it as it could be a misunderstanding and ladies did not do such things. You will be surprised she told me, I have seen it in school and I beat up two girls who tried being funny with me. Paro herself was quite reluctant to let Deepa go and she told me to go along when she realized that Deepa was adamant. We drove to Maya’s house.

On the way I asked Deepa what she intended to do. I am going ask that bitch to come with us and apologise to Mom or I’ll physically kick her to do that if she refuses. I just kept quite. Deepa was a supremely confident girl, physically quite fit but she was short,5’2” and weighed about 58 kg. We parked the car and I warned Deepa not to let things go out of hand. She smirked and told me she could handle such women. We entered the living room. The place had been cleaned up and Maya was having a bath. She came after five minutes with her hair still wet and open, wearing a sleeveless blouse and sari and genuinely expressed her surprise. Before anything she asked her maid Kamala to make tea but Deepa blurted-we have not come for tea, we have come to take you home. Maya turned and asked what was the reason. You know the reason so why ask me. Maya did not show any sign of worry on her face. We usually called her Maya Aunty since she was herself about 45. She was a widow too but Deepa did not call her Aunty now. Maya smiled. Oh so you are referring to this morning ‘s little episode. Deepa, you have to realise that your mother is still young and good looking so if she has a little fun on the side you should not feel bad, or is it that Paro wants more. She laughed while saying this. Deepa was in a rage. My mother is an innocent simple lady and you have tried to take advantage of her, she said. ‘My my look who is innocent,’ said Maya. Paro was the one who was wanting me to hold her and when I did she simply went crazy. I also enjoyed her of course, she again laughed while saying this. Your mother has a great mouth and her breasts are really firm she stated. I even sucked on her juicy big nipples but we could not go all the way…I am sure she must be wanting me to take her once again. Deepa stood up and I tried to stop her. OK Maya, your time is up, I don’t take silly jokes about my mother, she said. Either you apologise to Mummy or I will make you do it. Suddenly Maya also went serious and I could feel the atmosphere was getting tense. Kamala was standing near the door and watching. She is a big woman and her presence was not pleasing. Maya said sweetly – and Deepa how do you intend to force me. Deepa glared at her. I will beat the hell out of you and drag you there, you bloody lousy whore, said Deepa. Even I was surprised by her ferocity. But Maya remained unfazed. Are you joking Deepa, ladies do not fight. We can ask Paro to come here and explain, I am sure she will tell you the true story. Since I was aware that Paro was not innocent I tried to intercede but Deepa became even angrier. Ok don’t tell me I did not warn you. I won’t spoil your living room but we are going to go out to the courtyard and I’ll show you what stupid bitches get from me when they act so mean. Maya stood still. Are you serious Deepa. Let us talk it over, please cool down. She told Kamala to get the tea quickly but Deepa told Kamala in Hindi “ Agar Chai layegi to apni Memsaheb ko jagane ke liye le aa kyonki isko main ab mar mar ke sulane wali hoon”. Kamala came forward and spoke to Maya – Memsab ye aap ko lalkar rahi hai aur aap chup ho. \She then turned to Deepa and said –“ main aangan saf kar deti hoon, wahin larna magar is hi kapron mein larogi”. Deepa probably had not even thought of it. Kamala said again – “ jaisi bhi larai ho sirf petticoat aur bra mein laro warna sari aur blouse phat jayega. Finally Maya accepted Deepa’s challenge although she kept trying to avoid it saying she could not apologise for something she had not done. Maya started to remove her sari with Kamala’s help who also took off Maya’s blouse. The first sight of Maya was amazing. She stood 5’6”, slim and fit. Her bosom was heavy but firm and her white bra fitted her well. Kamala stepped forward and tore Maya’s petticoat from the side. Maya’s arms should have worried Deepa…they were strongly built and apparently used to physical stuff. It was quite a sight specially as Maya’s open hair gave her a frightening look. Deepa went into the bedroom. While she was preparing Kamala came to me and said “Maya Memsaheb uska achar