A True Narration - By LadyFighter

It was a different kind of fight so i was paid more. The winner 25,000 and the loser 15,000. These women have a lot of money and they like to make their event very fancy, so all these rich women must be speding big bucks to bring their fantazies to life. In this fight they wanted that the winner should bring the loser to a situation where she would have to submit herself to the winner of the lucky draw... you know what I mean ...a lesbian situation to be precise.

I was surprised to see the extent of preparations ...it was an evening party...only ladies including a few servants. They had a reasonable ring made out but the surface was very hard..purposely...they had two beauticians who gave us all the treatment and did up our hair. It must have been about 40 women...a couple of socialites who u see on Page 3 also ...all dripping diamonds . I really had no idea who i was fighting . I readied myself in a bra and panty...the host came and inspected me and told me to wear a lower size bra so that my breasts could look more full. I am 38 as it is. Then one lecherous looking Punjabi woman came and started guiding me out...she kept telling me that I must win and that too by breaking the other woman's arms. She kept touching me. She was a woman so I couldn't really say much.

When I came outside my opponent was already there. She was tall, 5'6" and weighed about 60 kg or so. She had pretty muscular arms and thighs and lonh hair. I guessed she was about 19 or 20 yrs old. I am 42 myself. I was told her name was Madhu. She seemed to be very confident jumping up and down and showing me her fitness. She had another older lady with her who was rubbing her arms. Then the hostess came in the middle and announced that this was being done for entertainment and that we would be fighting for an unlimited period with nothing held back. The loser would be available to a lucky lady for one hour either in privacy or even publicly. She pointed to a mattress kept on the side as if to indicate where the show would go on. I think they all tought that this girl/woman would cut me to pieces in a couple of minutes and it seemed that she had been told that I had noexperience. The hostess told both of us that we had three minutes to talk to each other. After that they would ring a bell and we would be on our own. I went up to Madhu and offered my hand .. she hit away my hand and told me to be ready for a bashing and then a rape in front of all...I told her it was ok for these women to have fun at our expense but we should be careful about hurting each other...actually i was losing confidence when I saw how fit she was. She was least bothered... she looked at me with contempt and told me she would puncture my breasts and then consider my request. Anyway I was ready. The bell rang and all the women started screaming...most of them were for her because I think she was known to them.

She came charging. I decided to be defensive to check out how strong she actually was. I tried catching her foot when she lashed out a kick but didn't succeed. She was pretty fast I realized. Then she fooled me with a feint with her right arm. I tried to ward it off but she used her left to get me full in the breasts. It was a painful blow. While I tried to protect my stomach and breasts she used her right to get me in the face and i could taste the blood in my mouth. I think the blood could be seen because the screaming of the women increased and she got bolder. I tried to get her with a left kick and hook but she was very quick and I was hitting air. Before I knew it she was behind me and caught me a reverse strangle. We struggled but she was in a position of advantage and got me down and started pounding my face on the floor. My nose hit the floor a couple of times and started bleeding. She then pulled me up. I think to show the women how bloodied I was and the screaming went up even more... a couple of them I heard shouting in Punjabi to take off my bra. Thats when she left the strangle hold and reached for the bra front. I got a reprieve but she managed to rip off the bra and i was left standing only with my panties.
Thats when I got enraged. I could hardly see through the mess of blood and hair on my face. But I am also quite experienced. I knew she was tiring with all her effort. I decided enough is enough this stupid girl can't get the better of me and I went on the offensive. I realized that I could not match her speed so I decided to slow down the fight. Luckily as I came forward she too changed her stance and we both got into a bear hug. She seemed to be quite fascinated at catching my breasts next to her face. Frankly I tempted her too...that got her her diverted for just the moment I was looking for. I hit her full on the nose and mouth with my head. That must have caused to spill some blood off. It was wonderful to hear her anguished scream because it was a particularly viscious hit and it got her squarely. She sagged against my breasts and i gave her one more which brought blood out of her nose and got a cut above her left eye. I let go and she started to fall but before she could hit the floor I used my fist to hit her on the eye again and got my knee to her breasts. I knew I was in control now!

I didnn't follow her to the floor... many times women sham their injuries and turn the tide by fighting on the floor. I didn't want to be in that sitaution. I turned to the rooting women who were cheering her and showed them one finger. I was really mad. Madhu started to get up but the blood in her eyes blinded her. I was behind her and so I took her right arm and came crashing on her neck and shoulder with my knee. I did that 4 times. I didn't want to finish the fight too early too because the women crib then. I could see Madhu's confidence punctured. I got her head between my thighs and got my arms around her body from below. Then with my teeth I tore off her bra. Her breasts (big juicy nipples) came pouring out.

I picked her up in that in that posn and and told her I would bite her breasts off if she tried anymore breast fighting. She was virtually crying and promised she wouldn't. I then got up took a couple of deep breaths and got down to finishing. I knew I had her where I wanted. Till this time the fight lasted about 10 mins but I spent 5 more minutes in mauling her and establishing my reputation. I got her leg up and came with full weight on her .......You really want me to say it? She buckled up spitting blood. To add to her discomfort I got her hair in my hands and pulled her towards me and used my head twice more on her face. She was screaming and crying now. I then gave her the pussy treatment again three or four times. It felt great. Each time my knee hit the target i could actually feel her pussy being crushed. It gives a great high when u are fighting. I then made her stand up with her arms bent backwards. I asked her loudly if she wanted me to continue and kill her or would she prefer to submit and be given away to the lucky dip winner.

She screamed that she had enough. I got her to repeat that in every direction. The hostess came forward and brought a fruit bowl with chits inside. She asked me to pull one chit and I obliged. The name was of one Mrs and she turnrd out to be a 55 yr old lady, big built about 90 kg or more. Her face! There was sex oozing from it. She came into the arena and told me to leave to her prize. I said I wouldn't until Madhu licked my feet. A lady had her way I could not force her. She separated us and asked for a towel. I had never watched the after effects of such a fight so I was curious. Well the lady asked a servant girl to clean up Madhu's face and neck where blood had collected. Madhu kept wincing because she was hurt bad. The hostess kept chattering to the lucky draw winner (lets call her Mrs X) that everyone wanted her to have her enjoyment outside and not in her privacy. Mrs X was not agreeing initially. Finally Mrs X settled the matter. She walked up to Madhu and put her huge bare arms (she was wearing a sleeveless blouse) around Madhu. I was curious. Mrs X. caught Madhu in a bear hug and kissed her neck and in that position carried her to the mattress. Mrs X. was so turned on that she gave no chance to Madhu who was beggig her. She started by kissing her on her swollen mouth, all the time her right hand was palming Madhu's swollen bare breasts. It was quite a sight. Mrs X's hairy powerful arms intermingled with Madhu's smooth skin was quite a turn on for all. The culmination was that Mrs X took off Madhu's panties and Shilpa gave her a huge strap on Dildo. At the end all was that Mrs X mounted Madhu from behind and without leaving her mouth for a second or her breasts she put the dildo into her and it carried on for almost 20 mins.