banadegi, rok do use”. Before I could do anything Deepa came out wearing her black petticoat and black bra with her hair also open . The contrast was huge. Deepa at 5’2” looked a midget but she was well built and her arms showed strength. She was smooth and fair in contrast to Maya’s hairy arms and underarms. We went outside. Kamala asked both the women – “koi rule se larna hai”. At this Deepa said, do you want rules – The only rule I follow is to bash your head against the wall. Maya took the insult. I still do not think we should do this, please Deepa lets sit and discuss. In response Deepa just went at her, fisting Maya near the shoulder and followed it with an attempted slap. Kamala stated to Maya – memsab bahut ho gaya ab aap bhi lar lo. Deepa laughed – ye kya lare gi and proceeded to once again attempt a slap but Maya moved just in time. Then without warning Deepa rushed at Maya and caught her from the front trying to force her down but Maya being taller prevented her from doing that. Deepa instead pushed her to the wall and lifted her off the ground. Maya got her right hand under Deepa’s chin and forced her head up. Deepa stepped back and kicked with her knee. It landed exactly as wished-for, on Maya’s midriff but it did not hurt her enough. Deepa now came into a classic fighting pose waiting for an opening. Realizing that fighting closer would be more advantage she again rushed Maya and got her arms around her. They pushed for a while and it seemed Deepa was stronger. They both stood with arms around each other , a classic sexy sight with their breasts straining against each other. Deepa’s big breasts straining to be released while Maya’s smaller ones well enconsed in her bra. Deepa had not managed to hurt Maya so far although she was clearly getting the better of her. Suddenly Kamala shouted – Memsab ab shuru. As if she was waiting for the signal Maya suddenly burst into action. With her forehead she butted Deepa in the mouth splitting her lip. Deepa left her grip to take her hand to her cut lip . The next instant Maya again used her head, this time on Deepa’s right eyebrow. A sudden flow of blood from both the cut lip and the split eyebrow left Deepa confused and dazed. That is exactly what Maya wanted. Her right fist caught Deepa in the breasts and as she started to fall Maya’s right knee found target on Deepa’s nose. I could not believe the ferocity of Maya’s attack. In 15 seconds she had Deepa on the floor dazed and bleeding from the mouth, nose and cut eyebrow. Giving her no chance to recover she hauled Deepa up by her hair and went beserk with her fists. Deepa had no guard, as she tried to protect her face Maya kicked her breasts. When her hands went to her breasts Maya’s slaps and fists rained on her face and neck. With only her left eye open Deepa tried to recover ground by rushing Maya knowing that her shorter reach would not allow her a fist fight. Maya was simply too fast for her. She always ensured that she was behind Deepa. Then facing each other Maya used the full strength of her right arm to fist Deepa on the cheek. Her head snapped backwards and she fell. Allowing her to fall Maya took her right arm twisted it back and kicked her in the stomach. Deepa doubled over. Not letting go the hand Maya caught the younger woman from behind through the underarms and closed the grip behind her neck. She took her time to catch her breath and kept applying pressure on Deepa’s neck. Bleeding profusely Deepa could not even wipe the blood which was blinding her vision. Without warning Maya twisted and using her right foot for leverage brought Deepa to the floor pushing her head down on the rough brick ground and scraping her face. She did this repeatedly shaking Deepa like a chicken. Finally Deepa screamed in agony as Maya continued applying more pressure. Kamala was laughing and shouting encouragement in filthy language. I am now quite used to this language used when women fight. Deepa struggled but Maya was simply too strong for her. She again lifted her from the floor displaying what she had done to Deepa’s face and not satisfied with the blood she again brought her down. With her right leg she mounted the smaller woman and then left her grip from behind the neck. As Deepa tried to get up Maya’s left hand found her crotch and grabbed the thick wad of black curls which were visible as the petticoat was completely torn. I could not see it but Deepa’s agony ridden scream confirmed that Maya had wrenched her pussy hair and pushed her thumb into the vagina. Lifting her off the floor from the waist in that position Maya brought her knee up to hit Deepa in the pussy. It did not connect and Deepa managed to escape the hold. Standing away Deepa realized she was in for trouble. She tried getting away from the courtyard but Kamala blocked her way. Facing Maya again she tried to fight knowing fully well that she had no chance. But Maya was now in a frenzy, she went after Deepa using her fists, knees and everything. Deepa was cornered against a wall and now almost nude except for her bra . Maya broke the strap of that too and stood back to examine Deepa’s large white breasts. She then used her fists to jam them into the breasts while Deepa struggled to get away. Deepa was now crying and begging for mercy crouching and using her hands in an upraised position to prevent the punishment she was getting. Maya stopped for a few moments and said. Deepa dear you wanted to drag me to your Mummy…come on dear come to aunty and show her how you will do it. Then she shouted to Kamala –“ get me the belt”. Kamala laughed and went inside and got a belt …I had never seen a strap on. This was huge, almost 10 inches. She showed it to Deepa…you will love it dear… come to Aunty. Deepa stood still confused…she too had never seen it. Maya moved like a cat and punched Deepa in the stomach twice forcing her to the floor and then turned her over on her stomach. Jumping to almost two feet in the air she came down on Deepa’s back twice . Deepa was almost unconscious by now bleeding from her mouth. Maya strapped on the dildo and checked that it was secure. She then parted Deepa’s legs and felt her anal cavity. I think I’ll do it without lubrication, love , because yours is the first time, no point letting it slide…it will spoil your fun. Deepa did not know what was happening until Maya mounted her from behind and adjusted the head of the dildo into her anus. Testing it with one to two shallow slow thrusts she elicited no response from Deepa. Then without warning and screaming obscenities she used the power of her pelvis to thrust the dildo down. 10 inches of hard plastic split Deepa’s anus and went deep into her entrails. A slow scream built up from Deepa’s bloodied mouth but Maya blocked it with her palm using it to cover the mouth of the almost deranged woman under her. Deepa tried to buck her hips to escape but the dildo was like a nail inside her. Pushing her victim against the wall and keeping her on the floor Maya withdrew her hips only momentarily and then forced an even deeper push. She allowed Deepa to use the power of her lungs to scream uncontrollably. But Maya had her in the position she wanted and Deepa could do little to escape the agony awaiting her. To me it was shocking and I stood rooted but then I had to do something. I moved forward to try and help Deepa not knowing what really to do but Kamala came and caught my shoulder…She said in Hindi…ek ko mar diya kafi nahin, Memsahib teen chaar ko le leti hai.I stepped back helpless. Seeing Deepa’s face was unnerving and I thought she would die. Maya had still not given up. She was into a sexual madness and was pumping her hips into Deepa’s rear. Each time the Dildo went in Deepa screamed even louder begging Maya to stop. Maya came like a mad woman. She shook all over and her hands squeezed Deepa’s bleeding breasts and pulled her close. She licked and sucked at Deepa’s wounds on the face, from behind the neck. Frankly, it was a hideous sight but I have never watched anything sexier.As the rigours of Maya’s orgasm subsided she fell on top of the exhausted and uncontrollably crying Deepa, clinging to her and continuing to bite and kiss while making slow thrusts inside Deepa’s entrails. Finally Kamala separated her from her victim. I got Deepa away to the bathroom and dressed her wounds as best as I could. I wanted to get her to a doctor immediately but was confused as to what answer I would give. So I finally rang up J. She somehow understood everything quite easily and came in 15 minutes. I expected her to throw a fit but instead she and Maya started a cosy chat in which Maya explained all the graphic details of the fight.Anyway reaching home was a nightmare and Paro went into shock at seeing Deepa. Much followed but need not be recounted as yet. Will give an account of it later.

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